Permanent Makeup Removal - New Jersey

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Last winter I was having those end of the year...

Last winter I was having those end of the year blues.. overly focusing on my appearence. I was accustom to wearing the same eyeliner everyday and figured hey permanent makeup will fill the emptyness I was feeling and will somehow change my appearence for the better. So I went though with it and it turned out to be such a burden that all I crave now is to have clear makeup free eyes and no pencil look on my my brows. I am in the process of getting all the ink removed from my face and would love to share my experience.. permanent makeup is such a burden, we are beautiful natural creatures but I must be patient to return to my natural state. I will keep whoever is suffering as I am up to date with my removal. Do not lose hope keep the faith we are resilient creatures!

removal process pt 1

In the last 3 months I have tried saline removal on my brows, where the technician tattoos over with saline solution and then puts salt over top for a few minutes, but it hardly pulled out any ink. So 2 weeks ago I had a test spot done with Tattoo Vanish on my right brow and maybe the technition didn't go deep enough because the scab was supposed to stay on for 2 weeks but came off in one leaving what looks like the same faint ink line that was there before and pinkish skin that will most likely heal. I felt discouraged when I saw the results and continued researching other options. I came across a woman named Renee from Timeless Beauty and have been emailing back and forth with her. I feel that she will really be able to get the ink out, I have seen many of her photos and I have never seen these pictures on any other site and with such good results, she is the real deal. So I plan on waiting until august to have her remove my brows so I can give my skin some rest and time to heal. In the meantime I will be working on removing my permanent eyeliner.. next post will be on my journey back to my old tired eyes.. boy I miss them.

More Mistakes

After removing my brows with what is similar to the rejuvi method I opted to have them redone... and then removed the same way. Now I am left with a little bit if grey ink dispersed within my brows which I have lived with the past year or so. I am also left with a slight scar that protrudes above my right brow that could be from the tattoo, the removal, or both. Secondly I opted to have my eyeliner redone after the removal of the wings and lower line. Unfortunately I regret it, not so much because of how it looks but more so because I want to have makeup free eyes and there is just so much ink. I wish I would have continued with my original removal because now I am in a bit of a rut. I had my wetline tattooed, the mucosal of my eyes, and it seems removing that is near impossible without laser. So I have been in contact with John Hashey in Florida who uses a solution called A+Ocean to remove tattoos and permanent makeup. The pictures that I've seen do look promising however there are mixed reviews on this type of removal. I want to get out the majority of the ink with minimal scarring, which I'm sure is everyone's dream. I hope I am approaching this situation in the best way for myself. I will be having my first removal with him in the coming months for the last of the ink in my brows and the first of a few procedures to remove my eyeliner both top and the wetline on bottom. If anyone has seen good results with this or any type of removal or has any advice on a longstanding scar please get on touch with me I would love to have an open discussion with people enduring though similar situations. Best of luck and good wishes to all in the removal process!
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