BBL Journey - happy with the junk in my trunk! Haha :)

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Hi there! Like many, i've dreamt of getting lipo...

Hi there! Like many, i've dreamt of getting lipo and bigger butt n boobs but looking to just do butt (for now at least). I use to have a pretty nice shape because i knew how to wear clothes that hid my problem areas like that "second hip" which is what i call it. It hasn't been easy getting the support from my hubby but i'm positive i want to do this. My other issue is, i'm thinking i may have a second child in a year or two n know i "should wait" but i realllyyyyyy wanna do this NOWW! Ive also read that the lipo'd areas go back down after pregnancy n back to pre-pregnancy weight.

Going in for a consultation with Dr Alkon in NJ next week and i just cant wait to hear what he's going to tell me! I want lipo in lower ab, back n flanks n added to the butt for a natural FULL look. Looking for a booty on the lower side, altho i LOVE the round ass, mine is naturally low n dont want anything too noticeable.

Adding current pics soon

Not sooo bad in some angles but need some volume n lift asap!

My butt has a little life but i have to be SUPER selective about the clothes i wear to avoid a pancake look. Looking for a little more projection, volume n round out my hips a little. Want a natural but bigger n improved booty without it being noticeable. I play sports so its hard when u have a lot of ppl that are use to seeing ur ass fairly often.

Wish pics

Looking for a low, full, fluffy look w a lil waist!

Date is set!

Consultation went well. I really liked the office n staff. My only small negative was waiting in a room w a robe on for about 35 mins but the doc acknowledged n apologized before n after which i appreciated. Ok, i really liked the doc bc he has great credentials, good price for ny/nj n i really like his work bc its very natural looking. I have been breastfeeding for 20 mos n am below my pre-pregnancy weight but carry a good amount of fat in my midsection n was surprised when he said i could stand to gain 5-10 lbs. He recommended 700-1000ccs n said if i had fat left over he'd put some in my hips. I went in without pics but plan on having more questions n pictures for our second consult before i pay in full. I left after my consultation n didnt book or make a deposit n i felt totally fine, i was expecting the staff to be like ughhh w.e but definitely not at all. I called the next day to lock in my date n put down a $500 deposit for jan 22. I was hoping for lil sooner but had to change surgery to end of wk so hubby wouldnt have to take more than a day or two off. It really works out for me tho bc ive completely weaned my baby for about 3 days now n will have a full month to pack on the pounds! :). Also, the only recommended for post op items was a boppy pillow, she said the rest was a personal preference which makes buying so much easier! Nothing but good vibes from the ppl/place. This is going to be an extremely long month, the anxiety n insomnia is taking over!

Current pics!

Some booty, a lot of midsection fat! I really hope the 700-1000 cc's arent too much!

Plastic surgery simulator!

Going to show to dr alkon, hope these are reasonable expectations!

These arms tho........

Decided to add lipo to my arms. My arms have always been an issue for me. Feel since i play sports theyve kinda worked n made me look stronger? Idk possibly but im overr them lol. Lil nervous tho cause it seems the recovery is a biotchh but "no pain, no gain". Really dont want really skinny arms just thinner. Will post pic of arms shortly. Looking forward to this surgery n promised myself n hubby i wouldnt drive us crazy obsessing looking at my body right after. I really dont wanna do this a second time but felt great when hubby acknowledged there could be a second time

Flat but fat!!

Anyone have a flat but fat butt too? If i grab all the meat on my butt i'd never think it was as small as it isBefore i knew i was going to do the bbl, i wore padded panties twice til someone slapped my ass n i almost died horrified. I had on windbreaker pants so really hoped they thought that was the weird noise/feel lol. So i did some more research n found great butt lift panties! Theyre awesome but kinda tight n not ideal to always wear especially to play sports but i do anyway esp now that i Know i'll be having the surgery. I feel good w the 1,000cc's doc recommended now bc dont feel my butt will look dramatically diff than now w butt lifting panties on lol. Ever since i got my ass slapped w padded panties i feel the chick keeps piching my ass to see whats going on lol. I like the butt lifters cause its my butt atleast, altho my booty just droops over :( sadd lol

Im also packing on the pounds like crazzyyy! Wow only been a wk n i feel like ive gained five pounds easily lol. Idk how im suppose to gain all this weight to get bbl when im suppose to gain more weight after that lol how do i get to my desired weight after? Ughhh just really glad im doing it to heal in winter.


Already see that im getting booty greed before i even get the booty lol. Its sick!!

Sooo many sleepless nights browsing this

Site, in anticipation of whats to come, especially with my surgery about 24 days away. I try not to stress things n tend to be last minute so having all this time to prep n think is not a good thing for me. So many times i go back n forth w the what if's, cant wait til to just pay this off in full already so theres no turning back! Lol
Dr. Alkon was the one only doc i went in to see for a consult. I was on the fence about going to miami for fisher or hassan or even DR but decided it was better to stay closer to home. Dealing with vanity wasnt the best experience anyway. I called just to inquire about their soonest dates (which none worked, i wanted Dec or early Jan) n what i figured out was a sales lady slash middle man was beyoonddddddd pushy holy f@&$/!? S@"). She wanted to push another doc on me that had wayyy more availability but i was like nooo thank you! At least forty calls n over ten msgs later i can laugh like really c'mon gurl get a grip lol

Pre-op appt, pai in full!

It all went really well. Took some before pics n OMfG im in way worse shape then my pics show! My ass just looked ou right SAD in those lil black paper thongs. Made me soo depressed yet superr anxious n excited for this surgery. He said most of the fat would be coming from my flanks yippieee! Just showed him one wish pic n asked if they were real expectations n he said YES! Told him i'm looking for an "a shape" n he said that was simple enough, didnt want to overwhelm him or myself w a bunch of ass pics cuz after looking at one or two fat asses they almost start looking alike in pics. This time between first consultation n pre-op has helped me realize exactly what i want after looking at probably thousands of butts.
So, i was set on adding my arms n possibly that lil fat area below the back of ur underarm that ur bra squeezes up ughh n he said, it would just be skin n i'd have to work thise areas out myself!! Lol. I was like exccusseee meee but totally respected n appreciated his honesty. He rather be honest w realistic expectations then sell u a dream.
Yada yada yada, i'm at the hospital getting blood work n get into a convo w a lady that works there that i'm pretty certain has no association w the doc or office n she said she's seen a few of his patients n they look sexy n natural n thats the doc she'll be using when she decides to get her bbl too, that made me feel just that much more confident with my decision to go w dr. Alkon!

Now.....the waiting game begins.....less than 20 full days to go!

Only wish pic i showed the doc

2 weeks away!! Time to make moves and decisions!

I've decided to stay in a nearby hotel less than four miles away from the hospital to save myself and my husband the hassle of driving back and forth, back and forth and then follow up appointment the next day. I live in jersey about an hour away and am a big baby in the back seat as is, i dont want to even try it right after surgery. Staying the night before my surgery to smoothly and calmly get to surgery by 6am. I'm very last min so this alleviates a lot of stress right there. After surgery, back to hotel for rest and off to follow up appt next day and then home. More than the pain, i'm dreading the nausea.

Getting supplies ready. Just need gatorade, tylenol xtra strength, lipo boards and a waist cincher. Thinking i should wait on waist cincher because i have no clue what size i'll be after. Speaking of....need to make sure i take my measurements and plenty of before pics w clothes on and off. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for an emotional roller coaster

Gogirl urinal
Body pillow
Donut to sit on
Boppy pillow
Arnica gel
Band aids
Pineapple juice
Black spandex, sweats, etc

My mom got a bbl done and a few procedures

over the past few years and when i mentioned this to her, of all things, she says u should get your boobs done, u always had a big butt! HAD - Past tense! Nothing against getting boobs but i'd think she'd be more supportive about a fat transfer but anywho! I have not officially told her about my sx date, going to wait til it's a little closer, last thing i need is someone in my ear, telling me exactly what i dont wanna hear lol.
Wow, so many emotions before the bbl, hope i can handle the after emotional roller coaster haha. Do i really want this as bad as i think considering the risk, risk vs. reward, complications, no sitting, pain, garment, discomfort and i can go on and on but when i think of the possibilities of that small waist n fat butt, i smile and say helll yessss its alllllll worth it for that CAKKEE!!!

On that note...just over a week to go and so many things I want to do before but i am truly the biggest procrastinator i know so waiting til last minute haha.m

Hope i get my s@$? Together!! *fingers crossed*

3 days post op

Everything went really well and the staff at the hospital was a "10". Sleeping is still a huge issue and trying not to sit on my butt is a headache. I havent taken any steong pain meds, just two tylenols every six hrs and it seems to be working just fine. I've taken my garment off a couple times and like what i see, juat hoping my butt rounds out more and fluffs.

700cc in butt and 170cc in hips for total 870cc each side, really hope its enough. Recovery is no joke. I had to take out my back board yesterday bc it felt like it was piercing into my skin. Pooped on 2nd and third day luckily! :)

Will update w pics shortly. I really dont like the way my butt looks w the garment on but trying not to obsess too much bc i know there should be quite a few changes. Feel it looks wayyyy better w it off just hoping it doesnt get much smaller. I was a lil disappointed w only 700cc was hoping for closer to 1,000cc but i did gain about 8lbs which gave me a lil more booty so i guess its the same difference? Brb

Before pix - keep reviewing them to confirm why i elected to put myself

Through this! Not for the faint of heart! Hahaa. As i'm wrestling with pillows and back pain not able to settle in and my almost terrible 2 son crying, i almost broke down. Asking myself over and over WTF was i thinking, i must be freaking nutsssss!! But again, after looking at my before pictures, it becomes really clear to me as to why i did it. I have to take my ab board out for a break on ocassion and thinking of hot sleeping with it anymore. It can dig if on the wrong angle and/or too high/low and depending on your position ayyyyyy hahaa.

I am just praying i dont have a shelf. Going for my first lymphatic massage on Tuesday.

Post pics

Butt is scary in garment, not as flat and high out of it but being patient. The chair has made a huge difference. Been trying several different ways of sleeping not on my back or side and hating it so far. I wonder if i shouldve started to practice stomach sleeping before procedure????

I was thinking of not posting any more but like many that do post, do it in honor/appreciation of the brave women before me. I thank you as i've read probably every single one several times! Lol.

Without garment

I just took my garment off to use the restroom and figured what the hey, lemme take some pics lol!

Same panties! Wish i knew how to put pics side by side :(

Random thoughts....

Already tired of sleeping on my stomach. I ordered a lawn chair but with all this snow, no telling when it'll get here ughh. I cheat and sleep on my sides at times altho i know i shouldn't ugghh. Hate the thought of possibly messing up my optimal results but it's really rough!

How is my garment getting tighter altho i feel smaller!

Why am i soo darn congested!?! Took Nyquil last night when i prob shouldnt of but there was noooo way i coukd sleep with all the congestion. I did sleep better than usual. I skipped my midday nap with my lil guy and was exhausted by end of night with the help of nyquil. Might actually do it again, no tossing and turning and stuff.

Am i getting vain or have i been vain? The right side i have a smooth transition, waist to hips and i feel the left side still has that dreaded "second hip" and not a smooth transition at all aarrrggghhhhhhhh! Is it still swollen or will i be left with uneven sides? Is my butt too small? Will i need a revision and/or round 2? Can i live with my love handles being uneven if it ends up that way? And then its like OMG did i notice my hips being uneven or am i losing it!?

Why am i so worried? Why do i keep thinking of other procedures that i could use? Now that i'm not a stranger to plastic sx do i just keep going from here or cut myself off altogether!?!?!



Makes a world of difference!

1st massage today! Ohhhh Myyyyyyyyyy!

Most painful experience EVERRR!! Hurt wayyyy more than any pain i've felt in the last week since surgery or maybe ever in my life! It was excruciating at many points, left feeling blahh with a headache from all the pain! Signed uo fir a package of ten tho bc i do have some lumps and after napping i do feel a lot better. Going back in two days, hopefuly not nearly as painful. I popped two extra strength tylenols and have been taking regular strength here and there but woooooo that massage was nooo joke!!! Wowww

2nd massage sooo much better!

I did pop two ibuprofins(sorry for spelling) and it wasn't nearly as bad as first altho still painful but i must say, i am bending and moving around almost normal, have to keep reminding myself to take it a little easy because i forget lol. Going for third massage tomorrow! Got a package of ten for $400, it's a lot of money especially that i know i need another garment soon and may want to get a waist cincher as well after i get the ok from my doc on wednesday for my follow up. This surgery isn't very cheap and quite honestly i don't even really "got it like that" right now but no regrets so far. I am seeing my waist come in and my hips looking fuller along with my booty and i'm happy! Just really hoping i don't lose much volume although i was figuring, once i can start working out squats and stuff will help it out i'm hoping. Omg, i was looking at my stomach and seeing potential of ABS! Haven't had abs since i was 14 lol.

Will post pics soon! Realized my entire wardrobe is jeans, i never wore other material pants bc i hated my shape in softer materials. Want to post pics of how much my mid section has changed, pics don't do justice!


Found a decent pair of jeggings at Target by Mossimo, denim leggings for $27.99. I'm a jeans gal so wearing spandex and athletic pants everywhere was killing me. Wanted to buy a nicer pair but til i know my actual size, dont want to spend unnecessary money on clothes that may not fit sooner than later. Dying to try on regular jeans but waiting couple more weeks.

I'm still on a sea saw of emotions with my body. I feel my waist os getting bigger and booty smaller lol. Going for follow up with doc tomorrow and will ask about a tighter garment, waist cincher and working out, etc.

Hope all is well ladies!

Feeling more like a woman (rroaarrrrr) and less of a mum! Hahaha

Follow up went really well! I was skipping out of the doc's office after my follow up. Looking at my body in the full mirror with good lighting i was a lot happier with my results. Doc said my waist and lower back was still pretty swollen and waist will get smaller and when lower back pain goes down, the combo of both will make my butt look bigger!! Yippeee and i plan on doing squats and working on my mid section and arms with no cardio i think?? Thinking of using weights and some kind of ab exercises that aren't on my back. Standing crunches? Let's see! He said i was healing wonderfully and the real icing on the cake was getting my before photos and that really convinced me as to why i NEEDED this sx. When i go out w/out the garment i do feel like wayyyy more eyes are on my booty. I wouldn't go out with garment because butt is just HUGE and oddly shaped looking. He also told me i could get my garment taken in and her recommends butt out to help shape booty. He also said i could use a waist cincher if i wanted, which i do and will purchase within next week. Hoping to start seeing even more dramatic results, waist to hips. :)

Going back to work monday which technically is today. I am nervous because my job is a bank teller and it might seem a little weird if i don't wanna sit all day but w.e. I honestly haven't been as strict about sitting as i maybe should've been. Not sitting is just so unnatural lol i don't know. I just try to put most pressure on thighs and or sit up really straight so just bottom of butt is on seat. I do realize when i sit sometimes my butt gets really hot as if i'm sitting on a heating pad to where my buns are hot to the touch.

As long as i dont lose more volume, i am happy with amount of cc's. 1,000cc would've been bigger than i actually wanted. Size is realistic now and fact i fut in most clothes makes it less obvious although there is a noticable difference which is what i was looking for. Doctor did a great job and looking forward to seeing my body evolve. I gotta stop thinking about what people might think and just enjoy my real curves.

Garment taken in..finally!

Must've went to over ten places in the past week or so to find someone to take my garment an inch on each side, it became such a mission but it's finally done! My waist cincher is coming this week as well. The garment wasn't giving me enough compression and felt my waist wasn't going down at all. My masseuse said she thinks i have muscles on the side of my stomach (obliques?) but hoping it's just swelling and my waist will go down some more. I bought the Ann Cherry sport waist cincher on ebay for about $53 with shipping! Just hoping the size is right, bought a large. Been measuring my waist with a string then measuring with a ruler lol measuring tape disappeared. I believe my waist was a 31 and a 29.5ish recently? Glad waist cincher has 3 hooks thats what really made me pick it.

I personally don't see a huge difference but i def notice other people noticing and wondering lol. I tried on a pair of legging jeans i bought from GAP before sx and they fit too tight where booty was kinda being squashed down or so i hope thats what it was lol. I took them off in two seconds hahaa. Going to wait a lil longer and try on a few more of my jeans and if not...JEAN shopping! Hoping it's a lot easier to find flattering jeans after this sx.

My butt looks pretty nice and shapely in my denim leggings from target. Trying to find another pair but don't find too many pull on jeggings and would like to try them on. I have a good amount more booty on top and middle, hoping lil more goes to the bottom.

Posting some pics soon. Hard to take a good pic, feel every pic looks either bigger or smaller than it does in person and wanna show as accurate as possible.

Pic taken last week

My.....have things changed.....

I no longer stalk and obsess this site and have just been shopping online like crazy and just enjoying my better shape. I will post some updated pics soon. I am happy with my body and was pretty religious with my garment for about 5-6 weeks then i completely gave up on it and have been eating a lottt altho i remain same weight day of surgery, i gained around 6 pounds because gurrllllll i am NOT willing to take ANY chances losing this booty! I'm much happier with my body n the changes its made over this time. I do plan on working out and doing all that good stuff but i figure, i had a lot more fat before and i managed whats a lil extra now altho the lil extra is really a little. :)

Wow shopping is just so much more fun n muchh easier, things just look better with a nice big booty yippeeee!
Newark Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Alkon is a true professional and he delivered exactly what I wanted. Every aspect, from start to finish went as smooth as can be. Procedure was done at a hospital and experience felt private and very safe. Hospital staff was better than i could've imagined. Absolute 10!! It was extremely important that my results not look obvious but yet noticeable and natural and i'm super happy! Dr. A def delivered! There's a lot to say about not just a great doctor but a doctor with a just as wonderful crew! Would definitely recommend to my family and friends, what more can be said?! A+++

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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