Flying Out Tmrw/Having 2nd Thoughts

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Hey BBL sistas, I am new to real self and after...

Hey BBL sistas, I am new to real self and after years of lurking I am finally taking the plunge and having lipo done with the fat transferred to my butt. I am going to Dr Campos on April 29th and I am soooo ready and anxious to have this procedure done. I am 5'5, 160 pounds and I am just looking to enhance my shape and add more volume to by butt. Dr Campos does an amazing job at sculpturing so I feel as if he can defiantly give me the results I want! Anyone else going around this time or anyone that has previously had a BBL with Campos please lend me some advise as to whats in store with this surgery!

Thanx Ladies

I am noticing alot of ladies are switching from...

I am noticing alot of ladies are switching from one doctor to another (Dr Yily) I just want to say I pray that you ladies are not choosing your doctor based on price! While I understand that most of us (including myself) can not afford to spend tens and thousands of dollars for a procedure, but please be mindful this is your body and your life that we are dealing with. Please do not base your surgery on the "cheapest doctor" While I do after that Dr Yily has amazing results I am just merely wanting everyone to please do your research and do not jump at the first doctor that you see just because the price sounds good.

I was debating on switching to Dr Yily just Sl I could have my procedure earlier but I following my first mind by sticking to Dr Campos whom I have done a great deal of research on, and I feel he is the doctor for me. Also I was a little concerned with the limited amount of English Dr Yily and her staff speaks. That was just a "personal" concern for me. I need for you to understand me and I need to be able to understand you as well oppose to trying to decipher what a translator is saying. Anyway whomever you ladies choose I hope that you all, we all can walk away safe and with results in which we absolutely love!

Hello Ladies, well I'm set go fly out tmrw heading...

Hello Ladies, well I'm set go fly out tmrw heading to Dr Campos for surgery on Thursday. All of a sudden I'm having second thoughts. I'm questioning myself like, is the pain worth it? Will I be in unbearable pain and for how long? Will I get the results I want? OMG I planned and waited for this for sooo long and now I'm really freaking out!
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