Depressed a Week out

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I had a medial thigh lift, lipo , and fat grafting...

I had a medial thigh lift, lipo , and fat grafting to the buttocks. These scars are a week out. I am disappointed and getting depressed. The doctor was saying how well u looked but I don't feel like that. These scars are nasty. I've had a tummy tuck and my breast done and scars are thin, flat, and to the skin not meaty and buckled looking like this?I was told to use bacitracin ointment on the scars. Please help

can't live with these scars these are not even in the crease

3 weeks post-opt scars

I hope these scars close and start to look better. The left side is stinging and burning...bad pain meds does not help.

scar updates

I'n not that thrilled with these scars. I had an appt yesterday with my ps. He took pictures told me I great I look. When I expressed concern with the healing of the scars his response is, "oh you just wait" it's going to look much better. One scar is raised and puffy actually two scars are like that. This man does not acknowledge my feelings and he doesn't recommend anything. He just tells me to message with vitamin e oil. This is totally unacceptable then he asked to see me in 3 months. I am five weeks out from surgery. If any measure needs to be taken as far as improving the scars, is that to late? Shouldn't I be treating the scars now instead of three minths from here? I can't take it anymore. I have scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist.

not thrilled

Scars 5 weeks post opt

why is the left side still raised?

Can someone answer this for me. I am starting to think my ps hit my lymph node. When I massage it feels like swollen balls beneath the cut.

Before Pictures

Before Pictures

my thighs were really flabby and I don't see that much o a difference now I will post some more pics in the same panties

post opt pics 5weeks after surgery

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