25 Years Old, 40 Pound Weight-loss, getting a benelli Lift! - New Philadelphia, PA

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I am getting really nervous and anxious about my...

I am getting really nervous and anxious about my procedure in two weeks. Periareolar lifts with implants are so vastly different in each case vrs. Just a regular breast augmentation where you basically always know what you are getting and what to expect if you go to a respectable doctor. I know my surgeon is good, just nervous that it won't be enough lift for what I'm looking for. Spending my free time looking at breast lifts and worrying! Has anyone else had really good results from a benelli lift with implants?

36 hours until periareolar mastopexy with implants

Hello I am updating some more before pictures before my procedure that's scheduled for 6 am on September first. I wanted to really update everyone on this because either found it really really difficult to find girls with just the periareolar lift instead of the full lift. My PS said I should just do this lift instead of the more severe full lift because my sagging isn't as extreme as some needing the full lift but I am still worried it won't be enough lift for my liking but I trust my doctor. I hope my pictures give reference to anyone trying to decide which lift is right for you. I'm so nervous!

More before pictures to give my body type reference

To give more reference i am 5'5 and I weight lift. I am about 135-140 depending on the day. I think I'm a B Cup maybe a small C depending on the bra. As you can see very deflated. I think bigger boobs would match my physique better.

After surgery / circumariolar lift with implants

25 yo 5'5 140 lb muscular / athletic build.. benelli lift with implants.. My doctor ended up putting in 375 cc in one and 425 cc in other to even out. Woke up with only slight discomfort. Little hard to walk around. Got my prescriptions and started feeling a little more tightness in chest and took a Valium and vicodin. Feeling great. Cannot tell what boobs look like because I can't see until first post on appt but like I said feeling way better than I expected directly after surgery.


Just wanted to updated anyone following my progress of a benelli lift (circumariolar mastopexy) with implants. My favorite nurse checked up on me to see how I was doing. Again reinforced I am NOT allowed to take bra off and see what I look like (ugh lol). I'm really excited to see what I look like this is torture but I want to follow all rules because I do not want to mess anything up. Tried on a button up shirt that was kind of tight before surgery and it still fits so that makes me believe my doctor did not go too big and hopefully most clothes will be able to still fit me even though I'll gain a cup size. The pain today is more on my sides but still bearable with the pain meds. Got up and moved around a few times and did a few light things around house but mainly laying in bed because the medicine makes me tired. One thing I can't do is open bottles or child proof medicine bottles.. Make sure when you get your meds tell your pharmacy to not use child proof if you don't have kids! Lol

Day three post op circumariolar mastopexy with implants

Day three has been the most painful so far. My sides hurt a lot like under my armpits (I did not get an incision there) juts very sore and feeling stretched out. Still pressure feeling but it's more just like I have 10 pound bowling balls on my chest I'm carrying around lol. Again this would be so much better if I could actually see my chest but I have followed orders and not looked peaked lol. Although I am not very into medicine in general I might have to take extra pain medicine today as I can barely focus. Hoping I start to get better through the day. Thanks for everyone who has commented and is interested in my. Recovery. I love this website and it has helped me out so much just from seeing how everyone else recovered.

Day four... Stir crazy

No pain really besides occasional muscle jabs and aches. I feel like I could go to the gym but obviously I know I can't for weeks lol. Doing light things around the house. I keep forgetting not to put my hands above. My head because I have no pain with it so I have to keep reminding myself. It's driving me so crazy I can't see my chest yet!! I have so many shirts I want to try on!! Lol

Day five circumariolar mastopexy with implants

Morning pain still bad. Very hard to get comfortable to sleep with the back pain and random muscle pain. Throughout the day still great as if I haven't had anything done. Took my compression surgical bra off for a minute because I was getting hot and itchy underneath and snapped a few pictures. Still all takes so u can't really tell at all. Immediately put it back on. Ugh I wish I could see them!!!

Day six, breast lift (benelli) with silicone implants under muscle

HelloHello! This is day six. Tomorrow is my first post op appointment and also my first day back to work. I am a chiropractic assistant and do fitness nutrition counseling but our office is actually closed so I'm just working doing some paperwork and various phone and insurance calls for about five hours so nothing strenuous and I dont have to see people yet lol. Anyways my muscle pain has completely subsided. The pain I feel now occasionally is where my bottom incisions are. Nothing unbearable by any means. I'm mostly completely comfortable at this point don't even notice my implants at all. I've been moving around regularly. Never thought I would get stir crazy but since I was an avid gym goer (usually six days a week, running two to three miles a day plus 45 to an hour of weightlifting) I am feeling fat and lazy so I did go on the stationary bike yesterday for a half hour. I didn't even move. My upper body doing it so. I'm. Sure it was fine but I was depressed to see you only burn 120 calories doing a half hour on the bike lol!! I might go for a walk later today instead. Can't wait to post pictures of my new improved boobs tomorrow! The tape will be off. Thanks for everyone's support!

Post op pictures - benelli lift with implants

OK so while I reveal my results I wanted to let everyone know my story in case it could help anyone else out there. After high school my parents split up and my mother moved to Florida and my dad stayed in Pennsylvania. In college I discovered drinking and it really hindered my life. I would drink to excess and although I used to be extremely active and captions of all my high school teams (golf, volleyball, cheerleading, AND softball) I completely cut fitness of of my life and became depressed and sloppy. I was unhappy in Pennsylvania so I moved to Florida after college which I continued my party life and started bartending. I was making great money and having "fun," until I got a dui. After the dui I got into a few other legal issues surrounding that and drinking and that's when I realized that my life was just hurting everyone around me. I turned to fitness and eating clean and healthy and mainly cutting out all alcohol. I lost over 40 pounds and cleared up all my legal issues and got my Personal training and fitness nutrition degree. I moved back to Pennsylvania to help my father with his hip replacement surgery and could save money for a few months while I lived and helped with him. I ended up falling in love with a wonderful man who treats me better than I could have ever asked for and got a great job I love, the only last thing was to fix my chest that I ruined by fluctuating weight and loosing myself for so long. I love wearing stylish and sexy clothes because of my shape I work hard for an my boobs just brought me down constantly. Although expensive and painful and risky, this meant so much to me and I am so extremely happy. I couldn't thank Dr. Lazzaro enough for being so patient and kind with me and dealing with my OCD issues about exactly how I wanted to look. I would recommend him and his staff (especially Lisa in his office in Shadyside) to ANYONE, they are perfectionist.

Comparison photos

The first picture is a before and after of me, and the next is two photos I gave my doctor to reference and to see how close he got!

2 weeks post op pictures. Periareolar lift with implants (donut lift)

Hello today is week two. I got the tape off and am instructed to rub vitamin e or Coco butter on incisions once a day. Still having numbness so the incisions don't hurt but I can feel my implant on my left moving around. It's a strange feeling that I will have to get used to. Also there is a bandage because one part of my left nipped was still an open wound but the Dr. Said it would heal fine. I go through phases of loving them and then thinking I wish I got the full lift. I hope they look OK.

Three week update

Nothing changed really... The incisions are heeling slowly, still just putting coco butter once a day, does anyone know if anything else is better? The left side is way more irritated than the right. I can't wait to not have to wear a sports bra 24/7! I want to show my new babies off and I can't :( lol!

Four weeks out!

I am really starting to love my new boobs again. It's a bit of a Rollercoaster when you first get them... Sometimes since they aren't exactly perfect right off the bat and on top of that you are really cut up you start to think wow that was so much money was it really worth it?? But I just have to keep remembering my before pictures and seeing how much better I look now.
My incisions are healing a bit slow... No open wounds or infections but I feel like many girls on here looked a lot more healed at a month out... Not my Dr fault I just think my skin takes longer to heal it always has when I have had breakouts too. I am going to try something different than just coco butter maybe.. I'll update pictures when I have better lighting tomorrow. Can't wait until these heal so I can show my bf! Lol

Comparison pictures one month post op benelli lift with implants

More one month comparison photos

Six weeks post op benelli lift with implants

I got measured at Victoria Secret and was A 34DD. I got a padless wireless bra just for now because I am struggling finding work clothes to wear with a thick sports bra and I need the support still. Hoping that will be OK. I love how much more they match the rest of my figure now!! Still slow healing on the incisions

Post benelli lift with implants thoughts

Hello! I just wanted to share som thoughts with future girls getting a benelli lift with implants or even a regular lift. Personally, I kept telling my doctor I wanted to go as small as possible, and after trying the sizers on it made me feel even more like I just didn't want big boobs because I think since the sizers are going to sit low like your actual breast, it made me just feel fat again. My doctor finally talked me into a larger size cc and since he was so great I let him do it and I couldn't be happier. They actually feel really small and not big at all because they are perky and high. So what I'm saying is definitely trust your doctor and don't go too small because you feel big with the sizers on because it's not a real feel of what the actual higher perky boobs will be like!!

2 and a half months post benelli lift with implants

Hello! I haven't posted in a while and figured I would update realself girls looking to get this done. I do like them, just hoping they done sag any more than they are now. My scars look horrible so I'm starting scar tape because I feel like that has the best chance in fading my scars. I didn't think I would care about the scars but they male my boobs look messy and nipples look huge so I need to start focusing on them. Here are some pictures with the tape on.

4.5 months post op benelli lift with implants

Hey guys. Haven't been on in a while but wanted to give you an update. I am starting to worry about my boobs. I loved them so much when I first got them, but the scars are getting worse and worse. I can't even be around my boyfriend with my top off yet because my nipples are so gross. I don't know what to do or if there is nay hope or anyone who has experienced scaring this bad and recovered from it? It's making me really sad and depressed.

8 months post surgery

Hello! I just wanted to update everyone on my progress. I still have lots of scarring around my nipples.. I am quite uncomfortable and embarrassed about it so I'm hoping after a year it will fade more or I will have to get some type of scar removal? Not sure how that all works.. I just feel like my nipples are huge. Overall I do like the look, I think if my nipples were smaller I would be much more satisfied

Hate my nipples

It has been one yr since my surgery. My breast look ok, but I absolutely hate my nipples. They are huge and scarred. I can't even take my shirt off in front of my boyfriend unless I have some sort of nipple cover on. Is their anything that can fix this? I'm extremely worried.

More pics / one yr post op

Ok these are some more pictures further away. I have been feeling extremely down about my boob job lately. Like I said in my last post I am self conscious about my areolas and it is affecting my life to be honest .. as dumb as that sounds. I think I would like my look a lot better if my areols were just tinier like they were before. This isn't really even the look I was going for - I wanted fake looking boobs. These are more natural which I can live with but I cannot live with my areolas. I'm very depressed I have to spend more money on yet another surgery to fix them. If anyone has any similar stories or suggestions for me I would love to hear them.
Dr. Theodore Lazzaro

I knew I wanted to go with Dr. Lazzaro the second I met him. He is a complete perfectionist. Not only is he brilliant, but he is down to earth and easy to explain things to. I was first all over the place and then very OCD about exactly what I wanted and he accommodated me every time I was questioning something and even called me on his day off to reassure me I had picked the right procedure for the look I wanted and didn't need to spend the additional money on something that wasn't needed (the full lift.) He had more than two consolulatations with me to explain the same things because I would get scared or nervous but he and his staff (Lisa) were wonderful. This goes without saying but as you can assume by my review already, the offices, surgery center and spa are extremely classy and impeccable. Compared to other people on here, not only are my results outstanding but my down time was non existent. Wouldn't even consider someone else if I ever need anything done again.

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