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OK so here I am at the ripe old age of 42. I take...

OK so here I am at the ripe old age of 42. I take pretty good care of my skin. Avoid sun, wear sunscreen, and get vitalize peels 3 x a year. I've used retin-a since mty mid 20-s and still do to help keep acne under control. However, after going through a divorce and going back to work full time for first itme in 10 years, despite my best efforts, I was aging and an accelerated rate. Early light jowling (inheritted) loss of volume. My one plump round face was begiinng to look more like a sad Basset Hound. Not a good look. Since hitting 41 I've tried everything. (i.e filler, botox, skyntyte) Pretty much anything barring surgery to get my to began using filler on various parts of my face without getting quite the results I sought.

Fast forward to 42. Still aging faster than I could keep up. Upon the reommendation of my dermatologist I tried her new machine "sure to put off a face lift for a lifetime" Really?!?!?!? OK I was sold-- I booked an appointmet for my eyes and forward area at 1000.00 2 weeks later March 10th. It is now May 2nd and I woke up today and thought wow I don't look so sleep I almost look rested. I have another month to go before seeing full results so I am excited to see the diff. at that point...(I'll keep you updated) I am not goin to lie it HURT and I had NO PAIN anything but three motrin before hand. It hurt bad. The good news it is very fleeting. I just gritted my teeth held the squeezy balls and thought of the outcome--"No pain No gain" kept running though my mind. I proceeded to do my lower face March 22nd which only hurt on the jawline. it was numb and sore for almost 4 wee (1500.00). The jury is still out on lower face results it's too soon to tell. I will say it was very swollen for about 2 weeks after. I'm hoping to see results over the course of the month since numbness is gone.. it's been almost 2 months since I got the... it's been almost 2 months since I got the upper area done. temple, forehead. All I know is that without pics it is so discreet adn har d for me to tell. I will say I saw an old friend from 13 years ago.

He could not get over how I look "younger now than I did 13 years ago" Even my boyfriend said something to the tune of "you look so young you don't have a wrinkle on your face". Now, I know i happened to get alot of rest, had a facial,massage and worked out that day (birthday treat) so it could be due to that but I was so happy with the comments I had to do another update. Again, I'm still waiting to get the results from the lower face. The two moth mark is May 22nd for that.

2nd Ultherapy for lower face and brows-2 years after my first treatment

Hello! I just need to say I am so happy for RealSelf and technology. I had a second treatment almost exactly 2 years to the day after my first treatment.

I've done maintenance in between and getting older is still an uphill battle that I continue to fight. I started noticing my lower face was beginning to REALLY show signs of drooping. I wear my hair up all the time so when I'd look in the mirror and try to figure out what the heck was going on with my face? It was kind of disconcerting--to me. Than I had an epiphany and's that jowly thing my mom, grandma and every Aunt and or cousin has going on that I thought I was some how immune.

Well here we are at the ripe old age of 44 and It was becoming noticeable. I think my first treatment at 42 was not entirely necessary although it looked good, I did not need such an agressive treatment at the time. Well now, I do.

I went in On February 25th. This time I was wise and chose to do a cocktail of xanax and percocet. It took the edge off and made the pain pretty tolerable on my lower face but the brow was still painful. I consulted with the doctor before hand and asked her not to be quite as agressive as the first treamtent. I kind of felt the first time it lifted my lower face too much and made my overall appearence almost a bit gaunt although very tight.

I asked that it just tighten the skin a bit and she accomodated my request by using a different transducer and did not do as many lines.

After the treatment I felt no pain but I had some swelling in the form of actual visible lines where the device was placed on my midface. It subsided within 2 days and nothing makeup could not cover.

It has been 10 days and I have minor (to the touch) tenderness on my jawline still but nothing even really worth mentioning and is again to be expected.

I've also been wearing my hair up and I feel maybe just maybe the outline of my face is a tad bit more symentrical to my upper face --the mild lax jawline is ever so slightly tightening up.

I know it is probably too early to tell and maybe it's wishful thinking, on my part. :)

I will most certainly post an update when I feel something postive is going on.


3 weeks and counting....after 2nd Ultherapy treatment

So very quickly I wanted to update that the little bit of soreness I was feeling has now subsided. I look in the mirror 3 weeks later and am honestly feeling like I see a subtle but needed minor improvment. When I got ready the other night to go out I could see very slight improvement in my jowls. A bit of tightening that made getting ready a little more fun and less daunting. So far so good, I am very pleased with the beginning improvements and the thought of it only getting better over the next couple of months is well kind of thrilling.

I will keep updating ....
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