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I did it. What did I wait for? I've wanted one for...

I did it. What did I wait for? I've wanted one for 25 years, and finally did Breast Reduction, after so much back pain. I'm 47 years old, 5 feet tall, weigh 112, and was a 36 DDD. I am now a B/C, not really sure yet. They are lovely! First two days post op were good, but day three I had a reaction to the Percocet, horrible migraine, and nausea. Got off that FAST!! Day four was the winner. Took a shower, changed my gauze, had minimal oozing, and just a little black and blue...and yellow. Day 5 I have some pain on the under side of my breasts, and a little bleeding on the nipple, but nothing horrible. My big distraction is not being able to sleep elevated. It hurts my tush! My tush is actually black and blue. I must be sleeping on my coxac bone!! I want to sleep flat and can't wait. I have my post op tomorrow. Excited to make sure everything is healing properly, I must say I do get a little nervous with every tingle and pain, that something is wrong. Already my back feels better. Already I feel lighter. I am so happy I did this. Cannot believe I waited until now. I'm a petite person. This is just the best thing I've ever done. I cannot wait to go shopping. A cute bra? A little cami? A strapless dress without a rediculous cup o soup strapless bra????? OMG!!!! I can't wait!!!!!! Thank you to everyone on this site, for all the help through it all. If you are considering it for a minute, do it. My life, since I was 16, has been defined by my large breasts. What should I wear? What CAN I wear? Can you see my cleavage? Oh, that's what's sticking out? Oh, can't wear a button down shirt because of the peephole through the buttons. Oh, I'm two sizes when wearing a dress? Small on bottom and rediculous on top? yes, rediculous was a size to me. :(. Now, I think I am dreaming. The nightmare is over. I can breathe........:) I will post pictures soon.....

Post op day 7!

Bought two new sports bras- both close in the front and are super comfortable, also give me loads of confidence after being in the surgicAl bra.

Sports Bras!

I found two great ones. Champion and Jockey make ones that close in the front. The jockey one is all soft cotton, so it's nice to sleep in. The champion one is a little tighter, so maybe during the day for this one, but still comfy and looks nice. Very sporty and pretty. I finally am sleeping on my back. Thank goodness, so much more comfortable. :)

Back Pain

I wanted to mention how my severe back and neck pain in gone, which of course is a huge reason to also recommend getting this done. I have been walking around this morning with amazing posture, and no lower back and neck pain to speak of! Huge win!!!!

Sleep Problems! Help!?!

7 days post op and I'm not sleeping. :(. First off, I don't know if my bra should be tighter or looser. It seems ok, somewhere in the middle. And during the day I feel great. At night, I feel my sports bra tugging at my scars. I wake up seating, probably from the material. Any suggestions, ladies? I need sleep!!

Great Sports Bras!

Sleeping has been an issue. I'm itchy, my scars hurt, my bras are not breathing and I get hot!! I found a bra that is 95 percent cotton (the rest are all spandex and polyester). It's fruit of the loom, front closure. You can buy those at Walmart for like 10 dollars. It's perfect. The second one I like is Danskin front closure. Also purchased at Walmart for 15 bucks. I wear this one during the day. It has a little more support, and feels great. Whew. Glad I found some bras. It was sports bra hell there for a few days!!!

Walking improves my mood!

Ok, why am I hungry ALL the time, since my surgery a week ago? I consume way more calories than I did before. Geez! Cannot wait to feel like myself. :(. I did start walking two days ago and track my steps daily, have increased them everyday just a little. I wear two bras and go really slow, but it does make me feel better. I throw my music on, and just go. By the end of the day I AM TIRED. So, I think that is why I am eating more? Or...does it have something to do with the surgery??

Cami Underneath Sports Bras

I am obsessed with finding the comfortable sports bra to wear at night. Let me tell you, they all dig into your sutures, they all make you sweat to some degree, and nothing is great. So, last night, thanks to someone else on here advising me, I slept with my cami underneath the sportsbra. It was better. It was good! Uh, a major improvement. :)

Day 11 post op

I have some emotional ups and downs. I think it's from the lack of sleep. I wish someone would have some advice for me. Sleeping is so hard. :(. During the day, I have to be careful not to do too much. I fear I will rip an incision, or pull something. One minute I am so happy, the next I'm sad, or tired, or angry. What is with the moodiness?? The sportsbra issue is not helping. I have purchased more sports bras in hopes to find one that does not rub up against my incisions. The lastest is the Marena Bra 2B. 2 B for 2 inch band on the bottom so it doesn't rub up against your incisions. Here is the latest review on sports bras... (All front closures, all I like, but have to hange them often for different reasons.)
Jockey: softest, best for sleeping. Not enough support for during the day. Band is farthest from incisions, which is great!
Danskin: Really nice support, cheap (Walmart) and pretty! Great and pink. Love it sticking out from my Cami.
Champion: Best support. But sitting right on those incisions. So good for when I take a stroll, and for a while, but not to sleep. I might wear this later again when I work out. Awesome support.
Fruit of the Loom: (Walmart) Great price, but sitting on the incisions. Only one I could find that was 95 percent cotton. So That is major, soft, and breathable.
Marena: Will let you know! Just ordered them.

Some More Pictures

Took A few pics on Day 11. My swelling is going down on the side. I do believe this is where the majority of my pains and twangs have been. The icing and using extra padding over there has helped. Today I feel really good. :)

Danskin sports bra

For anyone looking for sports bras(I know I'm a little obsessed) here is a photo of the danskin one I purchased at Walmart. Very comfy. Not terrible on the incisions. And, a's pretty!


Thought I would post a Before pic.

2 weeks post op

Today, they are swollen, and my incisions hurt. :(. I think I may have overdone it the past few days. I iced them, and am wearing my most supportive bra. Can't seem to wait for the swelling to subside. I just can't wait! The temptation to try on a bra was too strong, so I did today. Went to VS, and tried on their famous tshirt bra (no underwire) The 34 C was a little loose, But looked so nice. I tried the 34B on. That wasn't too bad either, but tighter and I didn't want to pull on the incisions. I get nervous over every little tug. I have NEVER been able to purchase one bra from VS in my life. They never had anything that remotely fit or looked good. This was the big deal about today. I have tears in my eyes. I can just walk into VS and buy a bra off the rack?? Such a wonderful feeling. :)

VS T-shirt bra

Never could fit into anything in this store!! So fun!!

Second Round Sports Bras

My suggestion is to get to sizes of sports bras, because your swelling with decrease, and they will be too loose. So, now I am comfortably in the second size (Medium or 34) of the Danskin (daytime), and medium of the Jockey (nighttime). And as a followup to the Marena, it wasn't for me. I prefer something softer and with at least a little cotton. But, to each her own! :)

3 week appointment

My surgeon removed the surgistrips today. I am really sore after that in one spot on the side. Feels the same as the first few days. I guess by taking off the strips it is a little raw. Oh well. Overall, doing very well. Feeling good.:)

5 week Mark

A few days away from the 5 week Mark. Back at work, walking and stationery bike, doing pretty good. I did manage to scratch a scab off and now it's looking a little red . Also, after a day of work I am really exhausted, and sore. Still swollen, but much more at the end of the work day. I really only experience soreness on the farthest side of the incision. I can't wait to go bra shopping soon.

6 Week Post

I am anxiously waiting to go from sports bras to regular bras. My doc says 12 weeks, so I am at the half way mark. I did wear a bandeau bra for an event a few days ago, for the entire day. I was really sore for a few days after. So, I will listen to doc and wait. I still get sore but it is better everyday! Best thing I ever did. Have not had any back pain, not even once!!!! :).

7 weeks!!

No more soreness. It's gone! I don't come home from work anymore and need to ice, or rest. All the tape has finally fallen off. I don't know if anyone else had that, where the tape was so stuck I could not get it off. Took a full seven weeks to come off! I have been cheating and every now and then wearing a soft cup bra or bandeau. The sports bras are just getting so old. It's sort of been my theme here. The dreaded sports bra!! Haha. The swelling is still there but not as bad.

8 week

Is anyone else wearing bras now and stopped with the sports bras?? I feel great at 8 weeks, but I still want to be careful.. I bought a bunch of wireless bras from target (Hanes) super comfy and nice, but obviously not the same support as a sports bra.

More Bra shopping!

So, I'm feeling great, things are good. But, I seriously need some good non underwire bras, that do not function as a bralette. Who's got one they love?
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