My Second Rhinoplasty - New Orleans, LA

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I had my first rhinoplasty in 2005 to remove the...

I had my first rhinoplasty in 2005 to remove the bump on my nose. It looked so much better and I was very happy with it for a few years. The last four years or so, my nose started bothering me again. The hump was gone, but I felt my nose was too big for my face. I didn't mind my nose from the front, but my tip was still long and over-projected from the side. I had my first consultation in 2010 with the same doctor that performed my first rhinoplasty, but I did not have enough time for taking off school, work, and recovery. I work from home now and met with my doctor again for a second consultation in the beginning of January. I decided to go through with the procedure and had it done on January 24. Here are some before pictures.

Cast removal and swelling

I decided to write this review two days ago when my swelling was starting to go down and I was out of my mini-depression. I'll explain. I had my procedure on January 24th and everything went fine. I was home the next six days and had my great parents taking caring of me. I only needed a few of my pain pills, and I mainly took them because I had the worst headaches for a few days. I'm used to having a few cups of coffee every day, and my instructions said no caffeine for two weeks, so I think I was having caffeine withdrawals! I had my cast removed on Thursday, January 30. When the cast came off and I looked in the mirror, I was shocked... and not in a good way. My nose, especially my tip, was so swollen (one side more than the other), and my nose was twice as big as going into surgery. I looked in the mirror one time and couldn't look again for hours. I didn't recognize myself and was convinced I made the biggest mistake of my life (yes, I know I sound like a drama queen). I read hours and hours of reviews about how not to judge your nose right away... there will be swelling... the tip will look big... but it's much different reading it than actually seeing it on your face. I was convinced for the next two days that this was my new nose. I was avoiding mirrors as much as possible. I couldn't believe that I ruined my face from the front just so I could have a better nose from the side. I was crying constantly to my parents. Two days later, I woke up and thought that I was either getting way too used to my new nose, or the swelling was finally going down. After looking at some pictures from the second day of my cast coming off, I realized that the swelling was going down, and I was starting to look like myself again. I decided to write this review because I hope someone who feels this way upon seeing their nose for the first time will not jump to conclusions, and it really is only the beginning. I'm now 12 days post-op, and the swelling continues to go down. I wish I had a picture from the front of my nose the first day of cast removal, but I was too upset to take one (again, drama queen). Here are some more pictures.

3 weeks post-op

It has been 3 weeks since my revision rhinoplasty. I had a slight bump shaved down and a lot of tip cartilage removed. I haven't seen that much additional swelling go down in the past week, but my nose is looking pretty good. I notice my nose looks best late at night. I try to sleep propped up with pillows, but I always end up turning on my side or stomach. Oh well... I'd rather be comfortable! My tip still looks a little big and uneven. My swelling fluctuates... some days are better than others. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I still don't recognize myself which is a weird feeling. I have my first post-op appointment with my doctor on Wednesday. I'll do another update soon! Here and some more pictures.

6 weeks post-op

Not much change since my last update. Thought I'd post some pictures anyway. For some reason I think the swelling looks best right before bed. One side is more swollen than the other, but I'm sure I'm the only one who really notices. I took a photo from the front with the flash on, and it looks so humongous! I won't be posting that one. Sticking to dim lighting until the swelling goes down more :)


Hi everyone! haven't been on in a while so I thought I would share some photos. My recovery has been going great. All I really have to say is that rhinoplasty can be hard on your mind. I am happy to not have such a sharp, pointy sideview, but sometimes when I look at myself straight on I feel like I don't look as good and like myself from the front. My family says it's just me and I look exactly the same, and I wish I saw that. I feel like my nose is a lot wider from the front, but I'm sure I see it much worse than others. Some days are better than others. Here's some pictures!

Update... it's been a year!

Hello everyone! It's been about a year since my revision. No major updates really. I have not seen that many changes over the past few months. The only thing I can really report is that my nose is still swollen when I wake up, and I still get more swollen at the tip when I drink alcohol. I am overall happy with my revision. I used to not mind my nose from the front but hated it from the side, and now I don't mind it from the side but I find the front a little wider and uneven at times. Whenever I look in the mirror I still see a big nose. I guess some things never change! I just have to remember that when people see you, they see your whole face, whereas I look in the mirror and look straight at my nose. Hopefully over time I will become less self-conscious. I hope everyone is having a great 2015! Here are some pictures. I apologize for the awkwardness... I am not a selfie person!

It's been 2 years!

So it's been a little over 2 years since my revision. I'm still not in love with my nose, unfortunately. I still wake up with it being swollen which is crazy! But the swelling goes down within the first hour or so. I have gotten better about accepting my nose and knowing it will never be perfect. There are days that I like it and days that I hate it. I find myself wearing my glasses more often than not because I feel like they hide my nose. But over the past year my confidence has gone up greatly. The first year after my revision I was really struggling and had trouble looking in the mirror. Now I look in the mirror and I see myself again. I never thought this surgery would affect me so much. Here are some pictures of my from the last few months. I feel like the tip of my nose went down after the swelling which makes a bump show now. I can't believe after 2 surgeries I still have a bump, but once again, just trying to accept it :) I hope everyone is doing well!

Completely devastated

It's been three years since my revision rhinoplasty. I had no major nose updates this past year. Had a very slight bump but I was no longer self-conscious about my nose. About 3 nights ago, I was watching TV and my nose was feeling pretty tender. I didn't think much of it. I feel like I'm going crazy, but I woke up, looked in the mirror, and it's like my nose was swollen and had a bump all of a sudden. Overnight! I can't believe this is happening and somehow 3 years later a bump can reveal itself? I am so upset. Here are some pictures. Having surgery is so emotionally and physically draining and I can't believe it's something I'm considering again.

Moving on

Hi everyone, thanks for the nice comments the past few days. I was in a rut but now I'm starting to move on. I'm not going to go through another surgery. Not saying that won't change someday, but right now I want to start living my life. I don't think my nose will ever be my favorite feature, but I'm going to try to accept it and be happy.
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