25 Year Old BBL Finally

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So this is basically a dream come true! I've been...

So this is basically a dream come true! I've been wanting to do this procedure since I was 18 ???? & 7 years later thanks to my S.O my dream is becoming a reality in 13 days. I'm so excited I can't even explain it! All these emotions and it's pretty surreal. I'm nervous and scared because it is a surgery at the end of the day, but I have faith in my Doctor and his staff I've heard nothing but good news. My parents aren't to happy about my decision but still support me and it's going to make me happy. So with that said I'll be posting updates throughout my BBL journey I'm 5'3 weigh 176lb. I have to a appointment with my primary doctor today to see when I can get my labs done. Muahhhh wish me luck!

I met Dr. Llorente today!

So I got a morning call asking me if I could come in and meet the doctor today. I got my blood work done and then went to the office. My stomach was hurting from the nerves lol and it's not even surgery day! I'm so excited ????. So Dr. Llorente is very polite on the quiet side and went straight to business, asked me if I had any medical problems &/or surgery, told me where he would take out fat from and explained to me that I have loose skin and that I'm a good candidate for a tummy tuck. To keep that in mind that I won't be fully flat, which is a good thing so I don't have a image of how I'm going to look that's to extreme. Regardless I know I will look better then I do now and atleast I'll have a booty I always dreamed of & if worst case scenario my skin is too loose I'll have to save up my pennies for a tummy tuck lol

So Oct 11 is Almost Here ????

So tomorrow I have to go retake my bloodwork for the 2nd time and hopefully everything turns out fine because the 1st time my hemoglobin was 11.8 & the Dr. wont preform surgery if it's not a 12 even though my primary doctor gave me the clearance to get operated. I also had blood in my urine but I had gotten off my period a few days before. But I'm staying positive because I can't get my date pushed back I already requested the time off of work, positive thoughts lol But I'm so nervous, anxious, excited I can't believe this is happening to be quite honest! I can't wait to see my new booty.

I'm good to go

I had to go extra early to New Life to redo my blood work and ladies everything went well. Jennifer said I have to be there at 6:30am OMG it's less then 24 hours away I can't begin to wrap my mind that in a few hours I will be a Llorente Doll ???? I'm going to start preparing everything for tomorrow so I will ask them to take after pics with my phone so when I can post for you lovely ladies. I appreciate all the good vibes you give and just know I'm sending them all back to you 100 times over. MUAH

Sooo I Have A Big Booty Day 3

Hello ladies sorry I didn't post right after the surgery all I wanted to do was sleep and figure out comfortable positions to lay on my stomach. I had been at 6:30am on Tues I was going to be the 2nd person but the girl before me tested positive in Nicotine so I was first, that was nuts since I wasn't expecting that, Spoke to Dr. Llorente he drew on me like a doodle lol and then the anesthesiologist came in told me what to expect he was a dream kept me super calm. I don't remember his name but his scrubs and hat had frogs all over super cute. Then I remember telling him to tell the doctor I want a big booty lol he said like Jlo or Kim K I said a little bit of both and that was that lol I went to sleep, woke up extremely thirsty and sore but nothing you can't handle. I know everyone takes pain differently so I can't complain I knew getting this would bring some sort of uncomfort. So day 2 comes along and I had to go get my first massage, oh boyyyy was that nice -_- I hope that gets better because if anything hurts it's the beautiful massages on your soreness. A heads up would've been nice lol I started tearing up on the verge of tears but luckily that was only 5 mins, I'm dreading today because if it's as painful as yesterday and longer I might faint lol plus you can't bite anything cause she needs to look at your lips... ahhhh the joys beauty is pain indeed but she's super nice lol I'm sure when the pain starts to go away I'll love her lol right now she's not someone I look forward to see. But so far so good today I feel way better I'm obviously still sore but better

Day 5 Post Op

Hello sooo I'm still swollen lol and sore but I went shopping and even though I look hilarious with all these foams & board on my stomach, side & back it was so needed, I've been at home walking around and in my room feeling lonely, no one has come over to see me or keep me company and my man works all the time so my lovely mother took me to find some dresses so I don't have to wear those night gowns when I go out, so that made me happy to get fresh air. I walked alot and I got home exhausted but worth it found two dresses yay so far so good. I'm not going to lie my emotions have been like a rollercoaster I'm super happy I got this done but never again will I do anything to myself lol but I think I'm just grumpy I can't sleep on my back. I look at my booty and then I'm happy again, anyways that's what's happening with me p.s I'll post pictures with my new dresses when I decide to do my makeup cause I look terrible and pale

Hiii sorry I disappeared

So I've been dealing with my emotions & since they have been up & down, some days I'm happy with my results & others like yesterday I'm not, i swear my booty looks square & that sucks! Ugh terrible anyways that's how I'm feeling

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