21 Years Old. Miradry Has Saved my Life - New Orleans, LA

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This is going to be very long, so brace yourself....

This is going to be very long, so brace yourself. I just want to tell my story in full because I think it is important.

When I was in sixth grade, I started sweating profusely from my armpits. I didn't know why, and it was embarrassing. I tried to ignore it, at first, but it soon proved impossible to ignore. People at my school started pointing it out. I remember my friends and laughing and pointing to the stains one day, wondering why I was sweating so much.

I wore only white shirts from then on.

It didn't help, though.

I was afraid to raise my hands in class. I was afraid to do anything. I started locking myself in my room constantly. I quit all extracurricular activities, including the sports teams I was part of. (Everyone sweats in sports, obviously, but I was always sweating before doing anything, and it was only in one part of my body. I couldn't handle the embarrassment.)

I started canceling all social events. I avoided everyone. I lost all of my friends. I gained a lot of weight and developed serious anxiety problems that I've had issues with until today. Then, because I couldn't exercise and still hated my weight, I developed an eating disorder.

Needless to say, I was killing myself slowly. I didn't care, though. I wanted to die. I had dreams and aspirations, and I knew that sweating would get in the way of them. People who don't have this problem probably don't understand, but I hope that you guys do. Public speaking is a huge part of what I want to do with my life, and I knew that my excessive sweating would prevent me from being able to do my job effectively.

I have tried underarm botox a few times, but it never worked for me. Even when my doctor used double the dosage she was supposed to, it didn't work.

Finally, a few months ago, I broke down completely. I had to start taking the medication Vyvanse, which made my sweating even worse. Whenever I took it, I legitimately had sweat stains all the way down to my hips. I stopped taking it even though I needed it.

I had my consultation in September. The consultation was one-hundred dollars, but that price was factored into the cost of the entire procedure. In the consultation, she basically just explained to me all of the possible side effects and told me what would happen. She really stressed that it doesn't work for everyone and that I shouldn't expect 100% results. I honestly started to believe the procedure wouldn't work, but I was out of options.

I made the appointment for October 28th because I needed the weekend to recover. I had no expectations. I went in there just because I had nothing else I could do.

Here is the important thing, though. She did the procedure on the highest level possible. She told me that I could go for a second round if I needed it, but most didn't need it after one treatment on the highest level.

So, basically, she flooded me with the injections so that I would be completely numb. It was especially important because of the high setting.

The injections didn't hurt me at all. Anyone who has tried underarm botox shouldn't have a problem with them. And they worked. When she did the actual procedure, I didn't feel a single thing. I actually started to feel worse about the entire thing because of that. Somehow, the numbness made me believe the procedure was not going to work.

She was extremely nice, though. When she was finished, she stressed the following:

1.) I should take ibuprofen consistently for about a week.
2.) I should ice on and off in twenty minute intervals for the first twenty-four hours. In the second day, I should ice for twenty minutes and take it off for forty minutes. On the third day, I should ice for twenty minutes and take it off for an hour.
3.) I shouldn't shave or use deodorant for a week.

I left the office and followed her directions completely. I'll be honest, though. That first day after the procedure was one of the most miserable days of my life. I live alone, and my armpits were swollen and uncomfortable. The ibuprofen didn't help the pain, but I still took it. I followed her directions diligently because I knew that it was the best way to prevent longterm swelling.

I am glad that I did. My swelling went away in less than a week. I was literally told that the swelling would probably last weeks. It lasted four days. I thought that was strange (but amazing).

And... here is the thing. I have not sweat at all. It is now November 12th, and I have not sweat since the procedure. I know that is very early on, but that is still amazing to me. I have felt freer than I have for a decade. I've also worn clothes that I have never been able to wear without issues.

For the first week or so, I kept feeling like I was sweating, and I obsessively checked my armpits, only to find nothing. Now, I don't even feel that.

Even when I take Vyvanse, I don't sweat.

I would absolutely recommend this procedure to anyone. I truly feel like it is saving my life. I don't have to worry about sweat anymore. It has lifted a huge burden off me.

Here are some recommendations, though:

1.) Find someone who actually truly believes that they are making a difference in people's lives with Miradry. This is so important. They want to help you. They will do it right. People who are still doing Miradry in multiple treatments are cheating you out of money. It works better if you do it in one treatment on the highest setting. If they actually want you to come back for a second treatment, they just want you to spend more money. The woman who performed Miradry for me treated a second treatment as a failure even though it would make her money. She wanted everyone to do well after the first.

2.) You have to ice. You have to take the ibuprofen. Make sure you have a few days off afterwards so that you can recover correctly. If you do not ice correctly, you will be swollen for a longer time. I believe that I had a full recovery so quickly because I took the time to ice my underarms for so long.

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