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I am a 34 year old woman with 1 son not really...

I am a 34 year old woman with 1 son not really interested in anymore children I had a breast augmentation in 2007 from a 36 DDD TO A 34C and it was one of the best things I ever done however, I hate my Stomach It makes me very depressed sometimes when getting dressed and at the beach / water parks with my husband My cousin just had the procedure done and she looks great hoping to have mine done November 2013 I will be posting befor pics soon

I have been taking photos of my belly to see...

I have been taking photos of my belly to see progress in my workout I lost inches and I'm still working on it so by the time I get the tt maybe it wont be a lot of work lol

So as I read more and more of your stories I get...

So as I read more and more of your stories I get nervous and excited at the same time I wish I could do it now but I love to swim and do summer activities I know big kid oh well November 21 it is. I just pray everything goes well and I recover I have factor 5 disease and that causes blood clots sometimes but my Dr. cleared me for this so Im gonna do it my breast aug went well so lord let this tt go well

November can't come fast enough

I went to a pole party last night im thonking I may need some of this fat transferred to my booty I'm going for a second consult to finalize my dateI will be asking how much is it to add that in

second consult

So I went ti see Dr Botger just to see if I should add the fat transfer to my buttock on Wednesday he told me no however, with me having laden factor 5 he wants me to see a hematologist to no what kind of blood thinner he would recommend I so glad I have booked for November to buy time I gave my deposit already so thats a plus I just can't waite to get this done well during the visit I took some more pics been doibg boit camp and zumba trying to lose 15 to 20 pounds b4 the surgery I'm currently 165 5ft 3 inc nit a good look will keep u all posted on my progress ttys.

lets go sweet November

Sweet November

Hey ladies ben logged out so I won't stress myself waiting like a kid on xmas for my date 3months to go until the big day Im so excited I'm still working out so I can Have the best results will upload more pics when I get to my goal weight ttys.

sweet November

So my time is coming I'm having mixed feelings but I trust god I cant waite I'm nervous all at the same time I will be uploading some new pics the end of October

a little over a month away

Hi guys I'm so ready been losing weight and I'm a little over a month away pics will be coming soon I need a list of what I need to recover I made a full question sheet for my Dr

belly pics b4 the big day

I cant Waite 2weeks ill be flat good bye fat so excited

my nerves

So I'm on my way I keep praying to take these crazy thoughts out my head I know I will be fine I trust in Jesus however, cant waite to just relax and heal because I'm always busy running around now I'm gonna have the chance to chill and watch my shows I have all the info I need I'm gonna order my c.g. and purchase all my goods ? Will I be able to eat a normal meal after please somebody help me

one week away

Hey guys I'm on my way 8days to go I can't waite to look flat and fab

in a lot if pain

I'm currently in a lot of pain my first meal was a smoothie just now didn't eat all day I'm tired will keep u guys posted tomorrow

couch potato

Hey ladies I went back to see my PS. Today he removed my bandages and my tummy looks amazing he said it looks so good I didn't need any more dressings now I'm back home relaxing on the couch with my feet up on meds every 4 hours as soon as I'm standing good I will post pics my diet has been smoothies and soup for the past 2days stay tuned

my first shower

Hey ladies I took my first shower today and it was very refreshing I'm still on a smoothie/soup diet

4 days post op

Ok ladies so I went a whole day with out pain meds walked up and dwn stairs and still feel good made my first bm. Which was smooth and now im chillin the hubby and son left home aline today and it was a breeze only thing is when I eat the littlest thing it feels like a swallowed a turkey lol any who how yall doing

my first week out

2weeks post op

sexy is almost here

A little swelled in the bottom still but I feel great wearing my CG everyday all day and eating right

4weeks po

Hey ladies I've been so busy with xmas shopping work and school but currently I'm just wear my cg everyday one during the day and one I sleep in at night along with my silicon strip everyday as well here are a few new pics soon I will update you all with the scar progress it's looking great

4weeks po

my scar is fading

Hey ladies I've been using this silicone strip and it is amazing I'm gonna post a pic then in two weeks I will post another

dressed to impress

Hey ladies hope all is well 7 weeks po back to zumba tomorrow go me go me

doing great so far

Hi ladies I have been doing great since I've been back at the gym mostly cardiovascular light weights but I can't wait to start ab works in may
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Botger performed a breast Augmentation on me in 2007 and he was so personable and caring and my breast came out excellent so I know he will do a great job on my tummy tuck

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