Getting Procedure Next Week Any Recovery Advice Would Be Great!

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I am 25 years old and am finally getting the...

I am 25 years old and am finally getting the surgery done next week! I have dealt with discomfort for so long and finally got the courage to schedule a consolation and go forward with the surgery! I have done a ton of research but any advice on recovery would be greatly appreciated. I am very excited and can't wait for it to be over and done with!

All done!

MY surgery was at 8 this morning and everything went really well. The worst was injecting the local anesthesia, which only lasts a few seconds. During the procedure I couldn't feel a thing and was able to stay comfortable. The first few hours i didn't feel any pain at all and then around 2:30 started to feel throbbing. Ive been laying down with ice all day except for bathroom breaks.Its swollen but nothing to crazy at this point!

Day 2

I do not have any throbbing today it is just pretty sore. Ive been laying down with my pelvis elevated and icing on and off and I think that has helped keep the swelling down. I had some bleeding yesterday which as also stopped today. Just going to keep taking it easy and moving as little as possible so the swelling doesn't get any worse.

Day 2 pictures

One side is definitely more swollen than the other. Haven't had any bleeding or pain today just very sore and tender.

The past few days

Today is day 5 after my surgery. The past few days have been mostly laying on the couch and icing on and off. Thanksgiving I was walking around a little more and sitting up while family was over and it wasn't to uncomfortable. I swelled up pretty bad on the right side and haven't seen much change in it until today, which I am very excited about to actually see some change. I haven't been in any pain just tender and hard to walk right because of the swelling and stitches rubbing. Showering has been fine and I clean with a squirt bottle after using the bathroom, which also helps a lot when it's a little itchy. My follow up appointment is Monday and I'm excited to see what more progress will be made in the next two days!

Two weeks!

It's been two weeks now since the procedure and I feel great! The swelling has gone down significantly and is now very minimal. I have no discomfort besides some tenderness along the incision but it's not bad at all. I still have some stitches that have not dissolved yet and had my dr trim some down today that were poking me causing some stinging. I've gone back to my daily routine and start working out yesterday only doing arms nothing involving legs, but my doctor said I should be cleared for that next week. I experienced some pretty extreme swelling so anyone else that does as well just make sure to take it easy and ice as often as possible and all should be good! I'm very pleased already with the result so I can't wait to see the final product in the coming weeks!
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