Liposuction outer & inner thighs & stomach

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I would like have liposuction on my butt, inner &...

I would like have liposuction on my butt, inner & outer thighs and mid section of my stomach. So far, I have seen a doctor who would do the procedure for $6,275 which is not bad but I am still doing my research and I have two more doctors line up to go see this month. I worked at hospital so these doctors I know and good reputation. The first doctor who I have seen really focus on wounds mostly than plastic surgeon but he is certified in plastic surgeon. I am really not sure if I want to have it done because I do not want to gain the weight back or not sure were I may gain weight at on my body that if I gain weight. I hear bad views about the liposuction and some good. If anyone had liposuction in these areas please let me know how do you feel about it and was it worth it. Thank you

Freaky out about having liposuction on my thighs

Today, I asked a this lady that I work with how do she feel about having liposuction her response "no way" I would never have liposuction. The reason I asked her because she was complaining how her bottom was to big. She also how a co-worker daughter had liposuction on her hip area and that her mother said, when she wear a baby suit her legs looked terrible. Now, I am having second thoughts about having my thighs done. I do not want lumps and uneven thighs or butt. Have anybody experience any problems with their thighs?

Second ps opinion about my liposuction

Today, I saw Dr. Breslow in Paramus. I have to say I was alittle nervous but I had wrote down all my question before seeing him. At the begin, I met with the nurse so that she get my history. After, leaving that room she took me into another room were I changed my clothes into a gown. Once I put on the gown the nurse had me to come out the room and take pic (3D) like a machine. After, taking pic I met with the doctor he look at my pic and me front and back as he was looking at the back he got quiet on me. I asked him "what are you thinking" he told me what he think about my butt and thighs. He said he not going to touch my butt and he explain why, which was great. Everything he said I heard it 20years ago when I saw a plastic surgeon who told me to eat healthy and exercise. Dr. Breslow was very honest with me and felt good when I left out of his office. So, I am going to have liposuction in my abdomen and thighs. I did not make the appointment because I still have two more doctors to visit but right now I am looking at Dr. Breslow. Oh! The doctor did come in and sat down with me before I changed my clothes. The best thing I like to see in a doctor office how much they are dedicated the degree on the wall said it all. Also, the doctor who is a president and nurse recommended me to him. Doing your research is very important.
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