All done! 325cc silicone unders 5'2 130

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So I'm schedule for my BA march 13. I had my...

So I'm schedule for my BA march 13. I had my consultation in the beginning of January and have my pre op February 24. I want a full C to help full them out. I feel like they look deflated. I'm also concerned about my nipple size. I don't know if I should get them smaller or not. After seeing them in a picture they look much bigger than I thought. But maybe once the breast itself is bigger it'll even out. We'll see!

Rescheduled for April 4.

So I had to reschedule my surgery because I had to spend a much of money on my car which took away from my boobie fund. I'm scheduled for 2 weeks from today and a paid today as well. No turning back now. I'm getting a little nervous. More about the actual surgery than anything else. I'm sure once that part is over my nerves will shift to the implants and how they look. All I can think about is getting to the surgery center and panicking.

Not as bad as I thought!

So I had my surgery on Friday in the morning. I was calm until they told my mom and boyfriend to leave and started wheeling me to the back. They put something in my IV to calm me and then have me gas and then I woke up. I felt mostly pressure when I woke up. A little pain but not as bad as I thought. Right after I woke up I went to the bathroom on my own. I came home and went to sleep. When I woke up I was in a lot of pain. I felt so stiff and uncomfortable. I got up and walked around a little bit and moved my arms around to try to loosen up. I felt so much better after that. I took my meds every 3.5 hours instead of every 4. And I set alarms to take them while I was asleep too. And when I woke up to take my meds I walked around and moved my arms too. I did not want to feel stiff like that again. I slept great the whole time. Saturday morning I threw up I'm sure it from taking a bunch of meds while I was sleeping and not eating. But after that I felt good. Sunday was even better. I haven't had any real pain since Friday right after. I'll add some pictures too.

8 days post op

So I'm officially 8 days post op today. And I'm in pain. Day 4&5 I had no more pain just lots and lots of tightness. I was soooo uncomfortable I couldn't stand it. And it was in those 2 days that I had my break down and hated them and cried. Hahah all those emotions are gone now. I had my post op appt on day 6 and felt good for the most part. He took my stitches out and put some tape on and all was looking good. Later that day the pain came and stayed until the next morning when I took a pain pill. Then it came back later that night and now this morning day 8 I took another pain pill. I'm sore to the touch and just generally sore all over. I'm hoping this is just another short phase and the pain stops or at least gets better soon. I feel like I've been such a baby through this whole process!

More pictures

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