Mother of 1 Tired of Being Depressed About my Body! - Houston, Texas

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I am a 40+ year old recently widowed mom of a 19...

I am a 40+ year old recently widowed mom of a 19 yr old who wants her old body back. I've always been curvy but age & gravity have taken a toll on my body. After my husband passed I became severely depressed with everything including my body. ESPECIALLY my body. Now that I am considering dating again, I need to feel good about myself. I contacted Dr Yily & Dr Almonte in the past & although I am pleased with the work I've seen them do to other patients here on RS & LOVE the prices I was quoted, I think I want to stay in the states. I want to have my surgery in either NY or NJ. I'm looking to have a Mommy Makeover including breast reduction, TT & Lipo. I need to schedule a few consultations ASAP because I want to have the surgery in March. Does anyone know of any good surgeons on NY or NJ?

I finally got up the nerve!!!

Surgery Booked!!!!!

I'm in Houston!!!

I met with Dr Cortes today for my pre-op visit. He was wonderful. He made feel at ease. I cried, he comforted me. So far, I'm glad I chose him. His staff was great as well. My pre-op visit went very well. I discussed with him what I wanted. I was looking at all these celebrities & couldn't find a wish pic that I could say, "that's the look I want"! My wish pic was a pic of me a few years ago. I want to look like me...just better. I showed him my pic & he told me don't worry, you'll even be better than that! I've always been a curvy girl. These past two years being depressed after my husband died did a number on my body & self esteem. I'm ready to get back to the old me. And this mommy makeover is just the push I need.
My surgery is Friday April 1...April Fool's Day & my deceased mother's birthday.

Mommy Makeover

I had my surgery on April lasted 7 hours!!!
I got a breast reduction & lift, tummy tuck & liposuction of the abdomen, back, flanks & fat transfer to my thighs!
Baby I couldn't tell you my name on April 1, I was so high. I spent 2 nights at the hospital because I couldn't urinate on my own, my oxygen levels were low & I had a fever.
Now, I'm back at the hotel. The pain has not been so severe that I'm against having any more plastic surgery if I feel the need to change something I don't like. I took my first shower at the hospital with my nurse. She was very nice & patient with me.
My sister came to Texas to be with me & when the nurses weren't there, she was! Big help!
Dr Cortes came to see me at the hospital & again this morning at the hotel.
I'm up & walking around the hotel room. I'm almost standing up all the way. My sister thinks I'm do by too much. But when I'm home...I'm alone. So I gotta recover quickly. I'm only taking 600 mg ibuprofen now. I'm not in much pain. It's mostly discomfort & stiffness. As I walk around, I become less stiff. I took my compression garment for about an hour to have it cleaned. I needed that relief. But I also need it on because without it, it's like all your body parts are falling apart! Lol

From what I can see, my 38HH breasts have been drastically reduced & lifted. I can't really tell what's going on with the liposuction & tummy tuck with all the swelling. My sister says she notices a difference. But only time will tell.

2 weeks today

This has definitely been a rough 2 weeks. The swelling is pure hell. This compression garment takes my breath away. And I think my breasts have gotten bigger since they were first done. Hopefully things will get better soon. I'm not in any pain just discomfort. I'm walking really well. And the compression garment doesn't allow me to eat very much so I'm losing weight!
Dr Wilberto Cortes

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