Lipo from Abdomen and Brazilian Butt Lift - Miami, FL

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I'm excited to get this procedure. I have a...

I'm excited to get this procedure. I have a stomach that I can't get rid of. I am pretty toned everywhere else. Hopefully he can perform a miracle and transform my body. You can follow me on Instagram at Llorente_kendoll. I have more pictures. I am new to real self but I will be posting once I heal but check me out on Instagram in the mean time.

Another before pic

Ana's Recovery House

Day 1: I was picked up from the airport and taken to New Life Plastic Surgery. I was dropped off for my pre op.. I texted them to let them know I was ready and I was picked up within 10 minutes. They then took me to Walgreens and to get some food. They are very nice people and the house is beautiful . So far I am having a great experience

The day of surgery

Today is he big day. I go into surgery at 4pm. I will post after pictures. ????????????????????????????????

Out of surgery

I'm feeling very nauseous and the pain is not bad

I have a high tolerance for pain

I have a high tolerance for pain. Not really in too much pain. The Faja is just really uncomfortable. It's hard to get comfortable and sleep. My first massage is today at 2pm I'm not looking forward to it but I'll take a pain pill before I go. Hopefully it will help.

Ana's Recovery House

Ana is so nice. She is like a mother to me. She came in and checked on me every two hours. She helped me get up and walk around. I am happy that I came here. She's great.

I need to buy a new garment

This garment is a mess. Fluid everywhere.

Helena at New Life Plastic Surgery is the best

Helena is so great.

Body pic update

It hasn't even been 24 hours since my surgery but just wanted to post a pic. I'm still very swollen but my stomach is pretty flat. Dr Llorente did better than I expected. I wasn't expecting to be this flat but I'm happy

Follow my buddy on Instagram

What I use to sit down

You can follow their Instagram page

Can't wait for the swelling to go down

Took my garment off to be cleaned

Took my garment off and it's the first time seeing my booty. It looks good. I'm happy with the results. It will only get better

Ana's recovery house

I am so grateful for her she's doing a wonderful job, she is caring for us like we are her children. And the food is the bomb.

Dinner tonight at Ana's Recovery house


Getting nervous

Had to take the pads/board out

Breakfast and pills at the recovery house

Day #3 Post Op

Slightly draining now. THank God because I started to worry.

Lunch at The recovery house today.

First shower since surgery.

OMG it felt so good to wash my body. I also drained my stomach in certain areas that accumulated fluid.

Chewable vitamins that help with swelling

Sleeping after a BBL

I use two pillows on my stomach. It is helping me out a lot. Wish I would've known this day 1.


Took my back foam out. Can't sleep with that.

Removed all the boards and foam

It worked. I got some sleep

Breakfast- fresh fruit, eggs and toast

Proper nutrition is important in the healing stages. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!

Compression vs Massages or both???

Thank you New Life and Ana

I had an amazing experience. I fly back bright and early in the morning. Met some wonderful people and got really good care from Ana while staying in Miami. She is like a mother to me. Hope to see you again. Much love

Your Prince

Post op day #10

Just trying more compression. I had already gotten both of my Fajas taken in. Using ace bandages are great for compression and then I'm applying my ab board and side boards.

Swollen because my Faja was too loose

More compression added

Stomach is pretty flat

The marks are from my ace bandages and ab board

15 days after surgery

Love my stomach

I want my butt bigger

Almost 3 weeks post op

Three weeks post op

Adding a waist trainer on top of my Faja for more compression

3 1/2 weeks post op

Post op 3 1/2 weeks

Stomach flat and ass is phat!!! Lol I Have to start wearing my back board at all times.

Wearing lipo tank top instead of faja

4 weeks post op

Im ready for the next two weeks to go by

Before and After (So far)

6 week massages

Forgot to post at 7 weeks

7 weeks

Slept without Faja

Happy 8 weeks to me

Updated pics

9 weeks post op

The struggle is real

Still swelling up at 10 weeks.

A lot of compression

Faja, ace bandages, boards, foams, waist trainer

Compression is killing me lol

12 weeks post op!!!! Before and After

This has been a long journey so far. Getting the massages, eating right, drinking water and wearing your compression helped. Please follow all post op instructions if you want great results.


Flat stomach and phat booty

I'm back

Bubble butt

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