I'm back ladies and I have changed from dra Robles to dr Luis Lima my sx is set for 2-23-2015

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck and lipo of the flakes breast lift no...

Tummy tuck and lipo of the flakes breast lift no implant, I'm a mother of 3 I'm 5'11 165 and I've been wanting to have this done for a while now my appt in on 11-22-13 in New Orleans at Lsu school of plastic surgery I will update more about the chief resident after my appt wish me luck, has anyone one else been to a school of plastic surgery??

Hey dolls!

24 hours till my appt I'm super excited, I'm like a kid before Xmas day:)

Okay Ladies, need y'all help ,Dr Yily or Dr Robles

After looking at all the reviews on plastic surgery in the D.R I'm hooked lol and the prices are lovely Dr Robles quoted me 6300, still waiting on Dr Yily who's the best out of these two dolls. I'll be going in March anyone wants to buddy up.


Quote n wish pic

Travel buddy

My sx date is March 3 , I will be going alone it would be nice to have a travel buddy

Just face time with Laura at Robles

Office she really is a sweetheart!!! I am so excited March can't get here fast enough. Happy thanksgiving

Never to early to start your iron pills

I DONT Want to have a blood transfusion so I'm starting 3 months pre - op. With the iron n vitamin n etc I'm so looking forward to my TT n breast lift with aug I'm 5"11 165 38c looking for a D cup and I love my little booty never wanted a donkey booty lol . Team Dra Robles;)

Hi dolls here are a few Pic of me and my lover man

Just a few pics of my MAN and I what a awesome lover man he is;) in the pic with the dress u can't even tell I need that TT but oh yes I need that in my life.
He really doesn't want me to get a Bbl but we will see lol might have to twerk something to convince him lol ..


More pics

Soooo what's up ladies

All I do is get on this site day in and day out I can't wait for my turn!!!! I think I. Going to just do the TT and bbl with lipo round 1 then the Bl and ba round 2 I'm scared of having everything done at once even tho dr Almonte told me she could do it all in one shot what u guys think??? Help me dolls

Wish pictures

I'm sorry ladies and I swear I mean no harm!! But wish pictures are just the silliest things to me, ok I get it gives u an ideal as to what u wanna look like but damn ppl a page full of wish pic and no pic of yourself!! Wth is that about really the doctor can't make u Kim k are Amber rose r any other store bought ass u looking at they can only do what your body can handle ... Anyway that all I have to say about that lol

So I had to switch up

I'm going back with Robles I told her I wasn't going to go with her due to the fact I wanted a Bl and she told me it would be to much sx so I talked with dra Almonte and she told me she would be able to do the TT bbl and Bl then Robles told me she would do the Bl and she sent me a new quote that I couldn't turn down better than her first one and lower than Almonte I love both dra any woo I added so new pics I changed my dates till June 10 also

Hola dolls!!

Ok so here's an update, I changed my date from March 10th till June 10th due to the fact my job would only approve my days if I went in a slower month I'll be off for six whole weeks !!! and I will be going with dra Robles .. Dra Robles has the best asst. ever I love me some Laura she is super sweet!!! She has agreed to do a TT Bl and Bbl which she normally wouldn't agree to however she says due to the fact that I'm not overweight and my hemoglobin level is high she will do all three my hemoglobin was a 12 before I even started iron. I had my blood work done because I was going in March so I did that along with EKG every thing looked good

I guess u have to agree with everything on real self

Come on ladies put your big girl panties on , people don't have to agree with everything u post . We are here to share however that doesn't mean we all have to be yes men lol if I agree with u its thanks girl for understanding but if I disagree it's childish and hating wtf lol .. If you r on my page please keep it 100 I don't wear my heart on my sleeve.


The D.R is a third world country ladies, meaning they are poor! So please make sure that before u make a post about a doctor or recovery house that it is 100% fact not you just mad because they're not jumping because u said how high I know this may come as a shock to some of you that are use to being catered to but your not the only one Boo Boo!! People kill me..

Hey ladies

I just read a review that left me speechless check it out@ Februarylove

Hey dolls!

Ugh June seems like a lifetime away, this waiting is driving me crazy any who wanted to add some more before pics .. I need some hips badly lol

Don't sleep on Robles ladies she's a BEAST!

Have y'all seen Robles Facebook page Honey!!! She is killing it.

Hey dolls it black history month ! Yay and I would like to share the story of Sara Baartman

Sarah Baartman, at rest at last
By Lucille Davie
Sarah Baartman, displayed as a freak because of her unusual physical features, was finally laid to rest 187 years after she left Cape Town for London. Her remains were buried on Women’s Day, 9 August 2002, in the area of her birth, the Gamtoos River Valley in the Eastern Cape.
Baartman was born in 1789. She was working as a slave in Cape Town when she was "discovered" by British ship’s doctor William Dunlop, who persuaded her to travel with him to England. We’ll never know what she had in mind when she stepped on board – of her own free will – a ship for London.
But it’s clear what Dunlop had in mind – to display her as a "freak", a "scientific curiosity", and make money from these shows, some of which he promised to give to her.
Baartman had unusually large buttocks and genitals, and in the early 1800s Europeans were arrogantly obsessed with their own superiority, and with proving that others, particularly blacks, were inferior and oversexed.
Baartman’s physical characteristics, not unusual for Khoisan women, although her features were larger than normal, were "evidence" of this prejudice, and she was treated like a freak exhibit in London.
The 'Hottentot Venus'
She was called the "Hottentot Venus", 'Hottentot' being a name given to people with cattle. They had acquired these cattle by migrating northwards to Angola and returned to South Africa with them, about 2 000 years before the first European settlement at the Cape in 1652. Prior to this, they were indistinguishable from the Bushmen or San, the first inhabitants of South Africa, who had been in the region for around 100 000 years as hunter-gatherers.
Khoisan is used to denote their relationship to the San people. The label "Hottentot" took on derogatory connotations, and is no longer used.
Venus is the Roman goddess of love, a cruel reference to Baartman being an object of admiration and adoration instead of the object of leering and abuse that she became.

Baartman objectified: an early nineteenth century French print titled, 'La Belle Hottentot'
She spent four years in London, then moved to Paris, where she continued her degrading round of shows and exhibitions. In Paris she attracted the attention of French scientists, in particular Georges Cuvier.
No one knows if Dunlop was true to his word and paid Baartman for her "services", but if he did pay her, it wasn’t sufficient to buy herself out of the life she was living.
Once the Parisians got tired of the Baartman show, she was forced to turn to prostitution. She didn’t last the ravages of a foreign culture and climate, or the further abuse of her body. She died in 1815, at the age of 25.
The cause of death was given as "inflammatory and eruptive sickness", possibly syphilis. Others suggest she was an alcoholic. Whatever the cause, she lived and died thousands of kilometres from home and family, in a hostile city, with no means of getting herself home again.
Cuvier made a plaster cast of her body, then removed her skeleton and, after removing her brain and genitals, pickled them and displayed them in bottles at the Musee de l’Homme in Paris.
Some 160 years later they were still on display, but were finally removed from public view in 1974. In 1994, then president Nelson Mandela requested that her remains be brought home.
Other representations were made, but it took the French government eight years to pass a bill – apparently worded so as to prevent other countries from claiming the return of their stolen treasures – to allow their small piece of "scientific curiosity" to be returned to South Africa.
In January 2002, Sarah Baartman’s remains were returned and buried on 9 August 2002, on South Africa's Women's Day, at Hankey in the Eastern Cape Province.
Her grave has since been declared a national heritage site.
Marang Setshwaelo, writing for Africana.com at the time, said Dr Willa Boezak, a Khoisan rights activist, believed that a poem written by Khoisan descendant Diana Ferrus in 1998 played a major role in helping bring Baartman home. Boezak said: “It took the power of a woman, through a simple, loving poem, to move hard politicians into action.”
Whatever the reason, Sarah Baartman is home, and has finally had her dignity restored by being buried where she belongs – far away from where her race and gender were so cruelly exploited.

Pics of Sara wax figure body on display along with pics of her Vagina on displays

How sad! And the crazy thing is white women today pay big bucks to be curvy and have large lips and tan and all kinds of ish smh chile let me hush lol y'all get it lol


Sad day ! I pretty sure I won't be having Sx in June

My 22 year old nephew passed away he had been sick for sometime kidney failure we don't know if that was the cause of his death and they didn't have life insurance . So with that being said my sis is gonna need help and what kinda sis would I be spending 5k on myself when I see her needs outweighs my wants!!! I'm not gone lie I'm sad about not getting the body I've been dreaming of however the lost of my love one is a greater sadness!!! Pray for my sister ladies no one should ever have to bury their 1st born child,

Another death in the D.R

Damn this shit is crazy!!! R.I.P Beverly brignoni she passed on Thursday , you can check out her Facebook page.

Thanks to Da Old Man!

Ladies I had to put this snapper on my man lol girl I told him if he go a head and take out me a loan it will be more of that good good to come lol shit I had to do me lol hehe he would have done it anyway this is just the games we like to play .., I gave sis my 3 k to help her out now all is back on track my date is still the same June 10 I've been working out like craxy my body gone be on fire I can't wait dolls

I've been toning up

This waist will be snatched look at before pics of my tummy u can see I've lost some belly fat

Don't u just hate when u r following someone's journey

And then after they have sx they never post pics r do a update lol wtf so not fair

I'm back

Missed u guys !!! Been Hella busy so what's new ladies

Sorry ladies I've been M.I.A

A lot has happen since my last post I didn't have my sx hence the reason I had not posted pics I wouldn't leave u guys hanging .. Whew where do I start I will no longer be toni with dra Robles I have switch to DR Lima and me new sx day is feb 22 2015.. So ladies please forgive me but I will keep u guys in the loops this go around.

Let's talk Lima?

Some of you might have never heard of dr Luis Lima Vargas, but I am here to tell ya! Ladies the man is bad! He has the best TT incision I have every seen and his work is very consistent unlike some of the other Doctors I have seen in the DR it can be hit or miss. And his breast lifts are so on point u don't even need a implant ok let's talk price robles quoted me 5500 for TT and bbl and lipo Lima quote was 4500 for TT bbl, and Bl now don't get me wrong yes he is cheaper but the quality of his work is worth way more than what he charges in my personally opinion ...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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