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Had my procedure yestersay 9/26/13 630 am. Got...

Had my procedure yestersay 9/26/13 630 am. Got exactly the ccs I wanted 315 hp, suprisingly because it was up in the air before surgery bc I am so small 98 lbs 5'5 and bwd almost 12 w/small rib cage. Still have to see how they are in a few weeks. Will post before and afters. When with Sientra implants through armpit.

About me and surgery date

I am 25 years old, mother of a wonderful almost three year old son. I have been through alot these past few years including divorce and my son that was born with cancer and underwent 5 months of chemotherapy. He is healthy now, except some severe hearing loss which is treatable. I am still motivated to finish my bachleor's at my state university and graduate in May 2014 and hopefully go on to complete a master's program.

Despite all these setbacks, I have taken the time and effort to do something for myself. And the first thing on my list was a breast augmentation.

I researched and researched and researched. Ultimately I wanted my surgery done through the armpit because from having a previous c section I knew I do not scar well. If you google "endoscopic transaxillary breast augmentation nj" Dr. Adrian Lo's name is one of the first to appear. I looked into others, but stuck with Dr. Lo.

Ultimately he thought that high profile was best for me because I have such a tiny frame. I was on the fence because going hp meant a smaller bwd then what I am, almost 12cm, and I didn't want a gap because of that. However, I went with what he thought and chose Sientra's high profile.

At first he said 285cc was the max he thought I could go. However, yesterday on the day of the surgery the lady who actually speaks with patients about the size along side the ps was there and spoke to me more about what exactly I wanted. She works usually in the office but was on vacation when I went so never got to speak with her. So glad I did ! I changed my mind from full B, and wanted a small C. I was going to tell ps that I wanted at least 315 or 335, but didn't.

When I was slightly awake I heard, "they used 315 cc's" and I Iet out a big YeS! haha. I didn't want to be too small and they went with what I wanted without me telling them the size.

I was very out of it in the recovery room and slept nearly the entire almost 2 1/2 hours back home.

One day post op

This is the end of my one day post op and I am feeling much better than I thought. Once I took off the compression bra and bandage off this morning they did not hurt that much. To the touch however my whole chest feels like a huge bruise. Also, I am able to move my arms much more than I thought for having a transaxillary procedure done. The incisions look scary at the moment but spoke to others who have had a ba with Lo and said they are healing better now. Also I advise to eventually use Silicone scar away strips. I used this on my healed c section scar almost a year later, and it completely flattened and slightly lightened the raised scar. It was amazing. I will post some before and after pictures in a next separate post.

Also my stats are
bwd almost 12cm
25 years old
very, very thin frame (except when I get on a weight gain diet/workout and gain muscle on my legs)

Before and One day post op pics

PS You will mostly have a tube down your throat for anesthesia...your throat will probably certainly feel sore after. Drink soups and tea.

4 day post op

I stopped taking my pain meds after the second day cause I was starting to see/hear things, it was strange haha. I can shower and wash my hair fairly comfortably, I can handle my 2 year old by myself now, although will refrain from lifting him and feel pretty much back to normal, except some slight pressure still on my chest, and my armpit incisions still healing.

Feel comfortable enough to drive my son and then myself to school tomorrow morning and go about my daily routine. However, it's definitely still important to rest. I'm scared of getting capsular contraction (thick scar tissue that forms around implants) because I am not relaxing enough.

Have only told people I trust, some family members, and two friends that I know won't judge me. Even so, can't really tell a difference right now when I'm clothed.

Feel like I'm expecting, NOW, haha but have to remember I just had surgery four days ago.

Hopefully post pics soon


5 days post op - Pics

I had to buy a new sports bra-ish bra. The gray one I slip on through my feet and pull up, I'm really thin, and its really comfortable.

Marshall's has alot of really cheap packs of bras.

Black one is just fabric, just tried it for fun.

Still feel a tad bit small, but I know that was the max ps could put in so I have to be content, plus its way better than what I had before.



I unfortunately, missed my first preop appointment today because I missed the train, office is about 2 hours away. So reset for Monday. A little worried about this slight bump on the bottom of both sides, not visible but can feel it. Feeling fine. Relaxing today. Will see what ps says.
These pics are of old bathing suits.

One week and five days - Pics

Wow it feels like it has been muchh longerrr. Not going to lie have been obsessing over my cleavage and hoping as they get softer and my muscle starts to loosen up more that they will become more "malleable" haha and be able to have closer cleavage. Also stilll have a slight lump/bump/wrinkle idk on my left. Not noticeable but can easily feel it. Hope it goes away.

Can easily move my arms, no pain at all, scars are getting better, and just feel a slight more tightness on my right breast than my left, may just need to stretch and accommodate the implant more. I forget how early preop I am sometimes.

Just tried on some dresses, with no bra and this is how they look.

I'm kind of confused because when I was pregnant my cleavage was like super close together, touching, I will post a pic, but now its not, I guess cause of the extra weight I gained.

But in the back of my mind somewhat considering a revision to go slightly larger in diameter, ps says I was almost 12 cm, and my implant is 11.1, but would like to stay the same in projection, 4.0, and maybe mod plus instead of high profile. I found that the Allergan MidRange(mod plus) profile has an implant with 11.9 304cc and 12.4width 339cc and BOTH have the same projection, 4cm as the current ones I have do. Maybe this will help my cleavage or give me some extra 'side boob' to be able to push together in a bra for closer cleavage.

Any ideas thoughts ?

Thanks !

Before and After/Progress Shots

Um...yess, biggg differencee

3 weeks pics

Still have this lump/wrinkle in my left. Got measured at vs as a 32D...but feel like I look like a b in clothes. Feeling great.

32D VS - cleavage update

Next week I believe it will be a month. I'm not sure, I'm always busy so lose track of time.

So a major concern of mine was my cleavage. I thought there would be too much of a gap. Although there is a bit of a gap without a bra with a bit of push up, I have closer than what I thought. This picture is of me maybe two weeks pre op (bottom) and currently in a vs 32D (top). Let me just say that they completelyyy change with time. So don't go bra shopping early at all. Completely pointless and deceiving. At two weeks I got sized at VS as a 32 B ! Now I'm a 32 D ! Big difference. Give it time, at first your skin and muscle is pushing them in, so they seem smaller. When everything starts to stretch, the implant will take its true form and protrude more.

Also I have really been working on my cleavage massages alll the time. I think it helps so that the pocket doesn't close with the wide gap, if you keep massaging in and vertically, then it keeps and stretches that space open so you can push them together. I still might be thinking of going a tad bit bigger, but if I do it won't be until January, plus still have to see the results after a few months andd they are much better than what I started out with. So pretty content. Sad I would have to spend more money on them if I want to go bigger, being a single mom and still a full time student..(until May 2014 ! :) ) But time will tell what I choose.

3 month update

Everything has been well. I think I healed pretty quickly. I am content, although I thinkk I would want them a bit bigger just because they look smaller in clothes. Bought some bras a VS today as they have their semi annual sale. I am a 32 D. Hope everyone is well and Happy New Year !
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