I Don't Look Like Myself Anymore. New Jersey, NJ

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This was my third rhinoplasty and I am horrified...

This was my third rhinoplasty and I am horrified by what I've done to my face. I don't look anything like my old self and I was very attractive before. My nose was too long and pointed down and now it is very short and upturned I am three days after the splint came off so about 10 days after surgery I know that the swelling will go down and it will become more refined but. I just don't look like myself and I'm afraid to go out of the house and see people I know. I don't know what to do, I have to return to work tomorrow and I am very upset. when my husband looks at me I can tell he's horrified. I am so sad that I did this and didn't tell the doctor to leave my nose longer and straighter. It just doesn't fit my face properly. Have any of you experienced the tip dropping and if so, how long did it take?

Thank you

Thank you for your responses! Every day it gets a little better and I think that's because movement comes back a little more. My family thinks it's the lack of movement in my top lip that looks weird. Has anyone experienced that?

Day 13

Ok, I'm almost 2 weeks and feeling so much better. Guess I'm getting used to the new me. I went out with my besties last night and a few people said I looked different but couldn't tell why. Sometimes I catch people staring at me but then I think I'm being paranoid. I'll post so e recent pictures.

Thanks everyone

Tonight I saw my dad and step mom and they didn't even notice! Granted I had already had a drink and just got off a 3 hour flight I was a bit swollen. But I can't imagine they couldn't tell a difference! I finally brought it up and they said now that I pointed it out they could tell, but they didn't rave about it or anything. Oh well, at least I like it. :) swelling is pretty bad now though, what can I do to reduce it? My dr said not to tape.

23 days post op

I thought I was getting used to it and then - BAM - more swelling. I can't wait to see what its actually going to look like. It seems everything has salt in it too. Also, what about exercising? My Dr. said that I can go back to exercising but have you found it to increase swelling a lot?

3 Weeks Post Op and Need Answers.

So I went to my Dr today for a 3 week follow up. Although I am happy with the results I still have questions and concerns. I am feeling very swollen after a week on vacation of flying, drinking, and exercising - all probably a bit too soon. My columella is protruding and I'm concerned that it is going to stay like that. I asked if I should take steroids or ice it but they said no. They said that I can eat, drink, and exercise all I want as long as I'm not doing extreme sports or blowing my nose. My nose is still bulbous and I am so scared that it won't be as refined as I would like so that it fits my face better.


Please take a look at my collumella. I am very concerned about how it is protruding and off centered. I don't believe this is swelling, I think it is the strut sticking out the side. Could it have displaced? What should I do? I am 4 weeks post op.

6 week update

Finally got to see my before and after pics. Pretty crazy.

8 weeks post op

Here are pics from today. I still think I look really weird.
Dr. Kassir

Thanks everyone, sorry I haven't replied sooner. Here is my story. My first septo/rhino was 10 years ago with Dr. Pastorek in NYC under closed procedure in twilight - yep, I remember the whole thing, ugh. The result was better but still very long and pointed downward. After waiting the 6 months I had him try to rotate the tip again which he said he could do in an office surgery - again, just being pumped up with cocaine, etc. The results were still not good which at that time he said that I must have body dis-morphia since he thought it was perfect. 8 years later I found Dr. Romita, again, another Park Ave. doctor who assured me that he could fix it by simply rotating the tip and it would be fully covered under insurance because my septum was still blocking my nostril. At the same time he had another surgeon, Dr. Irachi, repair an umbilical hernia that I had from pregnancy. Not only did the hernia repair not work but my nose was worse than before. So, I guess I got what I paid for! The following year I found Dr. Kassir. I loved all of his before and after pictures and wanted it to finally "work". He is very self assured and I believed that he could make a change for the better. He was sooooo nice and attentive and friendly during the consultation. When I went back to get the cast off for the reveal my husband and I were in shock at how different I looked. I was not expecting what I saw. That's not to say that it was bad, I just didn't look like me. I think the issue is that I always had a straight thin nose and now it is wider. Also, my top lip is visible and looks long. Anyway, it is now 8 weeks and the swelling is getting better. I am happy and am getting used to it. But I do want to mention that when I wasn't happy at the reveal and then at the 4 week follow-up appointment when I asked him about a concern that I had with my collumella he became impatient, frustrated, and walked away and refused to answer any of my questions. It was very unprofessional. However, if I am happy and grateful he is so proud of himself and only wants the accolades. For example, if I say "i love it!", he says "your welcome" lol. All in all I think Dr. Kassir is an amazing nose doctor, he is the only one who could do the job. And I suppose day after day of hearing people complain about their swollen results it must wear on him. BUT, I still believe that as a patient we deserve to have our questions and concerns answered and addressed.

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