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Here’s a little about myself I am 26 years young...

Here’s a little about myself I am 26 years young I’m 5’5 and I weigh between 145 and 150 I say this because I go up and down in weight a lot. Right now I’m at the 150 mark but I would like to lose around five pounds before surgery. I want this surgery because I had a nice body for most of my teen and young adulthood that is until I had my daughter. For some strange reason pregnancy made me lose a lot of weight and most of all lose all of my ass. I went from being 140 with a fatty to 130 with a flatty lol. Thankfully my hips and boobs stayed. About a year ago I fell into a slump and deep depression just not being happy with myself or where I was going in life my daughter was the only thing that made my happy. During this period I gained almost 20 pounds. I now have a horrible gut that I can disguise in the right clothing but I want to feel good naked again. Most of all I want the confidence I had pre giving birth to my daughter. For some reason when I look good I feel good, and when my body was bangin there was no such thing as depression lol I just want that feeling back. Anyways I narrowed it down to three doctors. Dra Yily, Dra Duran, or Dr. Salama. Yilly can sculpt a waist like no other, Duran makes natural looking Barbie’s (If that makes any sense) and Salama gives great asses.
Yilly wows me with her work but I have heard a lot that concerns me regarding aftercare. Duran I have no concerns about other than her working out of Cipla, I will get to that later. Salama is great because he is right in Miami but his prices are steep. What do you ladies think?

Long Rant

I need your advice!
I plan to stay in DR for 14 days. Traveling is not a problem and has never been an issue for me. What really wrecks my nerves is being apart from my daughter for 2 weeks! I have never really been apart from her that long, and honestly I don’t know what to expect from her or myself. Sometimes I feel like the umbilical cord has yet to be cut LOL that’s how close my daughter and I are. Part of me wants to bring her along but then I would have to convince my mom to come as well to watch her since she is only 3 and that wont be an easy task because,
1. My mom thinks I am being vain and that Im fine just the way I am
2. She thinks traveling outside the U.S is dangerous
3. Overall she just doesn’t approve
If somehow I do convince my mom to come I will have to skip the recovery house and hire a nurse and everything else that is not included in the hotel stay. So what do you think is best? Should I tough it out on my own, or adjust my plans to include my family?
If alone, I plan to stay at real recovery armonia for 14 days
The recovery house is $85 a day it includes 3 meals of your choice, snacks, transportation to and from the airport plus all doctors’ appointments. There is a doctor on staff 24 hours plus nurses who work at cipla and are experienced with cosmetic procedures. What really is great about this recovery house is that it has an ambulance available if needed that is free of charge. You can find out more on their facebook page.

My second choice would be upscale recovery house. I am excited that this is run by our own real self-sister. The personal assistant thing sounds great. Just waiting for more information, such as room pics ect. Here is the website if any of you girls might need it.
Website: http://upscalerh.com

If the fam comes I will most likely rent one of those apartments on airbnb.com I found one that is only $445 a week or $65 a day. The apartment looks pretty nice it includes 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. The owner also says that he can hire a lady to cook for you for 30 bucks exra. Of course I will still have to hire a nurse and find a masseuse. Any info on nurses for hire will be greatly appreciated.

Also haven’t heard back from Yilly or Duran yet which is expected. Although Im concerned that duran might not get back to me at all. Ive heard some girls say she took up to 3 weeks to return an email. I believe that she is overwhelmed with the amount of work she has been getting lately and needs some time to adjust kind of like Yily did.

So will it be Yilly or Duran? Recovery house or apartment? Ughhhh I hate the planning stage I wish both Yilly and Duran could both tag team my surgery together if only things were that simple. -_-

Got an email back and its from.......

Got an email from Baez yesterday and I must say I am very impressed with how thorough she was. She answered most of my questions in this one email. She quoted me 2900 for lipo sculpture to full abdomen, waist, flanks, back, and arms which I thought was an amazing price. She also seems very concerned about health and safety which is my number one concern as well. I emailed back requesting the date of Feb 21 and also asking for more pics of her work. Hopefully she will respond soon. She sounds like she can do the job just wish I could see more of her work. Anyway still waiting on Yilly and Duran so we will see what happens. Below is the email to she sent.


Thank you for thinking of me for an evaluation of plastic surgery, for realization of all the surgeries you requested the most important thing is that you must be healthy and the cardiologist must approve that we can perform all procedures. Price for the surgeries that you are requesting , liposculture to arm, abdomen, waist, back, flanks plus Brazilian butt lift is US$ 2900 dollars, which includes:

-Airport pick up

-evaluation by plastic surgeon
-Chest X-ray
-Cardiovascular evaluation
- Laboratory exams
-Overnight stay in the clinic
-First compressive garment
-Free of charge follow ups

-Medication post-surgery (antibiotics and analgesics)
- Lymphatic drain massages and ultrasound massages are not included , cost is 300 dollars extra

You must be less than 180 pounds in order to have surgery and diminish the risk of complications. Dates for next year are only available till April, dates from May and summer time will be schedule at the end of the year. If you have any clinical condition you must obtain clearance from your doctor, if you smoke you must quit two months before surgery and have clearance of your pulmonologist. The amount of fat transfer to your buttocks depends on how many cc can be extracted with liposuction. Your results also depend on your hemoglobin level if you want to get excellent results you really have to be healthy and no anemia. I recommend you to begin taking vitamins (C and B complex, folic acid, iron) and please ask your primary can doctor to take some blood test like glycaemia, full blood cell count and creatinine at least to know if you can have all surgeries done.

Important info:

Your date for surgery is important because I work from Monday to Friday. I just have one patient per day (I also have to go to a public hospital to perform reconstructive surgeries) and days available for surgery are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, you also have to arrive one day before surgery to be evaluated and have lab work done, if you are arriving early is better for you because lab test can be done from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Medication included in you package are antibiotics, analgesics and gastric protection medication, all drugs provided are given to take by mouth. Massages are not included. Your compressive garment included is a Fajate’s brand item if you want one more garment it cost 120-150 dollars.

I work with a team, my cardiologist will evaluate you and my anesthesiologist will examine you and discuss what type of anesthesia suits you right, you might have epidural block or general anesthesia. Anesthesiologist and cardiologist have the last word about how many procedures can be done safely on you.

If you are aiming to have a breast augmentation, there are several brands of breast implants but all are silicone gel implants (Eurosilicone, Motiva and Donasis) depending on the brand you choose then your quote might be lower or higher. If you have breast surgery at the same time with Brazilian Butt lift you have to know that you could face some issues with the projection and volume of your butt after surgery as you will have to sleep over your back.

If you smoke or use addictive drugs you must quit them, two or three months before surgery and two months after too in order to get good results and no complications. Plastic surgeries are for healthy people or those who have any clinical condition but are under control, if you have any disease you have to consult and get approval of your doctor before surgery.

We are located in Santo Domingo (capital of the country), Dominican Republic; the nearest airport is Las Americas International Airport (SDQ). I work at Instituto de Cirugia Especializada, the clinic is placed in Gazcue neighborhood (Address is Bolivar Avenue 208, suite 405, 4th floor), and it is near to hotels and colonial zone. If you need transportation or a recovery house, there is several in Santo Domingo area; I don’t work with an exclusive recovery house and i don’t have a preferred one. You can hire a taxi driver at a recovery house, from my office or from yellow pages, a round trip from my office to the place you are staying it costs about 10 dollars. Recovery houses are the best place to stay as they can offer all services but some patients don’t feel fine staying there. You can hire a nurse (around 2000 Dominican pesos for her services but nurses don’t know much English and they won’t spend 24 hours with you) if you want to stay in a hotel. You will need to come to my office for follow up 2-3 times during your stay in the country. This is a link in Google maps with the location of my clinic and the second it is a link for small hotels in Santo Domingo, you can stay at other renowned hotels too.


You will have to stay in Santo Domingo from 10 -14 days depending on the surgeries you will get. You will be able to get back to your work in two weeks (average). Your follow up visits are included and you don’t have to pay more money for them, you will have to pay only if you receive any service that was not previously included.

I know some English but I can’t speak fluently, my assistant will help me in your evaluation to have a better communication.

It is not necessary to deposit to my bank account to lock a surgery date, you just have to confirm your surgery 3 weeks before traveling here but you can if you are willing to do it. I just accept cash and payments with credit cards have a 10% taxes by the clinic. you can transfer total cost of your surgery if you are willing to when your date of surgery is close.

Australia Fragoso Baez, MD.
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.
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