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This week is my birthday so I will be saying HELLO...

This week is my birthday so I will be saying HELLO to age 38!!! And in less than thirty days I will be saying GOODBYE to my 38G boobs!! SEE YA!!

My surgery is scheduled for July 20th and I couldn't be more excited. I found this site about 2 weeks ago and have been lurking and randomly asking questions and finally decided to post. Well I thought I posted already, but I'm not sure what happened to it. I hope this one makes it!!

My Past......I have always had full breasts without issue. I went from a rib cage and nipples to a Show Stopping C cup the summer before 9th grade. Hello High School!! By age 25, I was a D cup. Fast forward to some medical issues at age 29 that led me to aggressive medication, which caused fast excessive weight gain and prevented me from physical activity. HUGE increase in weight and in the size of the girls!!!

About 3 months ago, I decided while sitting at a red light that I was over the pain. Neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, shooting pain, throbbing pain, all of it!!! Shout out to my Chiropractor(love him) and my Acupuncturist(love her) for helping me cope. Yes I have tried and swear by both, but this problem is bigger than the services they provide.

Finding my PS.....After deciding to go forward with the BR. I searched PS in my health insurance plan and narrowed it down to 3 who "felt" right after some internet research. I spoke with a good friend who had a BR about 5 years ago and also a friend of a friend who recently had reconstruction done after kicking Breast Cancer in the azz. (Go Girl!) I also spoke with my Primary Care Doc(who was totally against BR) and he recommended a PS. Turns out who he suggested, who performed the reconstruction, and who I "clicked" with upon first look via internet are the same doctor.

Fast forward....I had my initial consult, was told I needed letters to submit to insurance, got my Prim doc and Chiro to write those. Submitted letters and pics and was approved 3 weeks later. Seems fast right? Wrong was about 3 months. Which isn't too bad, but was frustrating because the delay was the wait to actually get appointments with the PS. That is one thing that I don't really like about his office. Things I could have been told over the phone I waited a month to hear in person at an appointment. (Still mad about that) However seems like once I was approved, they can't do enough for me. Gave me a July surgery date to accommodate a possible change in my coverage so I won't have to go through the approval process again. I'm just yapping. LOL. But basically that is my story and I'm SUPER excited and a tiny bit nervous. I am hoping to go to a full C up. I have no fear of being too small, I am however nervous about not being small enough. Also about the "grow back" possibility that I continue to hear about. I know 3 people who have had BR who have all increased in size over the years since their BR. So I'm thinking if I'm a C and they "grow back" to a D I will still be ok. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank goodness I found this site!!!!

Lastly...this weekend I bagged up all but 2 of my bras and got rid of them!! DONE!!!

Its July 1st...and that means its officially my BR...

Its July 1st...and that means its officially my BR month!! So excited that I don't know what to do. July 20th I can't wait!!!

Went out for a night on the town with my girlfriends to celebrate my birthday over the weekend. Thanks to a great group of friends once the girls are all healed I won't have to worry about purchasing new bras! More Victoria's Secret gift cards than I know what to do with. Its really good to have support from friends and from people who have gone and are going through the same thing!!

I love this site SO much......official countdown....

Tomorrow will be TWO weeks till my surgery date...

Tomorrow will be TWO weeks till my surgery date and my excitement level dropped alot today. Not sure why.

A good friend of mine asked me this morning if I was "mentally prepared" for the surgery, recovery, and new self image. HUH?

Uhhhh yeah I am. Fast forward to me going to the shop my PS office suggested to get a bra for post opt and seeing the girls in a 3 way mirror with stadium lighting in the fitting room.

I have had these girls for years. I have a love/hate relationship with them, so I felt a little funny about seeing them and knowing shortly they will be gone/different.

Needless to say, I didn't buy the bra. Silly I know. Good thing the shop is really close. Will go back next week.

Less than a week away and I'm super excited....

Less than a week away and I'm super excited.

Had my post op appointment 2 days ago. I find it ironic that they give you a list of things you can NOT do for 2 weeks, 3 weeks, even a month prior to surgery. But I JUST had the appointment a week before the surgery. Shouldn't I have gotten this info earlier?? Lucky for me, I have this site and was already aware of some of the do's and don'ts.

Just six more days until surgery and 3 more days of work. YIPEE. I know being off from work for surgery is not a vacay, but its close enough.

I will spend this week doing last minute things. Keeping busy so I don't go nuts.

FOUR MORE DAAAAAYSSS!!!!! Yipeeee I'm starting to...

FOUR MORE DAAAAAYSSS!!!!! Yipeeee I'm starting to get excited. Well I've been excited. But I'm REALLY excited today.

I went to Walmart to buy some sports bras to wear to substitute the compression bras and I had NO clue what size bra to get.

There was a woman looking for a sports bra and I offered to help her look for her size. She said "I'm a 36DD, but I squeeeeze into a D" I actually looked at her with sympathy and sadness and said "I know what u mean" and then it clicked for me, that I would no longer have that issue and I started to laugh to myself. She she DEFINITELY thought I was nuts. She grabbed her bras and zoomed away with her cart.

Bye lady...and good bye big boobs!!! 4 days and counting. And only 2 days left of work. Being off from work alone is worth it. The new boobs are the bonus!!!!

THREE MORE DAAAAYS!!! Well technically its THREE...

THREE MORE DAAAAYS!!! Well technically its THREE more nights before I wake up to surgery day.

Reminds me of when I was little. I never counted the days until Christmas or a Birthday or Vacay or whatever. I always counted the nights. How many more times I had to go to sleep before it was the day of. So I have to go to sleep THREE more times before surgery day. LOOOL

Another day has past and I haven't done a darn thing (besides grin) to prepare for surgery. I am the person who the day before a trip is up most of the night packing and eating green twizzlers and then sleeps briefly and then up and ready to roll. Clearly this will be another such incident, but minus the twizzlers since I can't eat.

My boss was a pain in the azz today about when I'd be out and when I'd be back and what I'd be missing. Uhhh who cares, leave me alone, beat it!!! I'm getting a new rack. I could care less about anything you are talking about right now.

I'm FOCUSED!!!!!!

TWOOOO MORRE DAAAAYSSS!!! I have to go to sleep...


I have to go to sleep TWO more times before surgery. Today was my last day at work and they DEF got their monies worth out of me today!!! UGGHH. Guess they figured they would work me hard before I'm out! But that's ok. Its behind me now.

Tomorrow I have all day to "prepare" for surgery. Initially I thought that would involve compression bras and organizing things. But I'm more of a mani/pedi type of girl. Soo I think tomorrow I will treat myself to a mani/pedi so that I look extra cute on surgery day to welcome my new duo to the party. I know..shallow and ridiculous, but its my party. I can do what I want. HAHAHA

The few people I have told are asking if I'm nervous and NOPE. Not at all. I'm FOCUSED and ready!!!

Happy Healing and Breast Wishes to those on their mission.

Down to hours now!! ONE more night of sleep and...

Down to hours now!! ONE more night of sleep and I'll be on my way to surgery!!

Not nervous at all. Actually very excited and looking forward to being on the recovery side of things.

Just a few more things to do to make me officially tired then a shower and bed!

Happy Healing to me and all scheduled for tomorrow!

Gooood Morning!!! Today is officially surgery...

Gooood Morning!!!

Today is officially surgery day and im EXHAUSTED!!!

I wandered around last night until a little after 3am doing some of everything around the house.

After deciding to go to sleep, i tossed and turned till about 5am and now I'm back up a little before 6am.

I feel pretty calm, I'm just ready to get going already!

Happy healing to all!

Hi. I'm a Rockstar!!! Surgery was pretty fast....

Hi. I'm a Rockstar!!!

Surgery was pretty fast. Spent a long time in recovery!

The pain was beyond bad!

Had cake and ginger ale after pain calmed down!

Home by 7 pm. Had spaghetti and a percocet.

Will update with details asap.

Hope everyone is well!!!

I'm officially 4 days post op as of today. I...

I'm officially 4 days post op as of today. I haven't updated my profile, just a few comments here/there on my favorite board..JULY girls.

So rewind to Thursday night, day before surgery. Very little sleep, but wasn't nervous, I was just ready to get going already. SO over the waiting of it all.

Friday am..didn't sleep much so I was wide awake and ready even before my alarm clock went off. Had to be at the hospital at 8am for 10 am surgery.

Upon arrival, I realized that CM hospital is a dusty ass facility. I have only been there once before years ago to visit someone. Its an older hospital, but the staff was above and beyond great from the guy in the parking garage all the way to the nursing staff and more. Clearly the insurance co picks this hospital b/c its cheaper to have procedures there than the neighboring ones.

From the time I arrived, everything is smooth, check in, pee in a cup, change into a low budget cotton gown, answer the same questions 45 times, and wait for my PS to arrive. Once he does arrive he spends a few minutes with me, takes pictures, draws a map on my chest that I guess tells him where things should be instead of where they are. The patient behind the curtain next to us adds her 2 cents in about which of her boobs is bigger(left one). Nobody asked her, but clearly me/PS are talking too loud, so she decided to join in. LOOL.

Next I'm off to the surgery room. Had met the anesthesiologist and one of the nurses during the question/answer portion already. They were in there waiting along with a pharmacy student. Why is there a pharmacy student here watching a BR? Not sure, but she was BEYOND excited to watch, asked me if it was ok. Uhhh what the hell do I care, knock urself out, I'll be asleep.

Now its MY turn to ask questions. Did everybody wash their hands? Did everybody have a good nite sleep and healthy breakfast? Anybody fighting with their spouses? I need to know we are alllll in a good place!!! Few jokes later and its lights out for me. LOVE anesthesia (don't judge me)

THEN the foolishness.....I wake up to pain that I can't even explain. Normally I have a very high tolerance for pain, so this pain was confusing and scary b/c I just don't feel pain like that. My blood pressure and heart rate are both elevated. I'm guessing b/c of the pain levels. The nurse finally stopped bullshitting with the meds and breaks out the morphine(per docs instructions) to help me with the pain. Then alllll is well with the world.

Now I'm in recovery(4 hours total), feeling like the Rock Star that I am, eating cake, drinking ginger ale and chilling. Sorta forgot I had my boobs done, didn't even ask how much was removed or even notice how small there were at the time.

Once I'm released, I'm home, and comfy, and all is well.

SATURDAY....long story short, I did waaaaay too much. I had friends come up from about 45 minutes away. I did alot of laughing and shucking and reaching and pointing and anything else you probably shouldn't be doing. After hours of them being here, I take a perc, and go to bed. Tired, but I seem ok.

SUNDAY.....F*uck MY LIFE!!! I can't move, I can't breathe, I can't move OR breathe!!! I wake up and all is NOT well with the world. Clearly I over did it the day prior and now I must pay!!!! Everything hurts. I can't even pinpoint where the pain is cuz EVERYTHING hurts. I spend all day Sunday in bed, taking pills and cursing!! I had one visitor, my cousin/bff who found joy in telling me how she told me to take it easy and how I don't listen and now I must pay. (seriously...i need this now?)

SUNDAY...late day....pain has leveled out and is manageable, and I take a good look at myself and realized, I have small boobs!! YESSSS YESSS YESSSSS!!!!!! 3 post op....I planned to spend my... 3 post op....I planned to spend my entire day resting. Clearly doing too much on Saturday(day 1 p/o) wasn't smart. And resting on Sunday(day 2 p/o) is what I needed.

Well, doesn't matter what plans you have, when other folks have their own plans. A good friend of mine stopped by, but only stayed a few minutes, that was fine. But then my aunt shows up. And literally stays for HOURS. I mean HOURS. We talked and laughed and ate and watched movies, etc. Was it complete rest? NO. But I was in bed most of the time, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Now she is gone, I'm home alone and my tummy hurts SO bad. I really really really REALLY need to go. I had been taking the stool softeners every time I took a pain pill. I would usually just do aloe vera juice daily, but decided to go with the stool softeners instead.

I was thinking up until this point, maybe I didn't have enough food in me to actually go, or the pain pills just had me that bound up. Who knows, but this was becoming an issue.

FINALLLLLLLLY late last night I was able to go. Maybe this is too much info, but I felt the need to share just how much better I did feel once I did go. LOL

TUESDAY....( 4 p/o) I woke up this am and I am SO sore. I'm guessing its the area where the lipo was done. The brastrap area. Its super sore and tender, especially under the right arm. I'm guessing b/c when I get in/out of bed I mainly use this side to do the pushing and balancing. I really don't know.

Also my left side between my neck and shoulder the top like where my brastrap used to sit. SO sore.

DRAINS.....I'm not making much fluid in either of the drains since day one. 11cc was the most collected at one time and that was on Sat am. If I pushed it, I could probably get them out today, but I'm going to keep my scheduled Thursday f/u appointment.

Today I plan to relax, relax, and relax.

P.S. Little titties are super itchy!!!!

Sooo. I just took a shower and saw my boobs for...

Sooo. I just took a shower and saw my boobs for the first time. I have one words. YIKES!!!!


First of all, these are some little aggressive boobs!!!

I took the bra off and there was alot of gauze still stuck to the scar at the bottom so I got in the shower with the gauze still attached and let them get wet before I peeled them off. The shower was very refreshing. The right drain hurts alot when it is just hanging so I had to pretty much hold that one in my hand the entire shower.

Once I was done, I got out and instantly knew there was a problem. Apparently the gauze was attached more than I thought, so when I pulled it off, I also pulled some skin off too. There is a raw spot right where the stitches are on the bottom of the left breast. Sigh. So I dried off, put neosporin on it, covered back up with gauze and I'm back in the surgical bra.

I SO hope this doesn't turn into an issue. I hope it just scabs and heals and that's all.

Follow up in 2 days, and I'm look forward to it.

ONE week and ONE day post op. Had follow up...

ONE week and ONE day post op.

Had follow up appointment on Thursday, 2 days ago. All went well. PS seemed please with progress so far.

Having the drains removed was painful, but it was quick so it wasn't too bad. He took some stitches out. That was more painful that I thought it would be, but also quick. PS said most of the stitches will dissolve.

He didn't seem very concerned about that open skin I pulled off earlier this week in the shower. Little neosporin and keep an eye on it.

There is glue on areas of the nipple which makes it hard to tell exactly whats what. I will keep an eye on that to make sure nothing weird happens.

So far, I'm still super sore, but happy overall.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Today is the TWO week post op. Mostly taking it...

Today is the TWO week post op. Mostly taking it easy.

Overall I'm feeling pretty good. Still super super sore in the areas where he did lipo under the arms. Also very swollen there too.

Have had ALOT of peeling, which started a few days ago.

Going to try the micropore tape that some of the ladies suggested for scars.

Hope everyone is doing well.

2 weeks and 4 days today and my tits...

2 weeks and 4 days today and my tits HURT!!!!!!!

Drove today and now I'm mad as sin at the pain i'm in!!!


Today I am 3 weeks and 3 days post op. Sigh. Oh...

Today I am 3 weeks and 3 days post op. Sigh. Oh the ups and downs and ups and downs of a breast reduction.

Problems.......My nipples are still super sore. I mean they have always been sensitive but this surgery has just made them aggressive and angry LOL!!! I'm still sore in the areas under my arms where the lipo was done, but def not as sore as I have been. And I have an area on my right nipple where the nipple meets the incision that is open.

Solutions....I have been putting antibac ointment and 3m tape on the issues of the incision and it is healing really well. The opening in the last 6 days has just about completely closed and I'm happy about that. I'm sucking it up as much as possible with the soreness. Its part of the process and the aggressive nipples...well I don't know the solution to that just yet. LOL

I have my 2nd post op appointment on Thursday. Even with the issues, this surgery remains a great decision and my boobs look F'n phenomenal!!!!!!!

Okkkayyy. So its been five weeks and 2 day since...

Okkkayyy. So its been five weeks and 2 day since my surgery and I am happy with my results so far. Very happy.

At my 2nd post op about a week and a half ago things went fairly well overall. PS is happy with my results. There were minor issues.

My right nipple hadn't been healing as fast as the left one. Turns out there was a pocket of fluid behind one of the stitches that didn't seem to want to dissolve. PS removed the stitch and whoa....tons of fluid ran out. TONS!!!!!! He even said whoa to that!

My left nipple also had a stitch that seems as if it didn't want to dissolve, PS removed that.

So I left his office with a small opening under the left that had been slow to heal and a larger one under the right where the fluid was that was very slow to heal.

As of today, the left opening has completely closed and the right one although there is still an opening, it is smaller daily and seems to be well on its way to completely closing.

Pain level is pretty much gone. Have had a few time where I had a busy day and felt sore, but nothing major. The biggest pain remains the area that was lip'd in the armpit area.

Tomorrow is my first day back at work. NOT looking forward to it AT ALL!! Have gotten completely lazy watching foolishness on tv and enjoying the sunshine!! I wonder if anyone at my job will say anything. They have no idea about the surgery! We shall see.

I saw 2 girlfriends at a gathering yesterday. They are more like friends of friends and I only see them maybe twice a year. Neither know or said a word. Could be the wine that made them not notice. HAHA

Hope all you ladies area doing well!

SIX weeks FOUR days..... So my boobs look...

SIX weeks FOUR days.....

So my boobs look really good and I feel really good overall, with little issue. I still had the small opening on the right nipple area and continued to put neosporin on it daily. As of about 2 days ago, its closed but still a little discolored.

As far as the scars, overall I'm really pleased with the scars. I hadn't put anything on the scars prior to this week b/c I still had the small openings, but since they were closed, I'm was ready to start that part of the journey.

So I started applying the Scar cream and had a complete allergic reaction. My entire chest was covered with hives. Sooooooo now I'm going to purchase a different brand and see how that works.

I'm back to work and I got a few "oh you look like you lost a few pounds" I did-Thanks!!

This was a GREAT decision and I'm SO glad I did it!!!!!

Oh yeah....did I mention the itching?? I have been...

Oh yeah....did I mention the itching?? I have been popping Benadryl like M&M's!!! Ughhhhh.....
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