Petite and Worried! - Please Help - New Jersey

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Hi everyone, so after reading endless reviwes and...

Hi everyone, so after reading endless reviwes and articles on this "zeltiq" procedure i decided to take the plundge and do it. A little about me : im 5 ft 110 lbs and i go to the gym 3-5 times a week. I want to get this done because i have those stubborn love handles that no matter what i do wont go away and i also have a little pooch in the front with the same problem.

When i went for my consultation the dr. was concerned i didnt have enough fat for the suction on my pooch and i read another reviewers comment (also petite female ) and she said the machine kept sliding off and they had to restart several times and now she has major pains in the area which makes me worried. My love handles i was told was fine but i am now worries about my pooch area. Has anyone had experience of what im talking about and if so what happened during? post? how are you healing? This is a lot of money to spend on something and i want to make sure its done right.

I also had the idea of sitting hunched over while they did the procedure ( because thats when your pooch really hangs out ). Also i am a mixed race and i have darker skin - the dr told me i should start using lighting cream to avoid discoloration? Although i am told there should only be busing im not sure if thats a god idea or not.... PLEASE HELP :(

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