Removal of Implants After 20 Years. Want to Feel Normal Again. - New Orleans, LA

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Hi everyone, I have had my implants for 20 years...

Hi everyone,
I have had my implants for 20 years now. Got them shortly after my daughter was born. The size was more proportionate to my body at the time but now I feel like my bra has become a boulder holder. I had a consultation yesterday and the doctor gave me a few options but recommends only removing the implant for now and if down the road, I feel I want a lift or smaller implants, I can decide that later. The implants were placed on top of the muscle and he says that because of the lack of blood vessels feeding the nipple for so long, I run a risk of possibly losing the nipple if I remove and lift at the same time. Because of the sagging I'll have from the weight of these things, my nipples will have to be relocated. That sounds funny. :) If the blood vessels don't feed (for lack of a better term) the nipple, I could lose it. I am opting for removal only and let my body do what it has to do to heal/repair. It's something I've wanted to do for so many years but now that the time has come that I have finally had enough of the pain and discomfort, I am feeling scared and anxious. I hope my story will be successful like many of the stories I've read about.
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