Pulsed Dye Laser for Self harm scars

2 years ago I searched and searched online to find...

2 years ago I searched and searched online to find someone who may have posted about a similar experience, I was desperate for help and peace of mind over how to deal with self-harm wounds. I am in my mid 20s, with fair-skin that tans well in the summer, and I work in the medical field myself. I submitted a question on this site about the pulsed dye laser after my first laser treatment to treat self-harm scars to my arm. 2 years and 8-10 pulsed dye laser (v-beam) treatments later (anywhere from 4-8 weeks apart)... I writing this review to help someone else who may benefit from this. This has been a long process that has required patience, support, and long sleeved shirts in the summertime. Anyone with scars understands how frustrating they can be. TIME and the pulsed dye laser helped my arm go from terribly bad to 90% improved. Time is your best friend when it comes to healing skin, so be patient. I did not want to hear this 2 years ago, but just like that, it's 2 years later and it has improved drastically. Time will pass and time will heal. Also, the laser really started making improvements after about 4 treatments. I visited my dermatologist very recently to ask about the Fraxel Laser to resurface my scars, and at this point it may risk more harm than good. So please feel free to ask any questions if you find this and it applies to you.


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