30 Year Old CT Guy Ready to Be Thin - New Haven, CT

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So I've finally made the decision to get the...

So I've finally made the decision to get the Sleeve Gastrectomy after researching and talking to friends that have gotten it. I've struggled with my weight for most of my life, really packing on the pounds when I hit puberty....I was like 5'9 180 but had the body of a 30 yr old. I stay very active, Co-ed Softball 2 nights a week and Bowling 2 other nights also in addition to doing the 30 minute workout DVDs every day but the weight stays on. My current weight is 305 after I've recently dropped 25 pounds since April due to using Beachbodys 21 day fix regimen with shakes. Hoping to lose close to 100 pounds with the sleeve. I'm 2 months in with my nutritionist visits and I have 4 more months to go due to insurance changing requirements from 1 month to 6. Hoping for good results, I'm ready to become a new me.

6 days post....down 17lbs

So I had my sleeve surgery on December 1st. So today is almost 1 week post and I'm down 17 pounds. I've had no real issues since the surgery, no nauseousness, no gas pains, I'm able to drink water and my protein shakes very well. Belly is still a little sore, so that is the largest complaint is have. I'm getting off pretty well I guess

Some before pics

2.5 months post op

Hey all....so I'm 2 and a half months post op, down 50 lbs, and feeling great. I haven't had any problems with eating, it's just getting used to the smaller portion sizes. Uploading a couple new pics!!

new pic

Before pic 330...after pic 218
Dr Geoffrey Nadzam

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