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My story is the same as a lot of you here with the...

My story is the same as a lot of you here with the exception that I have wanted to do the BA part of the mommy makeover since i was a teen. I am 51 years old and finally doing it! FINALLY DOING IT! I've gone on 5 different consultations, heard four different opinions and found myself researching online to make sense of it all. Every surgeon has a different opinion on what and why they would do. I finally figured out that with enough research, you can pick your surgeon and discuss the pros and cons of each surgery and come together on what is best for your situation. My weight has fluctuated over the years, I have three grown children. At my highest weight I was 243, had lap band surgery and got down to a stable 175 for four years. Over the summer I had some issues with my lap band. It was opened up and for the past four months I have been getting adjustments to get back to where I was, unfortunately, this has caused me to gain about 20 lbs. Im not going to cancel my TT and BA, im going to go ahead with it. I figure if I lose 20 or 30 lbs after the tt, it will be a little looser, but probably a little more realistic looking for a 51 year old woman. I have no desire to have a 25 year old stomach. Just a flat one! I have great skin, no real stretch marks, but the bulge in the upper abs like so many woman after having children and of course the roll in the lower ab that just will never go away. I decided to post because there were so few women with my height and weight and when I did find them, their final pictures were rarely added. I believe they are out there and want to see people similar to them also. So ladies, I am 5'5, 195 when I go into surgery. I am borderline for needing a lift but I would like to change the shape of my breasts. My PS and I have decided to go into surgery with a bennelli lift and if needed he will go with a lollipop. I am going with a range between 500cc and 600cc mod plus silicone implants. MY PS will make that determination while in surgery with whatever suits my body best. I am a B cup now and would like to end up with a D or small DD. I will be adding pictures soon.

9 Days Pre Op, nerves are kicking in

Getting very nervous about this surgery. I have been second guessing my choice for 6 weeks now, but there is no way I would back out. My Design Veronique bra for my post op visit was delivered yesterday. I have to say, the packaging is phenomenal. No other time in my life have a purchased a bra that came wrapped in tissue paper and then a beautiful purple box that looks like it could contain a very expensive piece of jewelry. I also had to sign for it from Fed Ex! The bra itself, disappointing. Certainly not worth the money. I had read on someones post that this is what her doc put on her during surgery so I thought this was a good choice. If you are able to find a front closure at walmart of Target, trust me, buy it, there is no difference except an applique rose!

Can anyone tell me how much time you had with your doctor the day of surgery? I feel like a have some unanswered questions and concerns. I met with a nurse for my pre op and thought I would get to have those last minute concerns addressed. She said I would see him the morning of but.... ugh! Im sure its all just nerves and they see this every day, but I had originally scheduled with another doctor and was able to email with him back and forth quite a bit.

My nerves have been kicking in for about a week now. I have had several surgeries throughout the years and never really needed the pain killers or any of the meds. (c section included). This time however, I feel like I need something, so I have already checked with my doctor and the night before the surgery, i will be taking the valium to calm myself down. At this point, I just want them to put me out so it can be over.

A few pre op pictures.

5'5 , 195 lbs. BWD 15, B cup. Going with 500 to 600ccs to be decided by do during surgery.

Done!!!! Really really sore!!!

First night was worse than I expected. Couldn't seem to get the pain managed until 6am the next morning. One nurse gave me morphine which made me nauseous immediately. Let me tell you, drive heaving is not fun when you have just had abdominal surgery!! One thing I didn't know is apparently a lot of women have a hard time urinating after this surgery. I didn't have an issue and had to get up four times to do it which is also good. Getting out of the bed hurts. It also helps to not stiffen up so much. (I stayed the night in the hospital as I live 1.5 hours away )A little advice, have someone pull you up, don't use your stomach muscles to push up out of the bed. It's a killer!!! The breast implants are not as painful as engorgement so if you have experienced that, you will feel lucky. The tt is however, much worse than a c section. I guess because of all the muscle tightening. First day down! One day at a time.


Next morning


Front shot. Anyone know how to add the little decal to cover the va jay jay?

One week down. Suggestion for itching!

Ladies, I have chosen to post pictures one month at a time because it was very frustrating to me to have to wait for updates from women that were at the same period as I was. This way others can see it all at one time. I do want to share a fantastic discovery that has helped with the itching that some have talked about. Some of the meds cause itching, Percocet, Valium and a few others. Wear a wife beater (I stole one of my sons old ones) and put it on over your bra but under your compression garment. It helps tremendously. Oh the relief!!!!

5 weeks post op, pictures

My update doesn't come without some issues, unfortunately. The night of the surgery, I was coughing from the anesthesia. I heard a tremendous "pop" inside, and then later, after coughing again, another pop. When I went for my first post op visit, it was discovered that the pop was the popping of internal stitches. So unfortunately my belly button is a bit west of where it should be. My doctor who has been fantastic said we will do a revision at three months. A smaller incision is made into the tt incision, the muscles are pulled and re stitched and we will bring that bb back east where it belongs. One drain came out at 12 days, the other drain unfortunately had to come out a little earlier than it should have because I developed a staph infection at the drain site. I am now five weeks post op, infection seems to be gone. (2 antibiotic pills left) and things seem be be settling down. I have had to go in three times so far to be aspirated since the drain came out earlier than it should have. It doesn't hurt a bit as things are still pretty numb. There is a tremendous difference between the before and after pictures already so far and I can hardly wait until I can see the final results in a few months.
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