Duran I need you! My excitement is dwindling ;-(

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I am 23 years old, 5'3", and about 140...

I am 23 years old, 5'3", and about 140 lbs..I have always been interested in having a bigger butt! I've been looking into BBL for a few weeks now. I thought about gaining weight but i don't want to gain it in the wrong places and with my luck that's EXACTLY what will happen. I have always had the same shape and same weight since i was about 15 years old, and when I complain to other people about my body they say I'm crazy and they'd KILL to have my body..but i guess I'm my own worst critic. I would like to get everything sucked out of my love handles, my back, and my belly, and all put into my booty lol. I'm just very confused about where to go. I live in NJ and would like to find a place around here instead of traveling far to Florida or somewhere, I wouldn't mind traveling to the Philadelphia area though. Any suggestions? I need your help ladies :)

Okay so Ive been looking for some closer PS to...

Okay so Ive been looking for some closer PS to me,some of their before and after pictures are OKAY, but not great...With that being said, I think I might be going with Dr.Salama (hope I spelled that right lol) Im just waiting on "after" pictures of some of the girls on here, to see how theirs turned out. I was also curious if he would be able to put a lil fat into my thighs or at least my upper thighs?? Would anyone happen to know if thats possible? i know itll cost more, but thats fine with me..Ill post up pictures sooner or later, when Im not being lazy and Im a little more certain with some of the details.


Okay, so Ive been MIA for a whiiiile from this site, but Ive recently relapsed and found my way back to being obsessed lol. Ive been reading a lot of reviews up until the wee hours of the morning (I might be part vampire :-P) and some were really scary especially reading about the burns from the lipo. I hope all those girls recover well. It was kinda discouraging me from getting the BBL done. With that being said Im kinda nervous/confused about what PS to go to. I was originally wanting Salama back when he was in the $6000s, now he is up to $8999 and not counting all the other expenses (waaahh) thats too much right now. Ive been emailing (and forwarding) almost er'day to Jimerson, Baez, Yily, Duran (which I think I had the wrong email address,idk) and a few others I forgot, just to compare quotes. Im kinda leaning towards going to DR, but again Ive read some not-so-great reviews on Yily and Duran so Im a little scuuured. I got some emails from some PS but no quotes. But TODAY I was soooo excited because I got an email from YILY. I was so excited I had butterflies lol Im a little scared BUT my excitement overpowers the scared-ness haha. She quoted me $3500. So if I dont receive any emails from other PS I might stick with her, she gives a-ma-zing bodies. Ill still keep emailing the others, but Im ready to book everything like yesterday. So Ill be looking at more reviews from Yily Dolls. If anyone has any questions/concerns/tips/advice or any insight please comment or message me :-).

Wish pics

Im waiting to go the the doctors on Feb 25th to get clearance for the surgery...I can NOT freakin' wait!! I hope everything goes well and he gives me the green light!!!!! After that I guess ill pick my doctor for the procedure :)

Ill post some wish pics. I want hips that gradually go from waist to thighs,not flat waist hips that stick out and just into thighs lol...idk how to explain it, but ill show through pictures :-D

Whats going on Duran? / Help with finding Recovery Houses

Hello dolls...Im so happy because my doctor said YES! I can get the surgery.. Is it bad that I only told him about half the surgery? lol I was feeling a little timid about telling him the whole butt part 0_0 so i kinda left that out. I mean I think the lipo is the more serious part, so at least he knows about THAT, right? Or should i tell him that im getting the fat shoved into my butt cheeks -__- lol?

Well on another note I was telling him i was traveling to DR and he said they do really good work out there, and that he's had a few of his other patients went out there. I tol.d him about someof the ladies that were burned from lipo and he said that shouldn't happen if they know what they're doing. He also told me that usually the reason that people die during lipo is because they're dehydrated. So I have to make sure that I drink pleeeenty of water (I pee like a race horse when I drink water. non-stop bathroom trips).

Well Baez said that her anesthesiologist said no, so shes off the list, I wasn't really aiming for her anyway. My heart is with Yily and Duran
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