25y/o 130lbs 5'5" 2 kids 425cc's -New Orleans, LA

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I had my consultation about a week ago and I am so...

I had my consultation about a week ago and I am so over joyed about getting my boobs done. I have wanted this for so long!! I am a 36A or a 34B wanting to go to a C. My doctor said to achieve that I would have to go 450cc's. Does that sound about right? Here I am trying on 400 on the right and 450 on the left. She said I may need to go higher in cc's because on the sides of my breasts they cave in a little. She said that I dont want them to fall over to the sides by going really small.
I dont want to be a D and she assured me that it wouldn't. What do you ladies think? After looking at a ton of pics on here, women that go 450+ usually become a D or double D.

Tried on rice sizers 475ccs

This would be the highest my doctor would go. Since I have a curve on the outside of my breasts she would have to make the implants bigger to fill it out and not fall through. So o tried on the biggest rice sizers to kind of get a image of what they may look like.

Wish boobs!!

Got a date for my surgery!!!

So my surgery date will be Sept 19! Seems so far away but it's the best timing for us. I can't wait to have my new boobies and can't wait to show them off to my husband!!! Yay. If any of you girls have any suggestions on what to pack, any advice on how to prep before surgery or when to stop working out and taking supplements etc... please leave a comment: )

Made a collage of my wish boobs

Got my pre op date!!

Its coming up soon :D YAY Can't wait for my new boobs. Pre op will be Sept 6th! I will go over my sizing, get my prescriptions, pay the rest of my balance and just go over the last bit of things!! I can't freaking waitttt. Will upload more pics with my final size on Sept 6

More Wish Pics

Changed Date :(

New date is scheduled for my surgery :( We had some family issues come up so the new date will be Dec 16 which I think is better anyway, that way I can easily hide them while healing :) They will be all ready to make their debut for the summer :P
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