IPL Ruined my Vision, my Skin and my Life - New Philadelphia, PA

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I had ipl for some minor spider veins and mild...

I had ipl for some minor spider veins and mild rosacea on my nose and cheeks. My skin is now covered with orange peel texture that continues to spread daily. I am also developing many small wrinkles despite the fact that i have to constantly keep moisturizer on my face. I would love to cry about what is happening to my skin but unfortunately my eyes have been extremely dry since the procedure and they are not capable of producing tears. My opthalmologist said my damage is absolutely related to the ipl. I was also told that my skin would only be sensitive for a few days and to wear sunscreen it has been almost 6 weeks and I can not be out in the sun for more than a couple minutes without feeling like
I am on fire. Every morning since Ive had the procedure I wake up incredibly swollen. I am terrified that one morning the swelling wont begin to dissipate and I will not be able to see at all. However when the swelling does go down the fat loss from both my cheeks is evident. I don't know if there will be any structure left in my face by the time this is done. Then today half of my face went numb and started drooping. Now I look like Ive been in a severe accident. My one eye, the one that is not too badly damaged, is twice the size of the other one. Everyone keeps saying to give it time and it will get better but that is hard to for see when new damage and problems seem to surface everyday. Im sure that this machine must have been placed on the wrong setting in order for it to wreak this much havoc on my body. Has anyone had any luck with this getting better over time or finding someone who can treat it? I feel like im being tossed around and told to give it time to heal but last week despite the bad texture and terrible eye pain I did not look like I had a massive stroke. What can I do to stop and try and reverse this damage?

Don't think this is ever getting better

Ipl fat loss

I got the procedure to help with my frequent rosacea flare ups... I wish I would have just continued covering them with make up

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