Self-administered 11% TCA Peel, Permanent Scarring?

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I did a 11% TCA peel a couple days ago and the...

I did a 11% TCA peel a couple days ago and the results were not good.. Underneath the flaking dry skin was: Blotchy, raw, larger pores than I began with and even darkening of my scars..although texture was baby smooth.. Petrified and infuriated, I decided to do something really dumb and try again (logic being I needed it stronger to work) So I dabbed 2 quick coats of the 11% ontop of the fresh raw skin (stupid I know).. It immediately frosted and almost immediately (less than a minute) I neutralized with baking soda. I am now left with a very very deep red color that appeared almost immediately after washing off the TCA - and it's showing no signs of lightening.

I'm just worried because I have never read anything about putting TCA peel on already freshly peeled skin, and how deep I might have actually went by doing this.

I did this peel to restore my skintone, treat shallow acne scars and shrink my pores. The opposite happened, I should have listened to friends and just gone to a professional, and now I'm faced with even more skin issues than I started with...

If I had any suggestions for anyone out there looking to play doctor on their own face, it would be not to. The derms get paid for a reason!

Is this permanent???? Is there anything I can do...

Is this permanent???? Is there anything I can do now or is the damage done? I've been drenching it with hydrocortisone cream, vitamin E, neosporin... Can I expect that maybe this will heal once it drys up and sheds?
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