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Hi All, I desperately wanted to go to DR for my...

Hi All,

I desperately wanted to go to DR for my surgery but I am having trouble finding someone to stay with my son until I get back so it may not happen for me. I need someone that is going to give me a super tiny waist and won't leave me as if they barely took off anything. I've been doing a lot of research and only liked the work of doctors in DR, specifically yily's and cabral. Are there any doctors in the areas of NY or NJ that can give me the look I want (for example tattedupholly's body, yaris sanchz, kim kardashin etc). I heard of dr. rosenfeld but cant find any pictures of his work.

Thanks in advance

Compression socks and iron pills

My sx is still 7 weeks away but I'm excited and decided to just buy a few small things. I know that about 2 years ago my hemoglobin was a bit low so I bought iron pills ($3.84) to start taking them early.

I bought my compression socks for $8.44 in Wal-Mart!! If you're on a budget, this is the way to go! ????


I was wondering if it's necessary to purchase the insurance from yily since it says it covers you if you're in the country for up to 30 days but I'll only be there for a few days so I wasn't sure if this would be necessary at all. Does anyone have any idea?

29 more days!!

Woah! Time sure does fly. In 29 more days I'll be in Yilys hands! I Have not been taking my iron pills consistently (I suck) but will definitely try to take some more. I shall begin to gather up my necessary supplies tonight. :-)


I wish I had a doctor that could prescribe me the medications I'm supposed to get from yily! My doctor said no :-( Anywho, I have all my vitamins and have been taking them religiously everyday except the iron because it makes me feel sick and tired after I take them. It's almost time!

Just got my blood test results

My hemo is at 12.2! How to raise it up to at least a 13 in 1 week? I've been taking my iron pills daily.... Any other suggestions? Iron filled smoothie recipes? I hate vegetables.

Leaving in 2 more days!

This feels so unreal. I am so excited but worried at the same time. I felt a little confused at some point because part of me wish I had chosen Cabral but I guess I'll just go for round 2 with him for a bl. So excited to share my experience with you all.

On my way to DR!!!

Can't really describe what I feel right now. I am getting a little emotional about my whole transformation. I've been in horrible relationships and I'm hoping that this will boost my confidence and help me value myself a little more. Here we go!!


went to cipla yesterday for all my tests...they were so quick with everything. headed back now for my sx. Cipla looks really clean and modern. So far, everyone has been really nice.

Cipla images/ yilys section

Surgery complete

Hey guys! I'm good and alive. Just feeling a lot of discomfort. My stomach is tight and super stiff. I just wanna shoot myself with this stiffness. I got a Tt, Lipo and bbl. my hand are swollen n it's hard to write but I will post some pics as soon as I can

My stomach is completely flat

The pic does no justice. Yily left my with absolutely no stomach. She gave me exactly what I wanted. I know these aren't the final results but for 2nd day.. I think I really love it. Will post more as I get better.

First massage

Just got my first massage today and I can finally stand up straight. Those massages are super important and so helpful. I did not feel any pain during my massage; the lady was awesome and only charged me $25.

Think positive

I noticed some girls criticize everything from the moment they get to DR or to the clinic. Go in with a positive mind!! Things are not going to be like in the US!! You're in another country and things will be different. I had no problems. I was very patient and positive. Everyone wore gloves and everyone was kind. There definitely aren't enough nurses but the few that are there do their jobs. Don't think that because they are nurses in another country that they are beneath you and you can treat them however you'd like. Some girls were so rude and then come on here and complain about how they were treated. Don't believe everything you read on real self because some people just exaggerate and are super dramatic. Not everyone will have a positive experience, absolutely. Every single doctor has once made a mistake. No matter what doctor you chose be positive!

Yily gave me a nice shape

Back in the states

Finally made it back home! My drains were taken out yesterday before my flight but they mentioned to continue getting massages so liquid does not accumulate. Sorry I haven't posted new pics. I am swollen and still can't walk so well. They also referred me to a spa in New York. See image attached.

Image didn't upload

More swollen then ever

I guess because I took my drains out I got a little more swollen. I forgot to mention.. Taking out the drains did burn!! I could feel the tube in my stomach as they pulled it out but it burned because of the closing on the side. My back looks like it's connected to my butt but I know it's from the inflammation. I am so thankful for this despite the bad moments (dizziness, pain, soreness, stiffness).

Waist is shrinking

Got a smaller faja this weekend... Started at size L, down to A medium

It has been 2 weeks

It has been 2 weeks and I still feel like crap lol. I read a lot before going into surgery to try to prepare myself mentally for this but it's not what I imagined. I've been patient but I thought id be good by 2 weeks. NOT!! It's mostly the swelling and soreness that is still bothering me. I feel no pain except in the morning where my back feels like it's burning as I get up. Not so bad though. My shape is changing daily and looking better each day. Soon I'll be posting pictures without my faja.. I just try to rush putting my faja back on whenever I take it off because i just feel incomplete without it. Also just in case any of you are concerned with returning back to work... I returned to work just 8 days after surgery. It was not easy but it was manageable because I have an office job. I also really pushed myself to get up and do things because I want to recover fast! I would recommend taking 2 weeks off the least but if you can't, just push yourself and you'll be ok.

Concerned about taking drainage early to come back home?

This was one of my concerns and didn't find the answer so here it is for anyone with the same question. My drains were removed on the 7th day because I was coming back. I was referred to golden angel spa... They said they could take out my stitch and remove any fluid. I thought this was awesome because I didn't have to worry about finding a doctor to do this for me. However, the only way to take out the fluid is by sticking a needle inside your stomach and sucking it out. You won't feel the needle but as they take it out it feels like it burns!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS NOT A GOOD FEELING :-( ... I am praying that I get no more fluid.

Butt pic

I already had a lot of as* before this procedure but needed a lift and more roundness. Yily did just that! Now it's huge and nice and round. I know that it'll go down a bit do it won't be as big which is fine with me.

Tt scar

I've been trying to upload this pic for days and it hasn't worked. Wanted to show you guys my scar. It's a bit high on the sides but my panties cover it well. I clean my incisions daily with antibacterial soap or hydrogen peroxide. I find that the peroxide works best. I stopped using neosporin for my belly button because I heard it can cause an infection. Also I kept my tape on it (changing it frequently) as instructed to keep the scar flat and it did a great job. Do not recommend this if you're not someone who can pull the tape off yourself (it was a bit uncomfortable at times).

My belly button is still not healed/ Rosa Moqueta oil

My belly button is taking really long to heal. I discovered last week that I still had a tiny stitch in there which was probably prolonging the healing. Now that it's out, I am hoping it heals like today! Please be sure to find a doctor or a spa that can remove all your stitches because it can really slow down the process.
Also, the Rosa Moqueta oil I had mentioned before, is amazing! The very first day I put it on, it flattened my scar even more and it lightened it a bit. I just started using it last week and will continue to do so; I'm sure it will do some more wonders. Will definitely post some more pictures of my scar once it's a little bit lighter. The spa in New York also sells this oil for $30 but it's not always available so I would really recommend buying it before coming back to the US.


More pics

I am just now beginning to lose the inches around my waist because I had so much swelling on my back (I had Lipo on my back). I swore I had lost like 5 inches when I left the hospital but was disappointed to discover I was the same thanks to the swelling on my back.
Pre op: 31
Post op: 27

I think I look way curvier in person but here are some images. I hope it uploads this time

More pics

Spoke with Yily today

I spoke with Yily today to show her my progress and oh my I love her! She was happy with the images and said I was making good progress...

I haven't disappeared!! Still here guys!!

So it's been about 4 months and I'm still really happy!! Really considering a second round because I want to do my legs and boobs now but my family is making it so difficult... I guess I'll begin planning on my excuse to get out of the country and get it done. Wanted to show you guys my progress...
Dra. Yily De Los Santos

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