After Years of Wanting, Finally Going Through with a Rhinoplasty - New Jersey

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Since my early teens, I've always disliked my nose...

Since my early teens, I've always disliked my nose. I always thought of the idea of having a nose job done but it always stayed as that... an "idea". This year I've decided to turn that idea into reality. I've been doing research on what doctors I should consult with but haven't made up my mind yet. As of now all I know is that either the last week of November or the first week of December I want to schedule my rhinoplasty.

I've consulted (via e-mail) with the talented Dr. Grigoryants but he's way over my budget at $10,000. If he was in NJ I would do it for that price being that he does amazing work. However, since I'd have to pay for travel and hotel fees (for at least a week) it just seems out of my way to go through with the surgery with Dr. G.

I'm contemplating on consulting with Dr. Miller in Edison, NJ.

Still searching ????

Since my last post, I've consulted with 2 surgeons. My first appointment was with Dr. Ciardullo in White Plains, NY. He took the time to show me around the facility and explain the procedure. He did start out the consult by asking me if it was okay for him to point out what he thought I disliked about my nose before I did (I really liked this about the consult because he was pin pointing everything I was going to tell him). If I were to choose Dr. C, the cons would be: the pricing is a bit high ($7000-$8000) and my travel time to his office is not ideal. I also didn't like that he basically ignored the pictures I wanted to show him ???? My second consult was with Dr. Miller in Edison, NJ. My consult with him probably lasted 3 minutes. He did demonstrate what my nose could look like after surgery with his virtual imaging. Although I felt rushed, he did know exactly what I wanted. He seems like a very talented surgeon. His office has followed up with me (vs. Dr. C's office). His price range was more affordable than Dr. C's (between $5000-$6000) but again, I felt rushed. I have another consult scheduled for this upcoming week with Dr. Peck in West Orange, NJ. As advertised in his website, his prices are super affordable ($4100 total!). I'm hoping he takes a little bit more time with me than the last surgeon did (especially since I'm paying a consult fee). I'm also interested in seeing more of Dr. Peck's work since he doesn't have many pictures up and there aren't any reviews with pictures on RealSelf (although all the reviews he has are positive). Ideally I would be having my surgery around this time but since my last post I've had to postpone it for the new year! Hoping I can make a decision before the end of this year and schedule something for January! Fingers crossed ????
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