Saline Implant Removal with Breast Lift and Fat Grafting - New Orleans, LA

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I had my second set of saline implants with a peri...

I had my second set of saline implants with a peri areola lift in May 2005. The doctor recommended I go up from 250cc to 350cc. I did not want to go that big but since I made the mistake of bringing my husband with me for the consult, it was two against one and we agreed on 350s.
I have been suffering with back, neck and shoulder pains for years and have had increasing problems with a number of other undiagnosed symptoms including breast pain, fatigue, hormone imbalance and inflammation.
Last year I began interviewing doctors to exchange implants for smaller size and a lift. After reading through the Realself forums to weigh my options between saline and silicone, I was shocked to see how many women were happy with their results after explanation. I knew I had a decent amount of breast tissue to do this and figured I would explain and give my body a year to heal then reevaluate my options.
During my consult with Dr Sadeghi, he told me my options and recommended I consider fat grafting but was leaving the choice to me.
My concern was not only.side effects, but I did not want to be too big again. I asked him if we could drain my implants so we could see exactly what we were working with and he said sure. I text my husband to tell him they could drain them immediately.
Within a few minutes, they were rolling in the suction machine and the draining began. He removed 375cc from one and 400cc from the other. Previous doctor overfilled them so no wonder they felt like rocks.
Immediately after deflation, I was surprised that my breast looked as good as they did because I was expecting the worst. I knew they would fluff a bit so scheduled for the explanation and a lift while I contemplated the fat graft.
Boobs continued to look better over the next month but I decided I would like to lightly fill in the upper pole areas to give a natural, gentle slope to the breast I was measured as 36DD breast that was a shocker since I had hoped for a natural small C.
I was very excited about my upcoming surgery date but suddenly got a bit of anxiety two days before. I knew I was being silly but have had two scary episodes with anesthesia in the past. Once was passing out after iv removed and I could hear the anesthesiologist screaming for something STAT because my heart rate was rapidly dropping. My last thought was that this was how I was going to die.
Second episode was when I actually felt another doctor make an incision in my leg and start the procedure. I was aware and could feel everything but paralyzed and unable to make my finger move to signal the anesthesiologist. They must have seen something on the monitors because i remember them saying something and the doctor stopped while they upped the anesthesia.
I just remembered a third surgery where I woke in recovery and could not draw in a breath. The nurse just kept telling me to calm down. Come to find out my lung had collapsed.
I mentioned my fears during my pre-op and again when I met with the anesthesiologist. That eased my anxiety quite a bit but I still knew I had to face recovery.
Morning of surgery everyone was really sweet. Doc came in to do his measurements and markings and off to surgery I went. I am happy to say I had no issues during this surgery.
When I woke in recovery I was expectedly very nauseated and my incisions burned like acid was being injected with a hot needle. Nurses were super sweet and helpful. I had brought crackers and water with me for recovery. By the time I got home I was feeling much better.
THe evening of my surgery my mom came to visit and wanted so bad to do something for me so I told her I would like a snowball. She asked if I wanted to take a ride and I said why not.
I have been sleeping in a recliner to make getting up and down easier. My husband slept on the sofa next to me the first night. I made sure I got up and walked often. We took a walk around our neighborhood yesterday and i felt a little light headed after. Hubby took my blood pressure and it was 95/75 so i climbed in my recliner and took a nap. When i got up later we ran an errand. I forgot to take my pain meds before we left and was a little more sore but nothing intolerable. Last night I had my husband wrap my bra clad breasts in saran wrap and help me wash my hair and shower. He did great.
Went to the doctor today and they removed my bandages and drains. No pain and the girls are looking better already. They are still swollen and tight but I think they are going to be better than I ever thought they could when the swelling goes down and they soften.
I also had lipo to abs, flanks, bra roll and he took a little out of my inner thighs to make sure he had enough for grafting. My lower back and abs are still very swollen and have been more tender than my breasts.
I am posting the pics my husband took tonight (Day 3 of recovery). I will try to get a copy of my befores from the doctor to post as well.

Week 1 review, compression garments and first Faja experience

I am surprised that recovery is going as smoothly as it is. I thought I was really over the hump but Wednesday evening I was a little more sore and became nauseous. Felt better yesterday and woke around 2 am with some mild pain and swelling under my arms.
I think the problems are resulting from the compression garment. I have no compression in bra fat and axillary breast area other than the flimsy bra I was sent home in. I can't have too much compression on the breasts because of the fat grafting and areola need circulation; however I need compression in the armpit area. I found a short sleeve garment that hooks under the bust line leaving the breasts open and I am considering ordering it.
Additionally, I was put in a size large mid-thigh garment after surgery. Because the doctor added on inner thighs to get the extra fat needed, thus garment was inappropriate as the tightness in the mid thigh area caused a lot of swelling and bruising to the inner thigh area between the hem and my knees. I had no bruising above. Luckily, I had a mid - calf garment on hand and the swelling in those issues improved when I switched to it.
The size large is little too loose so I ordered a Mariae Capri Faja in a size medium. That came in Wednesday so I put it on. They are notoriously hard to get on the first time so I slipped my legs in and pulled it up over my thighs. AHhhh. Just what my thighs needed.
Now to tackle the Torso part ALL BY MYSELF. Thank goodness I read up on these garments so I was prepared for it to take some time- most people have assistance for their first time and it is still a challenge.
I lay on my bed and struggled to get the bottom hook attached. It was a challenge and I was scared to work my pecs to hard but I got it done and took a break. I gradually hooked a couple more at a time between long breaks and I think a couple of catnaps. In all, I took my time so I wouldn't have a total sweaty bitch fit and two hours later I was "snatched!"
My thighs felt snug but sooooo good. The garment has the butt lift feature with the pre - formed butt cheek areas. I'm not sure who exactly has cantaloupe sized butt cheeks, but, clearly, I do not. That area looked awkward on me but was not too uncomfortable for private in - home use.
The Torso. Ahh, the Torso. As I said, once everything was hooked, I looked totally snatched. My ribs felt a little tender and it was harder to breathe deeply. I did wear the garment all day and finally decided to take it off that night after dinner. I was feeling very sore and bruised in the rib area and somewhat nauseous so back to the looser garment. Because of the awkward nature of the pre - shaped buttocks, I ordered another Faja without the pre - formed area.
Prior to trying the Faja i had added a squeem type waist cincher on top of my garment to give the extra compression I need to control the swelling in my lower back and abs. This helped a lot but could still be a little tighter.
Yesterday was a much better day than Wednesday evening and I decided not to take a pain pill that night and to try to sleep in my bed. I woke up around 2 am with the swelling and light nausea so I got up for my meds. Since I was wide awake I washed all of my garments and the two bras I have been using then lay in recliner covered in ice packs except for my breasts. Ice is a no no for fat grafting and areola re attachment.
At 4:30 I got up and decided to try the Faja again. Instant comfort for the thighs again and this time I was able to hook everything in just a couple of minutes while standing. It still felt tight in the Torso area- especially on my ribs near my bust line but it was tolerable. I went back to sleep then changed back into my regular garment around 9:30 am.
I have not been getting out like I had hoped. I can't drive and everyone works. Today it is starting to get to me and I could climb the freaking walls! My problem is I am bored out of my mind but don't want to get dressed to go for a walk around the block but I am going to make myself do it after I post this.
Please forgive any run on sentences, grammatical errors or misspellings in my very lengthy posts. I am typing all of this from my phone so I can post pictures for you all to see.
P.S. My boobies are looking sooooo good for 1 week. Will post pics when hubby gets home from work.

One week photo...

Stitches out

I had my second follow up doctor appointment today. He took my stitches out and described his technique to shape my breasts during the lift. He said I had a good bit of scar tissue from capsular contracture and he was able to remove it. He then had to fold in my breast tissue to support itself and fill in the hollow left from removing the implants and scar tissue. He then came in and sculpted around the breasts and shaped the upper poles with the grafted fat. They really look so good in person and I am very happy.
The silicone mastopexy strips and epi-foam I ordered came in this morning right before my doctor's appointment so I applied those this evening and will keep you updated on my progress.

Can't get comfortable!

Now that I have been completely off the pain pills for a few days my insomnia is back in full force. I move from my bed back to the recliner to the bed again trying to get comfortable.
If I lay in the bed too long I feel like I begin to swell. While in the recliner, my ribs and areas around the top of the garment feel bruised.
It's 5:00 a.m. I climbed back in my bed but this garment is beginning to make me feel claustrophobic and anxious. I am going to take it off for a bit to see if that helps.

Two week pictures

New Orleans Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sadeghi is quiet but nice. He answered my questions and did not try to pressure me or scare me into getting more implants. He gave me my options, made his recommendation but left the decision up to me. His staff is very friendly and helpful. The morning of my surgery he was very sweet and reassuring. He is a very talented doctor who was highly recommended by a mutual friend. **Six months post surgery follow up. Dr. Sadeghi did not do the additional lipo I was charged an extra $5000 to do and attempted to graft fat into the side boob area but left me with a large, fatty lump below my armpit instead. He now wants to charge me another $5000 to do the work he was already paid for and correct his mistakes or $9400 for him to regraft the fat in the upper poles where I wanted him to focus in the first place. Unethical and unremorseful.

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