Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift

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Hello all, after stalking this website for weeks...

Hello all, after stalking this website for weeks now I have finally decided to begin my journey to a new body with a full tummy tuck and brazilian butt lift and hopefully some fat grafting to my hips. I actually have always had a nice shape and a nice sized butt, but my last pregnancy left me with fat to cover it all up. No more kids for me!!

My Story
I am a 21 year old college student, a mother of 3 (Dont judge me) and My kids have destroyed my body something terrible. My pre pregnancy weight was always in between 127-140 but I gained over 60 pounds from all of my pregnancies. Even though i went back to my pre pregnancy weight i have always had that saggy belly. The last child i have had just left me at 187 Crazy Right, so i decided to try this hcg diet i heard about on youtube and i must say it is really working. At this rate I am hoping to lose 35+pounds before surgery which I would like to get in early march.

I have a consultation on the 26 of this month with Dr joseph alkon and I am super excited. I have been trying to convince my fiancé to let me go to the Dominican Republic to dr yily because I know she can give me the body I want but he won't let me go alone. Maybe I can get somebody to go with me. I was wondering how long would I have to day in dr after surgery? if its more than 5 days i know i wont Be able to go to her. I Will up date soon.

Ok so I went to a few consultations this week and...

Ok so I went to a few consultations this week and I could not find anyone who I believe would do a nice job with my brazilian butt lift. I think it is best if i go to DR to get the best results. I received my quote from Dr Robles yesterday but I really want to be on team yily so hopefully she will email me back in the next few days and I can make my flight arrangements.

After weighing out the pros and cons and doing...

After weighing out the pros and cons and doing some intensive research i decided to go with Dr Robles. I did want to go with Dr yily at first but after listening to all of the realself ladies complain about her poor communication and her attitude i realized that i do not want someone to operate on me and i cant even get in touch with them if needed. Also i don't want a rush job because she has 2 or 3 patients i one day. Dr Robles seems like she is really passionate about her work, plus she dose a wonderful job. Her assistant Laura is very nice, she answers all my questions and emails me back within 20 mins every time. I will be booking my flight this weekend and my mommy will be going with me. i want to try and make this almost as a vacation for her so i think we will be stay at Be live in boca chica. I am so excited i cant wait until March 12th im so ready to get this over with.

Hello realself ladies so I decided to go with dr...

Hello realself ladies so I decided to go with dr yily. My mom and fiancé really liked her work better than Robles and I think so to but I was concerned about the communication with dr yily. After calling every other day for a week I finally received a response from dr yily. I do now understand how busy she is with 80-100 emails she gets a day and all the other things she has going on. Although it took a week to get a response from her after that she seems to respond within 3 days which is good. So my date is march 22, 2013 I will be sending my deposit today and purchasing my plane ticket also I will be going alone since my mom and fiancé cannot take off. I will be getting either a tummy tuck, brazilian buttlift, breast augmentation or tt,bbl and extra lipo of arms and inner thigh. I really want to get the tt,bbl,ba done at one time so I don't have to go back but I'm scared to all those procedures done at once. I will determine all that by the end of next week. I started my list and I think I am still missing some stuff, If anyone has had the same procedures done could you please send me a list of things I am missing that i would need I would really appreciate it. So far I have.

Vitamin package
Travel bathroom items
Sanitary wipes
*3 sundresses
*Wife beaters
Feminine Wipes
*wet wipes
*Rubber Gloves
Medical Tape
*Loose pants
Antibacterial soap-
*boppy pillow
rubber bands-1
big water bottle-2
Arnica Cream - For bruising
Bromelain Pills - For swelling
*maxi pads
go girl funnel

So it's official my date is confirmed for march...

So it's official my date is confirmed for march 22, 2013, i think I took someone's date lol. Ladies you best to put your deposit down asap even if its the minimum because she will give your date away which is understandable, cuz some people say they are coming and never show. Im Booking my flight today before it goes back up in price. Thinking of leaving from newark, nj instead of philadelphia because the tickets are cheaper and they have non stop flights. I will also put a post op picture up soon I figured its not fair to post afters and not before pics. I'm so excited and scared at the same time lol, I can wait until this is over.

Ok I am terrified of going to dr yily right now...

Ok I am terrified of going to dr yily right now after reading FebruaryLoves post I think I might go with my first instinct (dr robles). Even though her bbl and sculpting techniques are not as good as yilys I feel safer with Robles and she does a nice job. I would rather take a chance of doing round 2 with Robles than taking a chance on my life. Doing 6 people in 1 day is crazy I don't want no surprises on the day I'm going. I'm booked for the same day with both of them but I'm going to keep a look out on both doctors reviews and ima pray on it tonight. Some people say that girl is lying but I honestly believe her. I know there is a risk with any doctor but not the way she described. If anybody has any experience with either doctors please message me because I really want yily but my gut is saying Robles.

So I think I just went through a panic attack the...

So I think I just went through a panic attack the other day I am still going to dr yily on the 22nd as long as there is no more than 4 ppl getting surgery on the same day. i will call the office and find out. I am just going to stay off this site for a while but I will let you all know how the surgery went and post a few pics. This site has just became very negative lately so most likely I will not be posting anymore when i get back to the states.

Back at it

Hello guys so as you know I was supposed to be a yily doll last March but I had a major set back so I had to put that on hold now I am getting my surgery with Dr alkon. I had an consultation last Monday and it went well so I decided to go with him yayy. Anyway I called to get my surgery schedule for march no later than April 14th, And to my surprise no dates in march available and April was getting booked so she called me back and told me she had February 28th and got me approved for march 21st. I rather get it done sooner than later so I will be getting my surgery done
Friday February 28th. I go Monday for pictures, bloodwork And to talk to the doctor I will let yall know how that goes

pre Opp appointment

I had my pre Opp appointment today and it went good my surgery is Friday at 7:00 am I'm excited now I can't wait. doing some last minute shopping this week and I'll be all set


I went to the store yesterday to get some stuff that I would need. I already had most of the things from before but I'm glad I waited cuz I am more knowledgeable now. People over buy a lot of stuff when all you really need is just pillows, bandages and meds. someone had a great idea to buy a cheap foam mattress and cut a hole where the butt goes. I am just going to get a twin size mattress topper b cuz I'm not paying all that money for something I'm only using for 4 weeks. So i finally found one at Walmart for cheap and I'm going to layer it and cut the butt out so I can sit. I'll post a pic of it when I do it to give a better understanding. 2 more days left i can't wait for this to be over

surgery tomorrow

My surgery is tomorrow and I went from being calm to scared as he'll today, I guess it just hit me that I'm actually doing this. I watched some tummy tuck journey Youtube videos and that calmed my nerves a lil, That and prayer have really helped me alot through this process. I hope I can get some rest tonight I just want it to be over. I will update you probably when I get home wish me luck.

pain and the flat side

So I'm not gonna make this long cuz I'm high off meds and in skme pain but I made it to the sexy side. I got my surgery done Friday around 12:00 and woke up a lil after 5:00 in the afternoon my heart rate was a lil high I think it was bcuz of the lipo medicine so they kept me in recovery until 5 in the morning. My doctor is a real sweetheart he made sure everything was ok b4 he went back home. so you know I will be going back to him when I heal to get a breast lift. I haven't seen my results yet but I glimpse at my stomach and it is flat but swollen And My Back Is Super Swollen So I Really Cant See My Butt Yet. I'll update when I feel better

feeling good

I am feeling real good today pain is to a minimum now im making plans for my birthday on the 19th. I was feeling a lil depressed for a few days as most ppl said I would and I felt like my results were ok but I am very patient bcuz i know its a process. so garnment was way to tight and it stopped the drains from draining so the doctor told me to take it off for a few hours and child when I took my garnment omg I looked at my figure and was like damn swelling and all dr alkon did the damn thing. My husband said wow damn... your shape looks way better without the garnment on so u know it's real lol. Ima put b4 and afters up wen I go to my app or wen i get dressed for my birthday. But if my shape stays like this he I'm sending all my friends to him bcuz I just love my results right now. I knew he could get my stomach flat and a nice regular size ass, but it's far more than what I expected. I was worried about the Dents in my sides and was scared i would look like a square but he filled them in and I have an hourglass shape now.

stretch marks

I wanted to get the carboxy therpy shots for my stretch marks do anybody know how long I have to wait until I can get that done. I heard they work good and my friend goes to a place and gets them done for 40 dollars a session so you know im on board

problems and concerns

So I noticed it was a real soft spot on the side of My tummy and some leakage as well as some smelly puss coming out of my drain site so I called my doctor and sent him pictures and he said it was normal to take the tape off n take a shower so I did. The leakage stopped but The drain is still leaking puss and this smell is everywhere on my body it smells weird. So i left it alone cuz I have an appointment tomorrow but I noticed my stomach was real swollen tight and a lil jiggly so I'm scared i might have seroma god please don't let me have that.

drain free

So I'm drain free finally cuz that thing was working my nerves. So i explained my concerns to my p.s and he found nothing wrong everything I thought was wrong was normal and he told me to relax lol. I do have anexity so I think it was getting the best of me. But I don't know what to expect so if I feel like something is wrong I'm gonna ask n make sure. But everything is good.

mixed feelings

Everyday I feel better and better still can't stand straight almost there. but it's 1 thing that's been bothering me. Up until I was a week n a half post my stomach was flat a lil bit swollen but flat. After that my stomach blew up I look 4 months Pregnant I'm not sure wat happened. I told my ps at my appointment and he said it was just swollen because of gravity but I don't think it's supposed to be this puffy and I wear my garment and board all day everyday. I see him Monday and I will express my concerns again but I'm not liking how this is looking right now. I hope it goes down by then cuz if not I'm going to get a second opinion. I know swelling is apart of the process but not like this.

getting better

Hey yall so I am feeling about 70% better and let me tell u I thought i was mentally prepared for this surgery boy was I wrong. I just started standing straight up yesterday yes yesterday. I heard that it was a good thing and your ps did a good job. I finally got back in my bed today as I was sleeping on the couch since surgery bcuz i couldn't sleep comfortable in my high bed. But anyway I did a lil house Work today and i was exhausted after that this getting your strength back is the worst. I'm starting my scar treatment this week n my massages I had to get a note from my doctor b4 I could get my message done.


I went out on my birthday March 19th bent over and all and I must say I had a ball. I looked good I felt good well almost n my hotel suite was everything we are going back in April so this time we can really turn up lol. I did a lot of walking the day of n b4 so they had to get me a wheelchair cuz I couldn't walk any more lol but I still had fun. Hopefully I can go back to work next week cuz I have a wedding to pay 4 and we're moving.

My butt is starting to poke out, every time my fiance messages me the swelling goes down a lil n I'm starting to take shape. I was scared that my butt was gonna look the same but I was wrong that thing is getting fat lol. I had to get a new garment i got a faja on ebay n I love it. It has 4 rows of hooks I'm on the 2nd so wen it gets lose I can adjust it. Got it from eBay $74 2 day shipping.

1st week home

New garment

be pic


I'm not gonna put up to many pics cuz I heard about ppl stealing pics n calling out ppl who had surgery so im only gonna put up 2 more with my garnment off and my final result. I was gonna put up my birthday pics but nah I'm not gonna do that. I don't really have b4 pictures bcuz i couldn't stand my body but u can see how much better I feel.

Back gain

hello everyone i know it has been a while a year since ive had my surgery but everything went well. i probably started to feel normal again around october 2014 which i wasnt prepared for but it was worth it. The dr actually did a good job i look 80 times better than i did before. The only issue i have is their is a slight buldge above my belly button nothing crazy that makes me look pregnant i just dont like it at all. I was supposed to go to the office to talk to him about it but it hard for me to get there as its 1 1/2 from me and his office is only open like 3 days a week. Plus they want to charge me a consultation fee again to see him ha i will not. Anyway I like my results but I want more of an hourglass shape i dont like the side dents on my butt and hip area it makes me look square when wearing certain things. So im currently looking for a doctor to do a round 2 of lipo and bbl and breast lift with implants. I found doctors in miami who have some nice reviews and awesome prices 4000 for full lipo, bbl and 3500 for breast lift and implants. Im trying to see if they will be cheaper if done at the same time bcuz i do not want anymore surgeries after this. Im moving to the south and getting married in august so i am fine with traveling to miami to get this done. I want to get this done in February of 2016 because of all the things i have going on the end of this year. if i can pay it off later this year i will get it done then.

quotes for bbl/bl with implants

So I'm trying to get quotes from doctors in DR and in Florida. I got a quote from a place in Florida 4000 for breast lift and 4000 for bbl but they don't don't do them at the same time and that's what I want. I got a quote from dr Baez she said 3300 for bbl and 3300 for bl with implants. Is it me or is the prices in DR getting a lil out of hand especially since everyone profile I looked up quote was 5500 and under for 2 procedures. After spending close to 9000 for surgery flight, hotel, food and extras I mind as well stay in the US it will save me some money. So now I'm waiting for Duran to send me a quote I was told to call Friday to get a response so that's what I'm going to do. If her price is bizarre as well I will be going to Florida to get it done. At least Robles quote for 6000 included trans and recovery house. I will see where I decided to go.


I got a quote from Dra Fatima and I like her price its 5600 for bbl/bl with implant includes recovery house for 10 days. Its between her and Duran but i have time to decide since im going in December. I will call Duran tomorrow and hopefully she gives me a quote and ill compare the two and put a deposit down. Duran does nice asses and hips and fatima gives natural shapes which i dont mind since i had a bbl before and already have some action back there. My only concern is the dents in my hips I hate them it makes me look square and i just need to find the best doctor to fix the problem without my hips looking super wide or the same. hope i can find a buddy in the process
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