Phenol Peel Under Eyes and Around Mouth - New Jersey, NJ

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I had a phenol peel done under my eyes and around...

I had a phenol peel done under my eyes and around my mouth five weeks ago. The skin under my eyes is still bright red and I am not so concerned about that. What worries me is the texture. The skin is very bumpy under both eyes and there are two raise fine lines under my left eye and one raised fine line under my right eye. I have gone back to the dermatologist every week since the peel for follow-up. He tells me that it will resolve in time. Dr's always want to give you positive feedback. I'm so worried that it will remain this way. Has anyone had this happen after a phenol peel? Does it get better?

Phenol Peel Under eyes and around mouth

It's been 7 weeks since my phenol peel and it's not healing well. Still very red and bumpy texture skin under eyes with raise scar.

phenol peel under eyes and around mouth

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