22 Years Old. No kids. New Orleans, LA

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Hello everyone! I'm 22 years old, I have no kids....

Hello everyone! I'm 22 years old, I have no kids. I am about 5"2' and weigh about 120lbs. I'm pretty bottom heavy; ex gymnast and cheerleader legs. I have been wanting a BA ever since I graduated high school! So now I have the time and money, I am doing it. Looking on this site makes me so excited to get mine done. I'm still searching for sizes and all. I have three consultations in the next two weeks and hopefully I'll find a doctor I love.


So I went to one consultation today and I have to say I really liked the Dr! And I'm just so excited to get the ball rolling on this whole process. She said 350ccs would be the highest she recommends which is exactly the size I wanted so I'm glad she could give me what I want! Will post more before BA pics!

Pre BA things to get done

I keep reading about everything you need pre BA. Like certain bras and scar cream, just looking for some recommendations. I have Amazon prime so if there are things on there just let me know! Thanks in advanced !

Surgery Date,

So I had three consultations and I picked the doctor I feel like understood what I wanted and who treated me like a patient instead of just another paycheck! All the ladies at his office are super nice and helpful. My surgery date is June 2nd, and my pre-op is May 23rd. Ugh I'm sooo nervous! I made rice sizers last night for 360ccs which is what we discussed. And working on getting everything I need before surgery. Pillow, ice packs, snacks, etc


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Been very busy with work! I also graduated college since the last time I posted, so go me ! Lol
So I have my pre-op and I was a little upset because I didn't actually see my PS. He was out of town, but they didn't tell me that when I scheduled it so that made me nervous. My surgery date came so fast, I didn't mentally prepare for it and boy did I feel it after.... I went to my surgery center, signed papers, the staff there was absolutely amazing and took such good care of me. I woke up, went home and rested.
Day two sucked so bad. I have a raised bed, so I decided to stay on the couch because I couldn't use my arms to get onto my bed. When I wanted to get up my boyfriend or my mom had to put their arm behind me and push me up.
Day Four, I got the boobie Blues. I cried and cried for hours to my mom and my boyfriend about how I feel like a freak with my implants, I shouldn't have gotten them and just be happy with the way God made me, I didn't wanna go anywhere or anyone to see me, I felt like there were these foreign objects in my body and soo much more.
Day Five is here and I'm back at work. I'm a Respiratory Therapist and I work in a hospital on the night shift.. I don't think it was too early to come back physically but mentally yes. I could cry over the thought of these new boobs, by reading more and more I feel like I need to give it more time.
Anyone else feel the same way?

I'm so scared to even take post BA pictures, like I'm not ready.


Pics wouldn't upload in the last update

No more boobie blues!!!

Ok so yesterday made one week since BA and I can tell each day is getting better and better. Today was my post op appointment and the PS said they look awesome and I'm allowed to sleep on my back again (thank goodness!!), and I don't have to wear a sports bra 24/7!!! He said "it's time to get comfortable" hahah. So moving on, I've been extremely tired lately.. Not sure if that's the boobs or what.
My first outing with the new boobs with be tomorrow, can't wait to see how they look outside of scrubs and tshirts.
Dr. John T Lindsey

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