Ffff society!!! Be yourself

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Even tho i have a larger nose then most i never...

even tho i have a larger nose then most i never really was bothered by my nose when i was younger i feel as if i accepted myself more i am who i am. the older i got the more i started thinking... if only i had a smaller nose... i wasn't teased that i remember anyway but its simply how i i see myself now and i don't want my nose any bigger! my best friends think I'm crazy and that I'm beautiful &that i should appreciate what i have instead of what i can fix. also if it isn't broke don't fix it. but i definitely inherited my grandpas nose and me being 100% Italian EVERYONE says "your Italian, your nose is what makes you, you" blah blah blah. I don't want to lose who i am but i also feel my nose doesn't change who i am it will only change how i view myself. DON'T get me wrong i don't think I'm ugly or anything!!!! and i have not made any type of decisions yet! i would love feedback tho!

i do have a consultation with Dr. Kassir and Dr. Joseph both very good surgeons but i decide till i see what they can do... its kinda weird but idk i think i might look weird with a small nose? idk haha anyway this wouldn't be my 1st surgery 2 years ago i did get my boobs done when i was 19 (i had A LOT of lil girls hating on me) but they're opinion doesn't matter!!! i worked HARD for my money and it was my choice and i loveeeee them ha but i hated the attention!! soo annoying that was not my purpose for getting the surgery. that surgery was a breeze pretty painless the worst part was sitting in my house and after 3 days i couldn't take it anymore and i was doing everything pretty normal... this is my nose tho and doing anything to my face scares me to death... i have to go to work :/ ill update more when i no more :)

I have a question for all who has already had the...

I have a question for all who has already had the surgery... Open or closed??? I read the difference but I want to no what people decided to go with and which you prefer other than what the the doctor prefers? Let me no!

Today i had my 1st consultation with Dr. Joseph in...

today i had my 1st consultation with Dr. Joseph in NJ. he was really nice made me feel very comfortable. he gave me a estimate of 7,176 after tax... i have breathing problem so he would also be fixing that issue as well if i decide to go through the surgery. which puts the payment at 9,386 but my insurance should cover the 2,210. I STILL HAVE NOT MADE A FINAL DECISION! i put my comparison pictures up feedback would be awesome! this is so hard


IVE DECIDED TO NOT GO THRU WITH THE SURGERY!!! maybe that will change one day but as of right now at this point in my life i really do feel as if it is unnecessary for me to change my nose i think im beautiful the way i am, even tho I DO want a smaller nose and i do hate mine saving my money is wayyyy better. This website helped me out a lot and i hope my lil share could help someone decide thanks everyone :)

Alright so I'm still NOT getting the surgery but I...

Alright so I'm still NOT getting the surgery but I would like to share some info of face readings with your nose! I have a big nose and this is what I found also if all of us who hate our noses stopped getting surgery then there would be more people with big noses and then it wouldn't be such a big deal... I no it's about how we feel about ourselves because I've been there. But society is the wrong ones not us. We SHOULD LOVE OURSELVES FOR WHO WE ARE AND HOW WE ARE BORN its sad how many of us are so into getting surgery instead of realizing we are all beautiful big nose or small it's still us!!

Big noses: If you think that your big nose makes you look bad or if you don't really like its shape then cheer up because according to face reading your big nose can help you leave a better impression!

People with big noses hate receiving orders and like being their own bosses. They don't like doing small tasks and prefer making bigger contributions than others. That's why these people will hardly ever be your bar tenders or your receptionists. People with big noses like to move higher in ranks and may fight for them.

People with big noses get bored easily from systematic and repetitive work. If you are a manager then handing off donkey work to these people would be a great mistake.

Small noses: A person with a small nose does not have problems dealing with repetitive and systematic work. You are most likely to find secretaries and people who work in similar jobs having small noses. Of course they may get bored of routine work but not as fast as a big nosed fellow will.

Eagle nose: The hooked nose or one that looks like the eagle's hook from the side view is one i am talking about. A person with a nose like this one has the same characteristics as that of a big-nosed person but with a bit of exaggeration. To get along with such a person make sure you respect him and make him feel important.

The helper's nose: If, from the side view, the nose is concave with a round tip, then this person has a helper's nose. He is called the helper because he has a natural tendency to help others. He may join charity groups for the satisfaction he feels when he does these kinds of activities. The only draw back is that he is sometimes taken advantage of by his friends.

When nose tip is round : If the nose tip is round when observed from a front view then this person is nosy!! He likes to know about everything that is going on and he may try to get all information out of you If there's something that he knows little about. Don't make him feel like you are hiding something if you want to get along with him. What's pretty funny is that the word nosy here is related to the nose which shows that this word may have had a face reading origin.

Nose profile going up: When, viewed from the side, the horizontal line at the bottom of the nose can be pointing upwards. A person with this kind of nose trusts everything. He may even be the victim of scams or fall a prey to a television commercial that advertises a certain low quality product.

Take notice of the noses of small kids' and you will notice how most of them have exactly this type of nose. kids believe everything you tell them and this person thinks like them. The good point about the person with this nose type is that he's not skeptical at all.

Nose profile heading down: This type of nose is the same as the previous one but the difference is that the profile is going down instead of up so that the nose appears to be pointed downwards. This person is very skeptical and he barely believes anything new unless he gets all the proofs he asks for. When dealing with him, bear in mind that he will ask a big number of questions before he can believe you.

Nose profile is horizontal: when the same nose profile is horizontal then this person is neither a skeptic nor a person who believes in anything. This person has a balanced approach when hearing about something new.

Also Chinese face reading says big noses are the...

Also Chinese face reading says big noses are the money spot! So people with bigger noses have greater luck with money at certain ages
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