35 Years Old, 2 Kids (17&10) Mommy Makeover Here I Come!!! New Orleans, LA

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I'm just expecting to improve present overall look...

I'm just expecting to improve present overall look of my body. My goal is after this surgery to take my health to the next level in order to live a long and healthy life. It is my hope that my body outcome matches my experience with Doctor Stalder and the LSU residents clinic. I will follow up with additional reviews .

Before Pics

Decided to upload a few before pictures.

Recovery Dates Approved

I'm so excited!!! My Boss just sent me an email approving my requested recovery days off. This is really happening

Post Op Garments Ordered

I'm so last minute but on last night I ordered my post op garments. This is really happening. I can't wait to join the flat side

Post Op Garments are IN

I just tracked my garment order and it says that they are in my mailbox. I became slightly sick.. I'm really doing this!! Something for me!! Ok I'm excited again????

Fees Paid!!

Today I paid my fees and set my appointment for for labs. Labs are set for Tuesday Morning and surgery Thursday morning at 8am. Feeling just a tad bit nervous

Lab work DONE!!!

Today I went in and had my lab work done. The iron test came back immediately and my level was great 13.4. My nurse was great and made me feel really at ease. She reminded me about my faith and how praying will help me with my butterflies. Also, my 17 year old daughter will my weekend care taker please pray for me and that my house is still standing. Lol #I'mExcited!!!

One more sleep

Tomorrow is the BIG day. Just typing this I'm feeling just a tad nervous. I'm having a full tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo of the flanks and thighs, breast lift and fat grafting to the breast. Surgery report time is for 9 and will last 5 hours and 50 minutes. Please pray for and with me. Thanks!!

Today is the day!

Up getting my girls ready for school. I didn't do much to get ready for surgery but hey it's here. I'll update as soon as I can.

FLAT SIDE.. I'M HERE!!!!!!!i

I made it!! Left the surgery cent at 7pm now I'm home and in the bed.. The pain isn't too bad and my parents are waiting on me hand and foot.. I am scheduled to have my dirt follow up tomorrow at noon. Thanks for all your prayers

Breast Seek Peek

Went in for my one day follow up and everything looks great. Very swollen but I'm fab.! I have very little pain, walking and going to the restroom on my own.

Feeling GOOD

I'm feeling really good today. Drains are draining very little hopefully Dr. Stalder will remove them when I see him on Tues.

Day 4

Today is day four and I'm feeling great. No pain meds today and feeling great. Hadn't drained my drains in 7 hours and when I drained it I only had 5 in drain 1 and 15 in drain 2 so hopefully Dr. Stalder will remove them at tomorrow's visit. I haven't taken any new pics because I'm extremely swollen.


It's day four and I can't stop looking at it touching my breast lol this is crazy

Day 5

Today is my day 5 of recovery and I feel great. Swelling was much better today. Also, I also went in for my second post op appointment and Dr. Stalder was pleased with everything. On a sad note I still have my drains so let's hope that they are removed when I go back on Tuesday of next week.

Day 9: Drains

Today is day nine and these drains are driving me insane!! Dr. Stalder says that at Tuesday's visit he will take them out. Please pray for me I think that the uncomfortable feeling I'm having is directly related to the drains.. Idk.. Maybe I'm just crazy lol.. And I'm totally over being locked up in this house. Ok... So I vented thanks for listening.

Bye bye Drains

I'm so excited!! At today's visit with Dr. Stalder I had my drains removed. Still swollen but he says that I'm looking great. Next visit in one month. Pictures to come tonight I didn't go straight home after my visit trying to ease my way back into the real world since I return to work on Friday so no straight home to the bed for me today.

Day 12

I'm in LOVE with me!!

Dr. Mark Stalder

Dr. Stalder is great he makes me feel at ease. He seems very knowledgable about his work. As soon as I complete my consult I knew that I wanted Dr. Stalder to be my doctor for this next big step in my journey.

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