Filler/ Hyurandase Disaster - New Jersey

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Had restyline in nasal folds on 2011- looked great...

Had restyline in nasal folds on 2011- looked great. Lost weight so I went back for a touch up 4 months later. The Dr put in juvederm ultra in nasal folds, but let me think it was juvederm (regular) or Restyline. My lower face was overfilled. Ten days later He dissolved with vitrase/widase.

It still felt full so I went back 4 days later. He stuck me many times again with the dissolver. I still looked strange so found a new doctor. He put more dissolver in thinking I had lymphatic blockage. I started to notice the quality Of my skin becoming saggy with folds around my mouth area. My skin felt dry from the inside and tingling and burning was happening on and off. Even my lips were dry and brittle because the enzyme spread around my face. I have holes in area above my upper lip as well as tissue loss in all surrounding areas around my mouth and laugh lines as well as depressions leading up to my upper face even though it was technically injected there. Everything feels hollow and dented and loose.

Sadly, as depressed as I was I went 3 weeks later to a very highly regarded derm as she claimed she could "fix me" that was the answer I was looking for, but not necessarily the answer I needed. She injected me with restyline all over my face as a liquid facelift. I now look weird and freaky and still have obvious folds and sags to bring down my face. Oh, will my skin "grow back?" do I need a facelift at 41 or will that not even help. I realize it will lift my face back up, but what about the volume loss?? Help. I truly feel that my face has melted or is slowly disappearing as I am from the emotional distress, depression, and panick involved with the worst experience of my life??

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