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Due to years of horrible acne, I've been left...

Due to years of horrible acne, I've been left with an awful texture and lots of scarring. Over the years, I've tried numerous procedures that offered minimal improvement. The only option now is laser resurfacing and hopefully, I'll have that performed within the next year. In the meantime, I decided to have dermal filler injections to the marionette lines. I was so tired of looking like a puppet!! And, I planned that by the time the filler was completely absorbed, I'd be ready for the laser.

After countless hours of research performed on Real Self, I made an appointment to have Radiesse injections by my trusted dermatologist. I have been seeing her for about eighteen months. She has numerous credentials and teaches at several universities. She is also considered one of the best in the state at laser resurfacing. Every procedure that she offers, she has had performed on herself. She explained that she does this so that she will be able to understand what her patients feel during and post-procedure and better explain to them each step along the way.

She had previously performed several subcisions as well as a TCA/Jessner Peel on me. Anyway, I went on for the injection on March 20, 2012. I was expecting that I would need several syringes for the marionette lines and cheek area. However, I was told the only area she would concentrate on would be the marionette lines. She stated, "I'd rather do one area extremely well instead of giving you not enough product in several areas". She did end up using two syringes (at $700.00 each) but only in my marionette lines.

About a week later, her nurse called to follow up with me and I mentioned that it looked like there was filler placed everywhere EXCEPT in the actual lines. I was advised to give it another week because it takes about 14 days for the filler to smooth out. On April 12, 2012, I was asked to submit before and after photos because they were 'excited' to see the final results. So, I did as asked and also included in the email that I was somewhat disappointed. There were several emails back and forth but my concern was never addressed. I requested several times that, if possible, for the physician to review the pre and post injection photos and let me know her thoughts on the outcome. Each time, I was only reassured that my results was great and let them know when I would be ready to schedule the laser procedure!

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see much improvement. I understand that each person is different and the results are never guaranteed. I would love to have some feedback from others here on RealSelf. For me, the results were not worth the $1,400.00. However, I do believe that Radiesse is a fabulous product that has helped numerous people.

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