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I am in the process of having Male Breast...

I am in the process of having Male Breast Augmentation using inplant expanders to stretch my tissue to the size I desire. This is a two stage process using expanders much like they do on breast reconstruction. After finally deciding on this procedure I did some research and what I saw I was not impressed with results. I was able to fine a PS in my area that was willing to take on my goal. We discussed possible options which included straight breast aug, I two stage process where by a smailler implat woudl be placed in and go back later to exchange and have a larger one placed in , or the third option which I agreed to , having tissue expanders placed inside and slowly stretch my tissue to accomadate the size implant that I want. I am about 5 11 180 so I figure I will need a larger implant to get the "look" that I am after. I have not decided on an exact size but rather the "look". Currently I have had the expanders inserted and I am now going back once a week for my fills where my PS injects appx. 40cc of saline into each of my expanders thu a tiny valve or port directly under my skin in the top part of my expanders. I fell constant pressure and somewhat uncomfortable for the next few days after each fill. currently I have 340ccs The injecting process is not bad at all but the pressure I feel is for th emost part constant. so far they are passing the point of looking like large pecs and now are more "mound looking" a little non symtrical (which is very normal for expanders) and of course extremely firm.

Rocks in my chest

Expanders are very firm feel like rocks in my chest. Starting to feel some side projection when I move my arms across my body they are beginning to rub the side of my chest. Pretty soon I will have to watch how close I turn corners lol. I go back again this Friday for another fill, this one will bring me up to 460cc I think. starting to fill out my shirts, especially tees

Another fill! 460ccs

Just had another 40ccs, added that takes me to 460ccs it sounds like LOL I feel the wieght of them more than in the beginning. under clothing they look OK but without a shirt on you can tell they are not very symetrical, one is higher than the other and my right side as more projection on the right side so now I can feel my arm brush against the sides when swinging or reaching over. Talked to my PS and we decided to go with Silicone forms once we ready to exchange. Now the bad news once I get to the volume and size / look I want my PS wants to wait 1-3 months so the tissue really stretches before the exchange. not sure why but this time my left side doesn't seem to hurt as much as the right usually both hurt due to the added ccs and the pressure, but today left side so far has not bothered me, I know its early jsut hd it done but doesn't feel bad at all.

Another fill today 50ccs this time!

Just got back from a fill. this past week I was not as sore as I had been in the past weeks with fills. I had tightness but no real discomfort. Maybe my tissue is finally stretching! I had 50ccs put in this time, so I am up to 510ccs they are starting to take shape and looking fuller now, getting some projection too. I think this fill i have definetly tipped the scales with a breast look, not looking at all like large pecs now ,especially with wearing a tee shirt This fill they look like more projection than going wider. Also starting to feel more wieght in my chest with the last two fills. We discussed and i decided to go with silicone implants once we do the exchange. I tried on my bras when I was wearing forms prior to having my expanders put in, they were C cups, I was suprise that they dont really fit that well, now the expanders are too wide and dont really fit the cup well at all. so much for wearing them! I was talking to a friend couple of weeks ago, I was telling her all about my experiences, she mentioned that come next year I won't be able to go out shirtless. that is something I had considered not that I ever did it much before but that wil be off the table for sure once my implants on in next summer. Also another thing I realize last week. Mens rooms will be sort of difficult to use unless that are small with one occupant or not crowded and I can use the stalls. I went in one last weekend and got some very strange looks, didnt hit me till I got in there, I proceeded to use a stall. So far that will be the biggest issue that will face me on a regular bases.

My date is set finally in December!

I saw my PS today and decided that I will not have any more fills. Currently at 560ccs looks liek the 17th is my day. I am going with 600ccs silicon implants I am leaning towards teardrop textured, will finally decide on that at the pre op meeting the friday prior. I am very happy to finally set a date and have the expanders exchanged for implants!

Finally decided on Rounds

Since I set my date, I have been obcessed looking at Pics to decide on shape and profile. We had discussed at my last appt with my PS that Moderate profile would be the best since I have a wider frame and after comparing saline and silicone, I decided early on I wanted silicone as they just felt more natural to me. looking at pics on the net of various sizes and shapes I decided to go with rounds, I think they will look good on my frame and will still obtain the natural shape I want without them being over the top. I go back on the 12th to have everything finalize and go in on 17 for the exchange of my expanders, Call me strange or whatever, my ultimate goal is to experience have breasts which is something that I have wanted for quite some time. I think to have tome look fairly natureal I am hoping that having the expanders in first will allow a more natural look and feel once they settle, drop and fluff.

Tomorrow is the Day!

I wanted to give this a final update prior to my surgery. This time tomorrow I should be having my expanders removed and having my implants installed. Its been a long but self awaking processes. This will be the second part of my male breast augmentation to experience having boobs which is what I have wanted for a long time! Its hard to put into words why I want to have this procedure but I can say that any apprehension I may have had ended when I had the expanders put in. While they are extremely firm and to me at least don't really look that great especially without a shirt, to me they just feels right to have. If you can put your arms around that. I spoke to my PS which has been great throughout the process both him and his staff has made me feel very comfortable! which to me was very reassuring. We decided to go with rounds mod 600-650ccs silicone, not sure of the exact size I will be afterwards but over all I like the "look" I have now with the expanders and would like to keep that if at all possible. I am 5 11+ 180 so not being very petite, I an striving for the look that is on the natural / fake side meaning maybe just a little larger that what would be normal for my frame (if that makes any sense). I trust my PS as I explained what I wanted, we have a guide currently with my expanders I don't want to wake up with bee sting A cups but certainly don't want to be Dolly Parton either LOL so I am putting it in his hands tomorrow. Some people have asked if I am transitioning which the answer is no. While I cross dress its more of a hobby, as I have no plans on going full time, afterwards.

4th day post op

Well its been 4 days can't believe I am on the other side and still can't believe I did this! still sore and feel very tight, but its a different feeling than I had with my expanders. While they are firm, and swollen, they seem as hard to the touch as my expanders were. Also they look so much better too! I go back later today for my fist post op visit. fist time I took a shower I took up my surgical bra and immediately had to grab my new set, as they felt like they were going to fall out! Strange feeling, feels much better with my surgical bra on!

Post op visit this past Monday

This is my 6th day post op I am feeling better and not as sore as I was in the beginning. still feel very tight. My post op visit went well all except now I have to wear the strap over my breast to help them drop. Not very comfy :( I go back after New Years. Dr Sorokin and his staff were great as usually. His staff were all interested on how I was doing. Dr. Sorokin was pleased with how they looked but wanted me to wear a strap to help my implants to drop, so I am still wearing my surgical bra plus the strap now. With all that there is a lot going on in my chest area LOL. Still can't believe I did this! they look pretty big but I am still swollen.

I am in the surgical bra all the time except for showering, I know its only been 6 days but it feels very strange when I take off my bra. I figured that it would feel better to have it off but not really so I am surprised about that. did anyone experience this? if so how long before you feel as good not wearing a bra? I am curious about that

10 days post went braless for a few hours

I took my shower this morning afterwards I thought I would see how I would feel if I went braless for a couple of hours. My Ps has me still in a surgical bra and wearing the strap 24/ 7 but I wanted to see how I would feel for a few hours not wearing them . I was just around the house and was very careful with them not doing much, although I feel a lot better. I found that it felt strange, they felt heavy and after a couple of hours got to feeling sore. So back on with my surgical bra and strap. I have read where a lot of you feel better not wearing a bra but in my case at least right now I feel much better wearing one.

New Year's Eve

I went out for dinner with a friend and his wife, We went to a buffet. There I saw a lady who looked as though she had her done too (you can sort of tell), she saw me but didn't say anything I think we were both weren't sure how to approach the subject in a buffet, LOL Then we went over my friends neighbors house, I met them and others previously, it was interesting at first. Come to find out which I didn't know at the time one of the wives there works for Plastic Surgeon and another recently had breast reduction, so needless to say with me at the party there was a lot to talk about. They both looked at me and said that I looked like a D. the lady who had the reduction was now a D down from a F was comparing our look, she is a little shorter than me but sort of the same size.

I got fitted Yesterday!

I finally got fitted! went to JC Penney's with my sister, she made the arrangements got there Friday night, it was pretty dead so while I was excited I was not as apprehensive about being fitted in a dept store. All and all the lady there was nice, while she mentioned that she has fitted women with implants before I was her first male candidate. SO we started with a measurement and got on with trying on some bras to get an idea on how they felt and looked on me. My sister while helpful was laughing thought it so funny me trying on all types of bras to get the right one. After some attempts with it both the fitter and I settled on one that looked good and felt very comfy Bali double support wireless bra in a 40 C right now I am a full C small D so I can fit in a 40C or 38 D depending on the bra, I fill the cups up complete in either. I bought 3 of them, they were on sale and I did not want to go too crazy with bras as even she mentioned how I will chance in a few months. So while it is not the most pretty bra it fits well and is comfy which is important to me! I am so happy to have finally get my first bra fitting! It may sound odd to you guys but I am thrilled to have had it done LOL

3 months post today!

I can't believe its been 3 months! Time goes by when you are having fun LOL So far things are going well they have finally started to settle, cretainly not as high up as they were, and they have sofened up alot, but I feel have a ways to go. I was released from my Ps so I am free to go about with no real restrictions now. I posted earlier about thoughts of going braless, well that was maybe a little too soon, as since they have sofened up a bit going out and about is something I probably won't be doing much of, doesnt hurt or anything, just feels funny I kinda feel some movement now again does not hurt but more distracting feeling I guess,. OK while I am laying around the house at night or so but not to go out at least thats how I feel now. Still can't sleep on my stomach, still feels really odd so not doing that.

I went with a couple friends Saturday shopping at the outlets they have a few places to go and we hit them all, let's see, bra shopping Soma, UnderArmour, Hanes/ Bali and VS. I got measured in all except VS even though it was early and the weather was not good, it was crowded didnt really feel that comfortable there plus all thier bras were padded so I watched my two friends shop there. lol We went in Soma's, Maidenform and Haines, got fitted in all three places just to be sure, so now I am all fitted out! I tend to be either a 40C or 38D with Soma I am a 38D bought 2 there and went to Hanes, it was crowed there too I was able to get measured and picked up one there as well. Later went to UnderArmour, my friends luv there sportbras, we went in it was ok I tried on some sportbras and found one that I really liked so right now I am done with shopping for bras for a while I hope! Finding out they arent the cheapest items to buy.

I guess my thoughts are now that 3 months have gone by getting adjusted to them OK not issues except when I first had expanders and later replaced with the implants they were a constant thing that I felt and knew they were there, i had to keep reminding myself to allow for sort of a bit extra space. now that is not an issue pretty do that automatically. But since I have been a little more active that's when I notice them more

Six months post! Can't Believe it!

Well its been almost 6 months now, things are going well no issues with my boobs, still settling well not sure how much more they have to go, as I hear it takes almost an entire year for them to completely settle. Mine have softened a lot, to the point that when I am active I need to have support. This is a quite different from having expanders or after the first couple of months. earlier I posted about possibly going bras less going to the store and such, since they have softened up I would have to say not all day or for extended time, while I don't think it would cause any issues I just feel that the movement while not painful can get annoying and feels very self conscious. I prefer wearing a bra then going braless during the day.

One of the more surprising issues I found is on weekends, not quite sure what to wear, it seems funny but its the truth LOL not knowing exactly what I am going to do I find that I am not comfortable exercising wearing regular bras, while wearing sportsbras are great for exercising I don't find them comfortable wearing them all day. So I find myself going back and forth what to wear depending on what I am going to do at the time.

Bras I find myself now wearing 38D or 40C depending on the bras either underwire or non underwires. In sportbras I find I fit better in a 40D as they tend to be more constrictive and tighter, which they need to be I guess. I tend to have a lot of side boob no much in the way of cleavage, I guess the right bra would do it but that's not big concern to me. Tee Shirts have been a challenge, most of mine makes me look on the heavy side as they hang on me if I wear tighter shirts they show off my boobs more so especially now that the warmer and lighter clothing.

Comments or Complaints or not being supportive ?

Maybe its just pertains to me and my situation but I thought I would put it out there and see. I found that if i mention any negative about my boobs I get hit with not very supportive reactions by others. Not that I am not happy with them, cause I am, but even though I am 6 mos post I still feel I am still in the adjustment stages with them and I when i comment about some things I feel I dont get any support from others. just wondering if any of you had or felt the same way. Do you feel you have to be always totally positive about your surgery or others tend to either not feel your pain or do not sympathizes with you if you make any non positive comments?

thoughts since having boobs

Time flies 6 full months since haivng boobs. One big thought that comes to mind , not sure how to put it in words. I have found that while I am very pleased with the results and getting over the adjustment phase for the most part, some areas i have a little ways to go. I have found once they started to sofen up they start to move a bit. the more they settle and get solfer the move they tend to move. being active, I now need to wear a good sportsbra, prior to my having expanders they really did not move much at all, and I find the movement is annoying/ strange feeling at least to me and mine I'm sure are not as sensitve as normal boobs, which bring me to my point. I go biking a lot my form of excercing. I do trail and roads and such, I see women running/ jogging and that I have really noticed is a fair amount of them dont wear the right bra/ sportbra. i have to cringe seeing them bounce as much. just wondering whats with that? Weekends I am pretty much in a sportsbra when biking or doing other activities during the day, although not the most comfy thing to be in for long periods of time its got to be better the the alternative. Plus all that movement can't be good for them over the long period. Is it me are to others see the same when they are out? Just my thoughts

My first Pool Party experience :(

So I went to my first pool party over my sister's place her and husband have a really nice place in ground pool area. I was excited as this would be my first time in my swim top in a pool. I bought a swim top from title nine a couple months back I was sort of excited to wear it for the summer but have not had a chance until this weekend. So I went over my sister's she was having my our family over and some friends which I knew. I got there early and after a few other people got there their kids wanted to go to the pool. I went down with couple of the moms to the pool they had their swimsuits on and I had trunks and took off my shirt. Siting around the pool talking to the other women with the kids in the pool, first time since my BA out without a shirt on. Getting a little sun felt nice until some of the guys came down, once everyone was in the pool area I felt more eyes on me. I began to getting short of breath feeling and ran up to the house into one of the bedrooms. I felt I could get my breath and had to get out of there. I laid there trying to get my breath finally my sister came in got me a drink and I stay there for a couple of hours, I calmed down and later snuck out the front door while they were in the back. I don't know why or what happen I just felt everyone was looking at me and I could feel my chest tighten up. I amok now I don't know what happened.

Movement and bounce

Its been almost a year and though I wish they would settle a bit more over all I am very pleased with the results! going back after my surgery they were very high up on my chest and though not rock hard they were extremely firm to say the least! I couldnt wait for them to begin to settle and start feeling some sort of movement, well it has happened over time. It felt very odd at first to feel some sort of movement in my chest, but I was thrilled ias well as excited to feel they were starting to settle. At first I questioned whether or not I would really need to wear a bra as they felt much like my expanders hard and firm. Well they did sofen up alot my question on wearing a bra slowly became obvious I would have to, not that I mind cause enjoy wearing them its just that the movement still feels odd , annoying and distracting to me at time. I have resorted to wearing more sport or very supportive bra to reduce any movement to a minimim although these arent always the most comfy wearing them all day. I guess what I am saying is while I luv the results and all and no big issues except having a panic attack at my sister's pool the other issue is with the feeling of movement in my chest as was not counting on that

One Full year with implants

Hi all wanted wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I have not been on the site much as just plain too busy with work and stuff. I wanted to share I guess this little bit now that it has been officially just over the one year mark of having my augmentation. It has been over the year excitement with both physical and mental adjustments. I am now the owner of 38C/D or 40C depending on the bra. Wireless I am good with a C, if I wear a wired bra then a D feels more comfy. My sports bras are 40C though I had to increase to a 40D I am almost 5 11 175lbs so while a full C/ D sounds big it’s really very proportion to my frame which is what I wanted.

For the most part all the physical adjustments have been long since made. Took long enough though It’s funny how we are able to make the jump and allowing for the needed extra room for my additions. Although it helped with having expanders placed in prior, and while they tool up room on my chest they did not in no way feel or reacted like my Gummy Bear implants. It felt like I was starting all over in terms of adjustments. My implants right after surgery felt more like the expanders high up on my chest and very firm. For awhile I didn’t really think that being this firm I would really need to wear a bra for the most part. By the time they settled that idea went out the window, as they settled in and soften, the movement and eventually some bounce came with it. While at first I thought how cool feeling some movement, it later turned to be being more of an annoyance. Even today it still feels strange which is why I wear bras / sport bras. Probably the most negative thing of the whole experience if you want to call it that is the odd feeling of movement and or bounce. Not that they are sore or hurt, which they don’t, but it just feels very odd to me, its hare to explain the feeling, but certainly it consciously remind me of them being there. At night once I am home I will go braless especially if I am laying around watching TV or Reading but usually if I am doing anything else I will put something on I don’t go out without wearing one as well, just don’t feel right not wearing some sort of bra. On weekends, I am pretty active so most likely I will have on some sort of sports bra.

Mentally it took some time actually longer than I thought it would to adjust. Waking up from being flat to having boobs is a lot to comprehend even though I was preparing for it long time. Biggest thing others reactions, not that I care about so much but I did have to deal with it for a long time, thankfully now everyone who knows me has seen me and its no big deal. In the beginning I felt like a broken record explaining to others why I did it and how they feel and such. Glad that part is over except when I run into new people or those I have not seen.

Not everything has been great although I will say I feel I had a relative easy time since I had my implants installed, there were some situations especially in the beginning when I did feel like I wish I could have them removed. Being a 38 C/D, they are noticeable no real way of totally hiding them, which I sort of know going into it but its different you actually have them and what to make them less obvious, even when wearing a suit jacket they are still noticeable, a couple of events I have gone to like weddings and other social gatherings early in the year where there was lots of people that I didn’t know, a tight sports bra and suit jacket still made me feel a bit uncomfortable as them still being very much out there. Biggest downside was this summer at my sister’s party. (Fortunately both my sisters are supportive) My one sister has a very nice house and pool; she was having a big party over the summer. I wanted to wear my new swim top I had just got , my younger sister took me shopping to get something to wear , Since I now have to wear a top ( only drawback can’t go shirtless anymore) we picked out this top it looks more like a top for excising, a top that women wear to the gym or such very modest and conservative when compared to say a bikini top. Long story short after wearing it around the pool, took of my shirt, sat down at the pool relaxing and talking with others, not sure why but I began to feel very self conscious of sorts ended up with a panic attack, and leaving the party.

This was my most depressing part which I still have not recovered fully, as I do not go out wearing just a swim top to a pool unless it’s just my sisters or family or others that really know me. That has been the most difficult part for me with my over all experience with having implants.

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Male breast enlargement

I see posts on here from men who want to enlarge their breasts, or have breast implants. I think it's great as I had it done over 2 years ago. I just wonder if everyone has thought it through the ramifications of having noticable female breasts and living as a man? I a 38 fullC pretty noticeable at least I think. Even though mine don't bounce as much as regular breast s of that size they still move so wearing a bra is a necessity
Going to a oil or beach requires a swim top to be worn, day bye bye to being shirtless. I have arugements of since u are still a guy you can go shirtless, but seriously if you have boobs then you should treat them as such. At least in my thinking anyway. Depending on the size of your implants men's shirts will fit different, as well as jackets so that all needs to be taken into consideration.
Cherry Hill Plastic Surgeon

My doc is very supportive although i feel he wanted to go faster in the fills than I wanted to, staff has been really great. i was so nervous going in during the consultations and first procedure but they treated me really well and helped put me at ease.

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