42 with an adult child! Now it's all about me and my long overdue Mommy Makeover!- Miami, FL

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I have been wanting to have my stomach done for...

I have been wanting to have my stomach done for about 10 years. I have a 22 year old and a 1 year old granddaughter. After my pregnancy way back when, I was left with loose skin, stretch marks and a fat belly. The fat belly has gotten huge over the years and I'm ready to get my tummy tuck. My surgery is scheduled for March 2017 and I paid my deposit. In addition to the tummy tuck - I want my breasts done. I may as well! I'm not sure if I am getting a lift with implants or not, but I'm for sure getting my breasts done. I am excited and scared for the journey but no turning back now. Whatever I set out to do gets done!

Elena - New Life Sx coordinator

I'm trying to back track here. I have been lurking on RS since 2009! Never posted, just read everything. A few months ago I discovered the Instagram sx community. I think this is where I got my big boost of courage to move forward with something I have wanted to do forever. Getting rid of this tummy!!!! I live in St. Louis, Missouri and I didn't find a surgeon who I felt would be right to sculpt a black woman's body. I knew Miami was the place for me. Started following several docs on IG. Dr. Llorente stuck out and I started researching him more. I was already familiar via RS. Elena posted the TT special for $3900 and that began our communication. I Love her! She was very personable and down to earth from the start. I know she works with a lot of patients but I do think she tries her best to build personal relationships with each one. I sent her my pics, we texted and DMd. We even emailed! She got back with me about a week later with a quote. She called me by the way with my quote. She didn't rush me. Answered questions patiently! I felt like this was the call of my life!! We talked and she let me know I was a good candidate and I would need full TT with muscle repair. Which was not a surprise. She also told me I needed to lose a significant amount of weight which was not a surprise either. Losing weight was actually what I was already working on. anyway before I even thought about sx. Everything I have read has said it's most safe to have sx when you are at your ideal weight and BMI. I had already started my weight loss journey, my weight started at 246 in August 2016. When I started talking to Elena I was down to 233 in October. Elena told me my weight needed to be 200lbs before surgery. My goal is actually 195, so we are on the same page. My BMI has to be no more than 30. Since my quote Elena has been responsive and wonderful. She interacts a lot on IG with all of the LLorente dolls and prospective ones. It makes me feel good that she's accessible. I never see any coordinators for other surgeons interacting that openly on IG. We DM and I have her direct cell. She always answers texts within 24 hours with my experience. I don't feel like I'm bugging her. I actually upgraded myself to a MMO. Boobs too. I need a lift and most likely I will have saline implants. I am planning to add pics to my status updates to stay tuned!

My belly

I really hate the way my stomach looks. I have no waist! Haven't worn a belt in years. I am always trying to hide it. Just want to rock jeans, wife beater and heels on confidence.

Deposit a Paid! Confirmation & Flights Booked!

#latepost I really like the confirmation process with New Life Plastic Surgery. Paid $500 deposit and my sx date of 3/10/17 was secured! Elena sent me a welcome email & contract, making it all very official for me. I'm super geeked and excited. Can't wait!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I haven't met Dr. Llorente yet but my coordinator Elena has been wonderful. Quote and surgery scheduling process has been smooth. Great communication so far!

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