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I have been overweight most of my life and with a...

i have been overweight most of my life and with a big butt...so i kept the weight.now i feel its silly to compromise my health for a certain body. i got a trainer and have already lost 40 pounds. unfortunately i have lost my inches around my hips, so decided to look into BBL and see if it would help a lil. plan on getting it by Nov my boyfriends birthday.
currently 150Lb 38-30-44
i plan on getting to 135Lb
initially planned on smart lipo but i read you cant transfer those fat cells cause there dead. have 2 Dr in mind so far. no money saved up yet but am starting as off with today's paycheck, my Mom is willing to add another 2,000. credit score 600 so i dont know if i can get any loan.

Is it the size of the Ass or your Waist line???

kim kardashian is 30-26-39 chyna is 32-26-41 they both have big butts...but those hip Nos seem low compared to some people on here post-op. Am wondering if a smaller waist might make it look you have more junk...if this is the case then i need to look for Dr with good lipo technique compared to transfer if i cant get one whose good at both.

Dr Fischer it is

i have been so relaxed about this all i know is that i will have it done this summer. i tried calling Dr Kerr but they were either busy or i couldnt make it to a consuktation. anyway maybe it was Gods plan i was following another girl that went to Dr Fischer and i loved her results. i called them last week and got a call back next day. spoke to Diana who is really nice.


sorry my dog hit submit before i was done...
anyway Diana asked me to email my pictures which i did, i called her back on monday and she said i would be great candidate. she said i need to pay 500 to secure the quote of 5000 and 2500 to set a date. i paid the 500 the next day since am scared his prices might go up as Dr salamas did. now i need to come up with 2000 to set a date. am hoping soon.
wish i can get a may date but she told me dates are going by first....

Got care credit and booking date....looking for June 20th Buddy

got care credit and my balance is now 2000. i didn't want to borrow more cos there interest is pretty high. i have to pay in 6 months and the rest at 14%. am booking June 20th got a flight for $467 will stay for 7 days. there two motels 15 min away one at $45 and $56 a night. will book that tomorrow hoping i can get a buddy by then. not as excited or anxious as i thought i would be but will see with time.

flight and date booked

am starting to feel more excited now especially after finding 3 other people that will be going the same time as me. June 10th it is, am taking only 1 week off work but ill stay off my ass for the recommended` minimum 3 weeks. Going alone which is not a good idea but dont know who to tell about this. so far its my secret with realself. really scared of people judging me and making it look like i dont love myself enough. ill finally take pics as soon as i get time.

Emotionaly UP and Down

its been up and down today, i was excited one moment and scared the next. its almost one month to so i need to start shopping. at some point today almost called to post pone the date but decided God will see me through. i'll be shopping this weekend and booking hotel but am kinder broke, too much going on at home. i took some pictures, finally got to it. i'll upload my shopping list also next week. i still have to get someone to stay with and transportation. will ask my mom or aunt.

my wish pics

I just want a round @$$ with a small waist...not intrested in a shelf really

clinchet vs corset for waist training

I found this article onlinehttp://wiki.answers.com/Q/Is_a_waist_cincher_or_corset_better_for_shrinking_your_waistter for shrinking your waist?
It depends on wether you want to shrink your waist permanently, even when you don't wear a corset, or just temporarily to get the minimum waist circumference you can achieve.
For permanent shrinking a full corset worn 24/7 will be best. But be aware this will move bones and organs permanently, because your body will adapt to the corset. There are pics on the web, that show ladies who do wear their corsets 24 hrs a day displaying what their waists look like when they take the corset off. All I can say is... incredible!
For temporary waist shrinking a waist cincher may be better. If you would like to achieve an extremely tiny waist circumference, the more narrow the cincher is, the tighter you will be able to make it. If you even replace it with a normal waist belt 1 or 2 inches wide, you will be able to reach extreme results. I can pull in my waist to about 19 inches with a belt, while my normal waist circumference is 29 inches...!

post faja pic

I decided to just get a butt out faja...it seems Dr F gives the butt in and his girls get good results but lately lots of them are complaining of shrinkage a lot. So i thought if they dont want pressure then why get a butt in??!!! So went and bought a butt out size small...its tight around my stomach and loose at the hips...am hopping it wont be too tight to get the boad and foam in yikes!!..the gal at the store was like girl you have a good body if you wear this faja youll ask for your money back...and i wore it.... woooow do i really need to spend 5K mh!!!
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