Aug 2 Tummy Tuck, Mini Lift and Breast Augmentation = Mommy Makeover!

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I am 33 and have 3 beautiful children ages 5, 3...

I am 33 and have 3 beautiful children ages 5, 3 and 1. I have a diastsis and open look about 3-5 months pregnant, especially after eating. Im really wanting to get rid of the bulge! I have been dieting to lose the baby weight and am pretty happy with my weight, with the exception of my belly, the loose skin and the bulge. I had my first consult today, 5/29/12 and the plastic surgeon recommended a "mini tummy tuck" but from reading online it seems more people end up being unhappy with the result. I have several more consultations scheduled. I am looking to have this done in August.

My surgery is set for Aug 2. I met with 5...

My surgery is set for Aug 2. I met with 5 different doctors and went with who my husband and I felt the most comfortable. At my pre-op appointment yesterday we decided to also do a mini lift and breast aug. Since my milk has dried up I am so deflated. I am a nervous ball of energy just thinking about surgery. It seems so scary but its something I have wanted for a long time.

Well here I am on the flat side. Everything went...

well here I am on the flat side. Everything went well and from what I was told. It seems my PS was able to get the scar pretty low but I do have a little vertical scar. I am fine with that, I guess I would rather that then a hight big scar.

I wont lie, the pain at times has been excruciating. So I am taking 2 percocet every 4 hours. That is what I did with my csection. So now I think I am getting the pain under control.

5 days post op. I guess I am getting some...

5 days post op. I guess I am getting some depression and I have read that is normal. But man I am so down. I am sore all over, sick of these drains and miss my kids. I miss being myself. I just want this part to pass so badly. I cant help by get all teary.

The past 6 days have seriously been a blur. I do...

The past 6 days have seriously been a blur. I do not even remember writing some of the posts I made above here.

I am feeling better today. Trying to ween off the medication. I think it was making me crazy, especially the flexeril. I actually had only taken 1 yesterday, which has been my most depressing day but I guess I had a lot in my system still. Today I took 1 after I was feeling some pain in my left breast and within an hour of taking it I was starting to feel overwhelmed by sadness and grogginess. So no more of that for me.

I had my drains taken out today. I overall feel better. I have been getting around pretty easily. So far I have taken 3 showers, and washed and blow dryed my own hair twice. Everyone was surprised I was doing that much but again, I cant really remember doing it. Im also on my period and that is no fun. I hope everyone is doing better!

Feeling much better mentally. Physically I am...

Feeling much better mentally. Physically I am sore and tired but everything is going well. Looking forward to being able to stand up straight! Adding pictures from 8 days post op. I am still swollen and you can really tell in the profile picture.

I wrote this to another person on here through...

I wrote this to another person on here through messages and thought it was good account of my consultation process. So I am posting it here.

I consulted with 5 doctors. 4 of them recommended by friends who actually used those doctors. The 5th was a last minute decision to consult with. He is a big name in my area and I heard he was expensive but I decided to meet with him anyway.

The first doctor I met with told me the same at you, that I didn't have enough skin for a full tummy tuck and she wanted to do a "version" of mini tummy tuck. She would remove all skin from below my belly button and she would still go in and sew all my muscles back together as I did have a separation. When I met in her office I really liked her. She only had me unbutton and my pants and pull them down and she felt my tummy and looked it over. She was $7400 for just the Tummy Tuck. A very good friend of mine used this practice but used the father. Nice huh, both father and daughter are PS! She had this modified mini tummy tuck. She had been pregnant with twins, I saw her before belly and have no idea why she didnt get a full tummy tuck. She only consulted with this one doctor and then used them.

The 2nd doctor I met with I knew right off the bat I was not going to use. My husband describes her as seeming as if she just did a line of coke before meeting with us. She did about as much as a exam as the first doctor but told me I did have enough skin to do a full tummy tuck. She said she didnt think I would be happy with just a mini. She was $10k. Another person in my industry used this doctor for tummy and breasts and loves her.

The 3rd Doctor was the first male doctor I met with was the first man. He had me undress, put a robe on and did a much more extensive exam. He felt all parts of my abdomen, had me lay down and lift my right and left legs and then together, all the while feel my tummy. He said he was confident he could do a fully tummy tuck and still get my incision in the bikini area and it would be hidden. He is the first doctor that told me that my breastfeeding would be problem because of the hormones in my body and he would prefer me to wean and be dried up by surgery time. Several of my friends and previous brides all used him for breasts. I did not personally know anyone that used him for a tummy tuck. He told me he rarely ever does mini tummy tucks because he doesnt find people are happy with the results. He was $8400

The 4th doctor I had to wait forever to see. I made the appointment like a month out. A friend of mine used him and loved him. She actually consulted with dr. #3 and loved him too but he ended up being $3k more expensive then #4 for her so she went with #4. He also did a pretty extensive exam same as doctor #3 and they also photographed me. I thought that was kind of weird since I wasn't technically his patient yet. This was the only doctor that didnt have some assistant bring in albums to show me examples. He also does not have an online portfolio for tummy tucks. His practice is huge for breast reconstructions and they deal a lot with that. He said I had enough skin for a full tummy tuck and the scar would be hidden in my bikini. He includes a overnight stay at their clinic and the cost was $11,200

5th doctor is the well known one in my area. He has a big office right on the main road and almost everyone knows who he is. He was very nice. He told me the same as Dr #1. That he would do a modified mini tummy tuck only removing the skin below my belly button but he would still do the muscle repair. I asked him about doing the full and having a little vertical scar. He said he doesn't like doing that, he thinks its ugly. He was $15,200 for the tummy tuck.

So I had 2 doctors (one of them very well known and respected) telling me I didn't have enough skin and that I needed a modified mini. Then I had the 3 others telling me I did have enough skin. Well the "on coke" doctor was out of the running so I guess it was really just 2 against 2. Money was really not an issue for this. We had been saving and I actually thought it would cost about $20k for a tummy tuck and breast. I only talked to dr. #1 about my breasts and then decided NOT to do it. Obviously I changed my mind.

I went with Dr. #3. At my pre op he did another full exam and showed me where he thought he could get my incision. My c-section scar is pretty low and I really wanted the new scar to replace that scar. I told him I did not mind having a vertical scar if it meant having a lower horizontal one. He made a note of that. I then discussed with him my breasts. I had stopped breastfeeding and was dried up at this point and was flat and droopy. He suggested a mini lift and we discussed the implants and size. I really didnt want to look like "OMG she had a boob job"

So I ended up getting the full tummy tuck. You can see from my pictures that I do have a very low scar, it goes pretty much right through where my old c-section scar was. I do also have that little vertical scar from my old belly button but I dont mind it one bit. I am extremely pleased with how low the big scar is. I always healed very well from my c-sections and hopefully this scar will be the same way. Dr. said he could revise the vertical if I dont like it later. So I am keeping that in mind. We'll see in a few months.

So definitely meet with different doctors and go with whoever you feel the most comfortable with and the one that seems the most confident they can get the results you want.

Well I do think things are coming along nicely. I...

Well I do think things are coming along nicely. I am still swollen and my left breast still had pain. The lipo suction areas still hurt also. Im still wearing the binder everyday like recommended by my PS.

In the first days following my surgery I absolutely hated my breasts. I thought they were too big and looked funny. Obviously I had lots of swelling and was not feeling myself on all the drugs. Now that they are dropping a bit and are not so swollen I can see they are really nice. Im sure after more swelling goes away they will be even smaller and really fit my body.

17 days post op and feeling good for the most part...

17 days post op and feeling good for the most part. I do have trouble sleeping and staying comfortable. The lipo suction areas hurt the most right now. I have a hard time getting comfortable in bed. My incision is right below my hips, so I feel like my hip bone hits it if I try to lay on my side. Plus the lipo'd areas hurt. I'm stiff in the morning but can't stand the most straight early on. I feel pretty good through mid day and then start feeling exhausted and sore. I start walking a bit hunched over. I'm taking tylenol and ultram as needed. Occasionally I take 1/2 a Percocet before bedtime to help me sleep. I'm still very swollen in my lower half.

The area right above my incision is more swollen then the area below. So the two halves of me are like different levels or heights. It's hard to explain, I'm hoping once the swelling goes away that the area above and below my incision will be more flat and even. My tummy and skin is all very tight. I can feel the muscle repair with my fingers if I run then along my torso. I had a nightmare the other night that my repair failed and I could feel a separation. My left breast still gets sore and is a little more swollen then the right. It feels more firm as well. My right is softer and looks like its dropped more. I'm really happy with how they are looking.

Hopefully I can start sleeping better. And hopefully some of the lipo pain goes away.

30 days post op and doing pretty good. I love how...

30 days post op and doing pretty good. I love how flat my tummy is and how perky my breasts are. I am still having some concerns about my belly button I do realize I am still swollen and my belly button is still pushing out instead of going in. I am trying to be patient and wait for that to go back in. I am still wearing the spanx or binder every day. I actually dont mind really though I have a hard time going to the bathroom with spanx on. I am trying to watch what I eat as I can't exercise. I am down at 116lbs so happy about that. I am still having some pain at different times of the day. If I have been sitting awhile it hurts to stand up. It hurts all the left and right of the muscle repair. The lipo'd areas are painful too. I am really ready to feel more normal and not be so slow to move and get around. I also still get tired easily. I am not seeing a huge difference in how I look from last week to this week. Overall I am extremely happy!

Updated with a comparison picture. Not seeing a...

Updated with a comparison picture. Not seeing a big difference in the last few weeks. I think I am a little swollen still in my lower 1/2, at least I hope and that that flattens out more.

Well I am almost 10 weeks post surgery and things...

Well I am almost 10 weeks post surgery and things are going pretty well. I am getting around almost like normal so that is nice. I do still have some pain around the muscle repair. I read how some people go back to working out and I cant even do a sit up because it hurts! So props to them! I had a appointment last week with my PS and that went well. He was really happy with my results. He said things look great and I do have to agree. I think I am looking great! He measured me and I got my before and after measurements
Upper Ab 28.25
Middle Ab 30.5
Lower Ab 34
Bust 33.5

Upper Ab 26.5
Middle Ab 26
Lower Ab 31
Bust 35.75

I didnt believe him about the 26 inch waist so I got home and measured myself! Ha!

15 Weeks post op and feeling pretty good. I still...

15 Weeks post op and feeling pretty good. I still cant do a situp to save my life and sneezing and stretching certain ways will stop be in my tracks. But other then that I feel really good. I am so happy with my results. I have been eating well, mostly cutting out bad carbs and things like that. I am down to 112lbs. Woo freaking hoo! 6lbs away from my pregnancy weight though I have to say that I look WAY better now then I did before having kids. My tummy was never this tight and flat. I still would have a little bit of a pudge in my clothing and that is gone now.

I dont see my plastic surgeon again until April but I guess there is no need to see him. I am healing fine, looking great and feeling good. I did have a little mishap with a stitch coming out of my incision around my nipple. It looked like a little pimple and finally popped and all this pus came out. Gross! and then left a little "hole" which freaked me out. So I called and they told me it would be fine and to call back if it continued to pus or didn't close up. It was fine by the next morning. I felt like such a ninney for calling about it.

I also have 2 permanent sutures I can feel, one is by my belly button and the other is in my mons pubis area. That one hurts at time, when I am swollen or have been doing too much. Speaking of, I do still swell, so that is annoying. I am going on 4 months and I hear the swelling subsides more around the 6 month mark? We'll see!

I am going to post some new pictures.
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