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I've wanted a br for a very long time, in fact...

I've wanted a br for a very long time, in fact when I announced my pregnancy in 2000 I said guess what - I'm this much closer to getting a br. Well, 12 years later and now its time. Have had lots of problems with my shoulders and neck since probably before 2000. I seriously considered br in 2001-2. Saw a few drs, had PT, injections, and taken anti-inflammatories. Mild relief, but still have symptoms which get worse depending on activity - long drives, carrying stuff on my shoulders, excessive computer time, etc. With changes in jobs, etc, it was just never the right time. I decided to really look into it again a few months ago - my daughters bat mitzvah is in June and I want to have this done and some healing completed by January so I can dress shop. The other reason I've always put this off is to lose weight. Well I have and then I have regained, etc. So I was thankful that wasn't a requirement.

I saw the surgeon in early August, got approved 9-14, had my medical clearance appt 9-25, and my pre-op today. I'm scheduled for 10/5. I'm going to definitely take off a week, and then work the 2nd week from home as I can. Will play it by ear and see how I feel.

I asked a bunch of questions today, and am a bit anxious by some of the answers based on what I have read here. For instance he said he would take about 900 g, I think that was total or maybe in each? i can't remember. And then I asked how long the procedure would be and he said 1 1/2 hrs. It seems that most, if not all, of you how much longer surgeries. Is that because he is sloppy? I asked about lipo, but I didn't write down his answer so i don't remember (but thats not going to make/break my decision anyway). And I asked about the post-surgical bra thing. He said I'd be in the surgical bra for 48 hrs and then switch to a sports bra. I asked about size for that, and he suggested waiting until after surgery to get those so I know what size. I'm just ordering / getting a few different sizes so I have something to at least change into. I can shower after 48 hrs so I am happy about that.

He did take his time and answer my questions today, saw my list and I actually think got a laugh out of the fact that I had a typed list but said many people ask much more. He didn't examine me but said he would do the drawings the day of surgery. The one thing I found interesting was his explanation of the procedure he uses and how a "keyhole" drawing becomes the anchor when the surgery is complete. Anyway, it was in reference to a paper/research he had done.

So hopefully things will go smoothly. I'm concerned about the size (which we haven't spent that much time on but he seemed in line with what I was thinking. I will reiterate as he is drawing that I want to be small and not have these big round things), abut the length of surgery (I'm glad it will be on the shorter side, but will it all be ok), and just the general recovery and feelings that many of you have experienced during the initial few weeks after.

So a few more details - I'm 48 yo, 5'7, 215 lbs (the heaviest I've been, embarrassed about it, hoping that my stomach will not stick out too much further than my boobs, and am hoping to get down to 165 once again) and a 40GG. I believe our joint goal is large C, small D.

I got the surgeon from a friend who had used him and was very happy with him. Her neighbor's friend also used him. So he was recommended.


Just got word from the surgeon - 3 weeks no...

Just got word from the surgeon - 3 weeks no aerobic exercise - back to full program at 6 weeks. This weekend will be another shopping / getting ready. I told my husband/kids that we have to clean the basement (its finished) in preparation as I am not 100% sure where I will be hanging out. Can't believe that in 1 more week I will be at the hospital having my procedure.

I've also told my friends that I do not want any visitors for the first few days. I'll have to reiterate that because I know a few of my friends are anxious for me.

Also, I asked my Dr about my out of pocket expenses - looks like he will be ok as long as they "pay him well". Whatever. I know they will cover 70% and I'll pay the rest of my deductible (hence the estimated number below).

Just still have to find more sports bras with front closures - I got one in the mail yesterday, but I don't think it has enough support ?

Just 4 more days. I can't believe it. Getting...

Just 4 more days. I can't believe it. Getting very nervous.
Not sure I understand about pads - seems some people use pads - is this as a replacement for guaze? Do you stick them to your bra? Where do they exactly get placed? Getting nervous about the care of the incisions and all - I don't like blood. Hopefully I can change dressings, or whatever w/o any incident. Do I have to buy extra steri strips? I'm also wondering how I am going to handle the drive back home - I'm at least an hour away depending on traffic.

I'll have to transfer pics from my camera. Maybe on Wed when I'm home.

Thanks in advance for any help

So we are at 3 days now to go. I'm working...

So we are at 3 days now to go. I'm working tomorrow and Thursday. Tomorrow at home though so I plan to get some stuff in order like clean the basement in case I wind up hanging there, clean the shower, and clean the kitchen floor. I cannot stand the floor. I'm also going to get my nails done. I have natural nails but I think I'm going to get something or another so that they stay for at least 2 weeks - I did that when we went on our cruise. The only thing I'm up in the air with is whether I should try to get my underarms waxed or just shave. I tend to shave each day (hate stubble), but I don't think that is going to be possible for the first few days/weeks. So, anyone else ever think about that?

Sorry no photos, don't think I can post them.

Can't believe its finally here. Just trying not...

Can't believe its finally here. Just trying not to freak out. Watching Grey's Anatomy not sure its the best show to watch before tomorrow. LOL

Well, now over the rainbow. We got to the...

Well, now over the rainbow. We got to the hospital before 7, went to the admitting or whatever department, then went to the ambulatory surgical department. They hooked me up, prepped the room, and I believe around 9 or 9:15 or so I was in the operating room. About 10:30 the surgeon came out and told my husband all went well. We were on our way home around 1 or 1:30.

I have no drains. I am wearing a surgical bra that I am to keep on for 48 hours.
I have a little bleeding in 4 spots - when I left the hospital it was only 1 spot, so I'm a bit concerned.
I must be doing something a little too much, but that really is only resting in bed, taking some pills, eating dinner, reading messages on my phone, typing on my computer, and making a few calls. Maybe it was making the calls and holding the phone to my ear. I will now just use my cell and my headset.
We put gauze into the bra in the areas of the bleeds. One I put in w/o my husbands help and now he told me that I got it stuck to tape - he said first aid tape. He wanted to reposition the gauze, but he won't for fear of ripping the tape. I hope its ok.. Sunday i get to shower and will try to clean up a bit. Will see how it goes and assess the tape situation. My mom will come over to help me wash my hair so she might have to help me w/ the tape. My DH will be going to the NY Giants football game (he did say he would stay home if I needed him too).

Dr told my DH that he took off 2 1/4 lbs from each side and evened them out. When he did the measurements he asked what I wanted and I said a C. He said he could do that. So we will see.

Good luck to those in recovery and best wishes to those that are awaiting the procedure.

Can anyone please explain - when I post I can't...

Can anyone please explain - when I post I can't seem to find my post on the list of posts under reviews. The only way for me to find it is to go under my profile. Why doesn't it appear towards the top when I sort on recent or I sort on nearby?

Just over the rainbow - 1 day post op - forgot to...

Just over the rainbow - 1 day post op - forgot to ask about using ice. I am feeling the soreness on the sides and underneath. ON the sides it must be from being swollen. Underneath I imagine from the stiches. But I'm wondering if the bra is sitting not so nicely if that might be why. I've always had that problem underneath with irratating me. Any suggestions would be helpful. And my head is killing me, but that is coming from my neck and the way I'm sleeping. The percocet doesn't seem to be touching that pain at all.

Not sure if I got all the instructions I really...

Not sure if I got all the instructions I really needed. Tomorrow I will shower and change my bra. I will throw away whatever gauze is yucky, but do I replace it? I'm nerouse Some is taped and some is not. I guess I'll only change the non-taped ones?

Emailed with the dr today. He told me I can ice,...

Emailed with the dr today. He told me I can ice, I don't have to use the extra gauze/tape. So I'm in good shape. Just wearing a F of the L bra today. I feel a little uncomfortable and a bit like I've been wrapped tight on top (not due to the bra I think its just the stitches and swelling). I'm a little concerned about my left nipple playing shy, but I asked him about it. He said it usually returns to normal - will see. I'll see him on Friday and then I'm sure I'll get a better feel as to how this healing is going.

Had my 1 week post-op on Friday. All looks good. ...

Had my 1 week post-op on Friday. All looks good. The itching is funny - its not necessarily on my suture lines but more around the surrounding areas. And my nipple is starting to "pop out" - phew. Have a lump or rather I think a small pimple, could be an ingrown hair underneath my arm, toward the side I'm sure its nothing, but it is painful. Did a lot this weekend and was spent by the end of the day. Started back at work today, but working from home. Good thing, really needed to a. change my bra early this morning due to the other one irritating underneath, b. needing a nap by mid-day c. icing for swelling. Good luck to those having surgery this week and those who are healing.

And i just looked at some pictures i took before...

and i just looked at some pictures i took before the procedure and pictures afterwards. I was hanging almost to my belly button. And now I'm above that line that you might have from the band of your bra. I can't believe it. sorry i can't post pics right now.

Feeling a bit anxious thete us an area under my...

Feeling a bit anxious thete us an area under my left breast that is tender the tape has come off slightly therecand to me it seems almist like i have a blister i putvsone polyspirin in the area snd have guaze over it vany othervsuggestions? Im seeing my ps tomorrow he is going ti remove the tape but now im scared about this area and wonder if i did something yo cause it bra too tight benadryl lotion around the area but nit on the tapevwhen i was so itchy or now even using thecpolysprin what if i made it worse ugghh

Dr removed my tape on Wednesday. The one real...

Dr removed my tape on Wednesday. The one real sore area under my left one really hurt - it was a combination of stiches being attached to the tape and the open spot. I seen 2-3 open spots where it is not really oozing, but yellowish in nature - I'm assuming thats what they are. They just aren't closed all the way I think. Using polysporin and gauze over the area. Just hoping it gets better. 2 of the areas look a little worse. If they still look bad in a few days I'll call the dr. And today an area looks like it bled a drop. Overall though doing well. Feeling pretty weepy though. And I'm just plain nervous about those areas (bottom of t and 1 near my nipple)

I have a few open spots. I'll see how I am...

I have a few open spots. I'll see how I am tomorrow and may send my PS a picture. I didn't have some of these when I saw him on Wednesday, but it was really hard to tell as once he took off the tape, answered my questions he left the room and I didn't have a mirror to actually see what was what to ask any questions about anything I saw that was not just right.

The sore area under my breast seemed much better after a few days. But today it really started to bother me. Actually I think its in a different spot but same general area. It is a bit hard (so not really like a blister in that regard) so I'm just wondering if it actually is stitches underneath.

I'm not quite sure what to do as we are under a hurricane situation here, so its not like I can just go in and see him. Just wondering if I need an antibiotic. Righty seems fine, its just lefty. And the 2 spots around my aerolas have seemed to join as one now. Why can't this be without incident?

I just got notice about the office closing tomorrow at noon. I emailed the 2 guys I support and told them that I'd work from home as long as I have electricity, and that I wasn't sure when I would be back in the office as I really have to limit my lifting (thinking lap top here) to help in my healing. I usually shlep my laptop into the office in my rolling briefcase, but I have to lift my brief case in/out of my car, and then lift the laptop onto my desk and set it up. I also then carry it from meeting to meeting, etc.
At home I'm keeping my work laptop on my desk and my personal laptop on the table in the family room so i have less shleping to do.

I'm trying to be very careful with lifting/carrying with my left arm Had the kids do much more stuff today!

Feeling better about things. I emailed the dr...

Feeling better about things. I emailed the dr some photos the other day and he just basically said it all looks good and being that I'm diabetic it will take longer. I have dissolvable stitches but it seems that it does not end flat. I'm wondering if I will need a revision of some sort there or if that is the dog ears people talk about. I also don't seem smooth in my cleveage area. Guess time will tell after I do the massage and scar creams. Waiting on those to after I close all the way. My dr said 30 days, but I don't know if I will be all closed by then.

Have s party Sat night so i went to look for a new...

Have s party Sat night so i went to look for a new undergarmentvlike Spanx the lady measured me and thinks ill be a dd the one bra ibtried on was a but puckery i still am having a hardvtime belueving thatbiscwhatbill be regardless i fell and loik smallervat keast in my mind i still am orobably a xl or 1x in tops i have 2 open areas im watchung started to massage my right breast
New York Plastic Surgeon

I got the surgeon from a friend who had used him and was very happy with him. Her neighbor's friend also used him. So he was recommended.

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