Reduction & Lift After Pregnancy - Perfect Results, Could Not Be Happier!!

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I had twins 6 months ago and being pregnant just...

I had twins 6 months ago and being pregnant just destroyed my breasts. Before pregnancy they were a "perfect shape and height," however my breasts became huge as soon as I became pregnant causing them to sag considerably. The excessive sagging was making me very,very uncomfortable, the skin was so stretched out that I couldn't even find a bra that would fit me correctly, my breasts were actually coming out of my sports bra when I walked. Plus the excessive weight was hurting my neck, back and causing irritation underneath my breasts. My breasts looked and felt awful. I was very embarassed of how they looked. I am only 28 years old and I felt like I had breasts of a much much older woman.

I met with a few Plastic Surgeons, a few of them stated they would do a lift and place large implants in. Then I finally found a surgeon I was comfortable with and felt confident in his plan. He stated what I really needed was a lift and reduction NOT implants. He said putting implants in very saggy breasts would only cause them to sag more because of the weight of the implant.

So I decided on a lift and reduction and I honestly could not be happier with the results. I am amzed with the results actually. Granted my surgery was only a few days ago, so far my breasts look even better than they did before I became pregnant. The height is perfect, they are so perky and the shape is wonderful. I am so glad I decided against the implant because they are perfect in my mind. Plus implants come with so many more risks and you have to have more surgeries in about 8 years to have them replaced.

I highly recommend having a lift/reduction if you are too saggy. Just find a Dr. who you feel comfortable with, keep looking for other Dr.'s if they don't spend a lot of time with you in your consultation and you don't feel confident in their plan. It is so important for you to feel comfortable with your Dr. and believe me there are a lot of Plastic Surgeons who think they are too good for their own shoes.

If you have really saggy breasts I recommend not having implants, the lift and reduction will take care of all the sagging and they will be very perky. I am amazed with my results! I am about 3 days post op and the pain is finally starting to subside. The first 2 days were awful but the percocet takes the edge off and in my opinion it's worth the pain. Can't wait to see what they look like in a month! Will update then...
Voorhees Plastic Surgeon

Spent so much time talking to me- at least an hour in the initial consultation, office staff was very accomodating, Dr. did not try to sell the implants, stated results would be better without implants. Dr. is very honest and caring. Board certified of course, a lot of experience. Trusted this Dr. more than any other Dr. I consulted with.

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