Implants Removed After Two Weeks - New Orleans

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I have been thinking about implants for two years....

I have been thinking about implants for two years. I wanted my clothes and bathing suites to look better. This was going to be the year to do it. I did my research, and talked to people that had it done. Everyone said it was no big deal, so I lined all the appointments up, gynecologist, mammogram and plastic surgeon. I wanted to make sure I was healthy. I talked to my gynecologist and she wasn't to keen on breast implants but gave me a recommendation of a plastic surgeon that I had already been looking at. My first appointment with the plastic surgeon went well. I decided on 250cc I didn't think that would make me overly big being I am 5'2 and weigh 115lb.

Two weeks later I had the ore op and then 2 weeks later I was scheduled for surgery. I was so nervous but excited at the same time. The days leading up to the surgery I started having second thoughts about something being in my body. The day of the surgery I was literally shaking I was so nervous. I told my husband that I didn't want to go in and he assured me it was just nerves. So I went in and had the surgery. I came out of recovery wondering what the hell did I do to myself. It felt like an elephant sitting on my chest. I was almost in tears as to what I had done to myself. The next two days was awful and slowly I started to lose the ability to pee. By day 4 post op I could not pee at all. I made a trip to my MD where I was catherized and sent home after begging them not to leave it in. They told me to try and pee but if I couldn't I would have to have a permanent one. Well by that night I was in the ER having a catheter inserted where it remained for the next 4 days. The days I had to lay there made me evaluate my situation.

I was perfectly healthy and now I am bed ridden for 4 days and my daughter would cry daily thinking I was going to die. I was so depressed and so mad at myself for what I had done. I couldn't eat at all as my throat was so soar from surgery and I couldn't bathe myself. I no longer wanted these things that were ruining my life. I couldn't sleep because it was so uncomfortable and I couldn't even hug my daughter or husband. I know these things go away eventually but I am not willing to wait. So I started researching the things that could go wrong more carefully. These were the things that I said will probably never happen to me. Well eventually you will indeed need more surgeries. I was not willing to go through more of this pain. I contacted my ps and I am scheduled in 3 days to have these removed this time not with general anestesia as this is what contributed to my problem. I am still not able to pee normally as this will take time. I just want my normal self back. No extra weight on my chest and I want to be able to breath again. I am always exhausted and hot now like when you are sick. I just can't wait for this nightmare to end. Its going to cost an additional $1400 to remove these things but i dont care because nothing is worth feeling like this!!!

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