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I have been very unhappy with my curves since high...

I have been very unhappy with my curves since high school. I chose to have this procedure done, so I can have more curves, and a nicer shape.

Ive had this surgery done before last year, but decided to do it again; and hoping to obtain great results.

I am scheduled in 3 days... Im so excited I cant...

I am scheduled in 3 days... Im so excited I cant wait to see my results.

Ive gained a few pounds for this surgery, hope the fat will last.

I had my surgery as scheduled with Dr pazmino,...

I had my surgery as scheduled with Dr pazmino, everything went well. And I will be posting new pictures. The difference between my last surgery and this one was the pain. This surgery was much more painful. Very messy since Dr. Pazmino now use drains. My last surgery I was able to bounce back the day after. I am still in pain from this surgery, and very sore.

Its been 3 weeks after surgery, almost a month. I...

Its been 3 weeks after surgery, almost a month. I will be a month next week, July 27. Ive added some pictures, let me know what you guys think. I think my butt is still a little small, but if my results last I will be happy.

Right now, my garment is getting big on me, and im thinking of purchasing another garment, or perhaps a waist cincher. I have minimal swelling, and im having a hard time finding out the right one for me. If anyone knows of a good garment that woul do the job, like compressing, and cinching my waist please let me know.

I am still in some pain, but very minor. Only when I take my garment off it feels like everything is so sensitive, so i try to keep it on all day.

My butt is still hard, very swollen, and gets hot from time to time.

I am trying not to sit at all, although I have to sit from time to time. I do use a pillow, or a rolled up towel under me while driving, but it gets extremely uncomfortable, especially on my back. It hurts when you sit on your butt.

Dr. Pazmino said I can sit 2 weeks after surgery, and it has been two weeks, but im afraid, since everyone else seems to want to wait 3-4 months to sit.

If you guys have any comments, suggestions, or questions feel free to message me, or leave a comment.

I must say this surgery is very addictive. once is...

I must say this surgery is very addictive. once is never enough, I guess once you get into the plastic surgery world, your hooked. Especially after seeing amazing results, and what your body can possibly look like.

Ive had this done twice, and im still thinking about doing it one more time. Dr. P did a great job on my surgery, but something about this surgery makes you want "more". Im not sure if its the attention or compliments you receive after having this surgery, but I guess self improvement is the key.

I think im going broke over this surgery.

Its been 2 months since Ive had this surgery, and I think this surgery plays tricks with your mind. One minute I love my results, and happy with everything my Dr done, and the next min, im mad because its not as big as i wanted it. Wondering if this happens to some of us, or all of us. Sometimes my butt feels big, and sometimes I feel like theres nothing there. I do receive lots and lots of compliment now though.....

So far everyone ive met who had this BBL done, had it done twice or more'; so i guess going through this over and over again is NORMAL?

Im trying my best to maintain these results by eating right, and excersizing. You have to maintain these results, or else you start getting fat, and your stomach starts getting big, an your butt begins to look tiny. The bigger your stomach, the smaller your butt look.

Almost 4 months, I was told this is my final...

Almost 4 months, I was told this is my final results. Overall my results are OK, I would of been happier with a bigger booty, but im happy overall. Im working on staying active, eating right, and maintaning these results the best that I can.

Ive attached some updated current pictures, so please let me know what you think.

Ive been getting so many compliments from friends, family, and co workers. Everyone seems to think my waist is "tiny", and I have a very "little" stomach, so thats good.

Most of the swelling went down now. I have no pain, but my stomach gets sensitive if im not wearing a garment. Yes I am still wearing my garment, my doctor recommends wearing the garment 6 months after surgery. So far so good, I actually like wearing the garment. Makes my stomach small, waist tiny, hips curvy, and helps keep my stomach flat. Maybe it also cinch my waist. Im working on finding a good waist cincher, anyone know of a great one?

So its been 5 months now since I had this surgery...

So its been 5 months now since I had this surgery done. I had my surgery done June 27,and today is November 23,so its been 5 months. Ive been taking great care of my body, I have been dieting, excersizing, and wearing waist cinchers for the last 5 months. I am still wearing my garments, as recommended by my surgeon. Ive lost a few pounds, well more like 20 pounds. Im assuming some of the pounds lost were due to some of the swelling, and excersising. I tried not to overdo the working out, and keeping it to a minimum because I was afraid of losing the fat off my butt.

For some reason, I guess im not a good candidate for this procedure, because once again my butt is so small and tiny. It goes well with my frame, and it looks good, but I wanted something much bigger as you can see from my wish pics.

I am assuming that the fat that I lost was mostly from my butt, or maybe the fat just didn't survive.

So now instead of having this BBL/fat crafting once more, I am leaning towards implants. Now I know the risk and complications with having implants but it seems like this is just not working. Im afraid of gaining weight, and having it go everywhere else but my butt, im afraid of my stomach getting bigger, and my waist getting larger. My surgeon ( Dr. Pazmino), did a great job with my overall shape, but my butt got so small. Everyone noticed, co workers, friends, and my real self friends have made comments that I lost most of my volume. I still have some booty left, but its barely noticeable.

Ive posted updated pictures that were taken today (11/24/12).

Im in the process of doing more research on having the butt implants done, but I wish I didn't have to. Im not sure if my butt will come back with weight gain, but I really dont want to try and find out.

This is getting more and more disappointing. I...

This is getting more and more disappointing. I notice how most women post here for 6 months before surgery, and 2 months after surgery, but disappear. I really havent seen many updates after 6months-year from these individuals and im wondering if im the only one thats here after a year sharing my real experience.

This surgery is an emotional rollercoaster. One minute your happy with your new booty, your new shape, and your results, and after 5/6 months it seems like you have little to nothing left.

Ive been getting alot of compliments on my overall body shape, which my doctor did a good job at, but my butt is just so small. I went from 48inch to 36inch, so all my volume/fat/projection is GONE. Most of my friends have made comments about my butt, saying, "OMG your butt got so small, what happened to your booty, or WOW, you lost alot of volume". I didnt tell anyone I had this surgery, but I guess people notice that your butt is shrinking. Because my butt is shrinking, some other body parts arent looking as they were before. My stomach also appears to be getting bigger, but I dont understand why because im losing weight, and eating right, so my stomach goes from being flat to pudgy?\

The pain, hassle, complications, stress, money does not make this surgery worth it. At first most will be happy because your butt is large from all the swelling, but REALITY is, the swelling goes down, and your butt becomes small. I have atleast 5 realself "real" friends that I keep in contact with, and most of are going through the same exact thing im going through. after spending over 15K i think most would want to be happy and achieve good results. But spending all this money, and still having a flat butt, makes you more depress and unhappy then before you had this surgery.

I see alot of women saying how unhappy they are with their butt, their shape, and have low self confidence due to this, if your results arent what you would want them to be, you will go right back that feeling. Im just saying.

So my 6 months is in two weeks..... I haven't...

So my 6 months is in two weeks..... I haven't noticed muhh difference between last month and this month..... I will post more pics
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