Invisalign--Don't Make the Same Mistake I Did. - New Orleans, LA

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I wrote about my unhappiness with Invisalign at...

I wrote about my unhappiness with Invisalign at the 24 week mark; it did not improve. I am sick from the horror of what happened to me. I started out with straight, pretty teeth (I wore braces twice as a child). I simply needed to fix a bite problem, and I complained that my upper teeth felt like they were touching my lip too much. Now, I am completely a mess. My upper teeth were moved much further down, so my mouth, teeth, and lips look much older than they did. I have one lower tooth that has been made to be crooked, and it hits the upper tooth.

If you need braces, use an orthodontist (I did), and make sure you have a treatment plan of some sort outlined from them (preferably in writing where you can discuss it). The Invisalign 3D scan is worthless compared to impressions. Also, adjustments are made at the end of the process (Invisalign euphemistically refers to them as refinements) after the damage is done. The metal or clear brackets can be adjusted during the treatment process to remedy problems that may arise.

I sincerely wish I had just lived with my bite problem and had never let the orthodontist touch what were once pretty teeth. I try not to smile or laugh showing my teeth anymore.
Dr. Bob Smith

Read the above review. The orthodontist spent time with me, but he kept relying on Invisalign and the 3D scan, as opposed to actually taking an impression of my teeth. He, in every way, ruined my teeth and my smile. He is a very popular orthodontist in town, and it seems others may be happy with his work. I am not. He never told me he was moving my upper down. He did not warn me that my lower teeth would be crooked or hitting the upper teeth. It was a horrible experience, and I am completely damaged. The doctor name I provided is the not the correct one. Certain parts of New Orleans are too much like a small town for me to take the risk and actually name the person who disfigured me.

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