650cc Allergan Ultra High Profile silicone Overs.

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I am a young looking 49 yr old 5'5" 146 pounds. I...

I am a young looking 49 yr old 5'5" 146 pounds. I have finally saved up enough money to get breast implants. It took me forever to save and now I feel like I've missed the boat on this :( Am I too old now to get them? Did anyone feel this way prior to getting them? I have my consultation in 2 weeks. I want saline overs in the 700cc range. I plan on having surgery very soon after my consultation. Hopefully in june. I keep staring at my hard earned cash and keep hoping I am not wasting my money because of my age. What is wrong with me? Maybe mid life crisis.

Update on Breast Aug Consultation

Hello! I finally had my consultation today after waiting 6 weeks. It was like a whirl wind because one minute I was doing the consult and the next I was putting down payment and scheduling surgery! It is scheduled in 2 weeks on June 1 so I have no time to fret about it. I am normally an anxious person so this is good that I scheduled so soon. I now just have to be concerned with prepping for surgery and cleaning house, preparing meals and getting my blood work and physical done. Doctor R did my measurements today and decided to go with 600cc ultra high profile silicone. I wanted big but not too big and I have literally 0 upper pole ( I am 49) and a very long neck so this will help with that issue. He said that Mod plus would be too wide for me and would be under my armpits. I must admit that I am a bit scared to go with ultra plus! Its freaking me out but he is a top surgeon in my area so I will trust his opinion. If any of you ladies have big cc ultra high can you please reply as I'd love to see photos. I am most afraid of not having cleavage if they are too far apart. I also have asymetry breasts so 1 will be 600 the other 650. I was shocked to see how much smaller one was to the other! I will also be going OVER the muscle. I will post before and afters asap incase anyone is interested. I am 5' 5" and 145 pounds size 6-8 pants and size M tops.

At my appt today I was also given my Med prescriptions and post op directions. I will post more frequently as this will be a sort of diary for me to vent my anxieties, fears, exitement and progress.

mamogram call back :(

Ok just checking in here. Last week was my consultation and pre op and I learned then that the mamogram that I had a few days prior needed to be done again. I guess they needed additional pictures of my right breast. Well this freaked me out and I had to go all weekend freaking out because I couldn't get back in to radiologist until today (monday). It took me forever to save for implants and now of all times I get called back from radiology. Ughhhh I was crying all weekend. I wanted to be excited about my upcoming surgery but the impending doom about possibly having breast cancer threw me into such anxiety. Ok so today I go back. She takes 2 pictures of my right breast. I then tell her that I need to know TODAY the results. She assured me that yes indeed I would get them in a few minutes after the doc looks at the films. Well I sat there by myself in a room waiting for 15 long minutes. I was in tears . Finally the dr comes in. He looks at me and I thought oh no.. this is it. I'm doomed... he says everything is FINE!!!! Omg I burst our crying again! Such an emotional roller coaster! I've never been more scared in my life! Now I can be excited for my upcoming surgery in 2 weeks from today! I had my blood work done on fri and my pre op physical done yesterday. I am doing 600cc UHP gummy bears over the muscle. I'm going tomorrow to pay the balance and ask of I can possibly go with 650cc. I'm getting boobie greed. :)

told my teenage sons about upcoming surgery

Ok this one was a toughie let me tell ya! I have 3 teenage sons and I didn't want to tell them that I am getting implants. I was Sooooo scared to tell them but I had too. It would have been so obvious lol and also I will need their help when I'm recovering. So I said : boys I need to have a quick talk with you guys. They were like. ..mom what? Headphones in their ears playing xbox... i said listen guys, in 2 weeks I'm having breast lift surgery ( lil white lie). I wanted to tell you guys now so you don't freak out when you see me with higher bigger breasts. Boom! Done whewww! Conversation over. They were like.. whatever mom. That was the whole conversation lol. I feel relieved that I told them. My oldest will drop me off for surgery because I don't have a ride and my mom will pick me up to bring me back home. Everything is falling into place. :)

paid in full today :)

Ok so I did my blood work, pre op and second mamogram and I am officially cleared for my surgery in 2 weeks! I went down to the office today to pay for my surgery. I have the allergan ultra high silicone implants to wear in my bra at home so I can see how my clothes will look on me after surgery. I'm getting excited now! My Dr will have several sizes at surgery and go with the best one for me. The sizes are 600 650 700 750. There is a 50cc difference between my breasts. My left is the bigger one. I'm kinda hoping now that we go with the 700 and 750 lol! I want big breasts! I dont want to wish I went bigger after surgery. I'm going to walmart tomorrow to get a sports bra and anti bacterial soap. For the next 2 weeks I'm going to work my butt off at the gym and at work to get my mind off boobies because I am becoming obsessed lol!

Ultra High Profile #45 by Allergan.. My search for them online is :(

Hi Ladies, I am getting the Allergan #45 UHP silicones and let me tell you... I have googled them for days and I can hardly find any women who have them and the docs on here at real self only have negative things to say about them so I am going to start a journal of some sort as to help other woman out there who are offered and plan to get this same type of implant. After my surgery in 2 weeks I will post lots of photos of my progress during healing. I have been very stressed over getting the UHP but these are the one my Doc chose for me due to my measurements and he is the top doc in CT so I trust him. I will be getting anywhere from 600-750. He will decide during surgery as to what fits and what looks best for me. I have a 50cc difference in my breasts so one will get more than the other. I am also going OVER the muscle which again we both decided this would be the best placement for me. I am getting very excited about June 1! Its right around the corner! I went shopping for sports bras today and walmart did not have ANY! . I am going to post a before photo of my breasts below.

freaking out about anesthesia!

Omg my surgery is coming up soon on June 1 and all I can think about is being put under anesthesia and not waking up. I am so scared. Did anyone else feel this way? I have 3 kids that need me. I am so scared.

Omg I'm so nervous lol

Well surgery day is almost here and Omg I'm so nervous. I keep thinking about all the stuff that can go wrong especially c contracture and bottoming out. It is known that nicotine is a no no after surgery and I did quit ciggs last year but I'm still puffing am ecig with 6 mg of nicotine. I don't want to get c contracture or cc it's called so I bought a big bottle of my ecig juice with 0 mg of nicotine for after surgery. I also keep thinking about what if the profile my doc picked out for me doesn't look good in me. What if they are too small with a big gap? I want big breasts. Big full bouncy ones. I don't want 2 balls stuck on my chest. I only showed him 2 pics that I liked so I hope he understands what I want. I will be sure to tell him again when I see him surgery morning. Big bouncy fluffy breasts with no big gap. 700cc. I can't wait till this is over so I can relax. I'm anxiety prone and this is making me a nervous nelly. I wish there were other ladies here with ultra high profiles so I can see what they look like. It seems that these are not very popular. :( I have to remember that because of my age and my narrow chest area that these are going to be the right fit. I need them to be perky to fill up my empty upper pole area as I am not getting a breast lift. I wish June 1 was tomorrow.

going offline till surgery

Hi ladies. Surgery is just a few days away and I'm very nervous. I think I am making myself more nervous because I am reading and searching too much info online and now I keep second guessing everything from cc size to type of implant and placement. Google is killing me right now lol. I can't sleep or eat I am so worried about everything. I am as of right now placing all trust in my doctor. He measured me and told me what would be best for me. No more hunting online for reviews and pictures! I'm not going to worry myself anymore. I want to be excited and right now I am not. I am anxious and scared. I will update after my surgery on monday. Until then I'm signing off.

12 hours till surgery!

Well its the night before my surgery in morning. I can't believe it's here so quickly. Today I cleaned the house, did all the laundry, went grocery shopping and prepared tomorrow's meal. I just realized that I don't have a button down shirt for after surgery so I am just going to bring a sweater that buttons down. It will be rainy and chilly here in CT tomorrow anyways so a sweater should be fine. I have a bunch of movies to watch on DVD for tomorrow. I've kept myself busy the past few days by working double shifts at my bar so no time to fret. I am however a little anxious tonight which I am sure is normal. I hope my boobies come out nice and I hope there are no complications. I will update when I'm home from surgery. :)

Natrelle Style 45 UHP 650cc!!!

Hi everyone! I had my surgery yesterday morning and got the Ultra high profile 650cc . Well 650 cc in R and 600cc in L because of asymetrical breasts. I was sick mist if yesterday from anesthesia and basically just slept and vomited all day and night. I woke up at 5 am today and feel much better and not sick. I'm not taking any pain meds just Tylenol right now because I don't want to be sick. I am in a lot of pain though. My breasts are wrapped up tight in an ace bandage and I can't even see my new breasts yet :( my post op is tomorrow and that's when the wrapping comes off. I am dying to see them now! They look HUGE lol!!!! And high! I think they are going to be perfect! I'm in too much pain to take a pic right now. I'm in a comfy position right now and don't want to move. Omg I hate sleeping on my back! I think this is the worst part! After I get my bandages off I'll take some pics of my new babies. I want to help other woman who are getting UHP because there is so little info out there on this type of implant.

Don't be afraid of medication

I am such an anti medication person and was,so sure that I would not need to take pain meds after surgery and I toughed it out the first day but today was second day and in agony so I finally took pain med and Omg what a difference. I feel so much better. The pain before was unbearable but now it's ok. I just woke up at 2am in pain again and took a pill and now so much better. The pain is mostly in my back and of course,my huge breasts. Hopefully the pain will subside soon. I don't understand why I'm in such pain when others are already trying in bras,and going out to dinner. I can barely get out of bed it hurts so bad. I go to my 2 day pre op tomorrow to get this horrible tight ace bandage off and finally get to see my new girls. So excited to see them!

650cc natrelle 45 UHP

Omg I finally got to see my babies today! Just got the ace bandage off at my post op and Omg I have the most gorgeous perfect beautiful breasts! I am so very very happy! Here is a pic of them. I was so scared of the uhp but they are absolutely perfect!

boobies getting even bigger! woot!

Well I had worn a size 40 fruit of loom sport bra day of post op but Omg the past 2 days it was getting so very tight and uncomfortable so today I got a size 42 cotton sport bra and such relief! My boobs ate growing lol. I am so very pleased . I will post more pics tonight. I have to wear the bra 24/7.

natrelle 45 Uhp 650cc 6 days post

Hi everyone. Sorry about the delay with pics. I just woke up and took a few. My lefty has 600cc because she was always bigger than my right. My right the one with tattoo has the 650cc . Lefty is dropping a bit faster than righty. Righty still riding a bit higher. I LOVE them. I wish I went with 700cc but am thankful that I did go big! I finally pooped! I had to take milk of magnesia. I decided that I do not like the front closure sport bra. I went yesterday and got some comfy regular sport bras in size L and XL. I have to wear mine 24/7 and it's driving me crazy. My boobs are all smashed in these sport bras. Ladies don't be afraid of the ultra high profiles. As you can see I still have a lot of cleavage and fullness. I was so afraid of the uhp and I wanted the mod plus. My ps said no to mod plus and I am so glad I listened to him. I will post better pictures later after I have my coffee lol. I am also off all pain meds as of yesterday. :)


Hi everyone. It's day 7 post op. I've been off meds for a few days now but today I keep experiencing a weird rightness that happens for a few seconds then goes away then comes back for a few seconds and then goes away. It's been happening all morning. I finally just took a muscle relaxer thinking maybe it's my muscles tightening around the implants. It's freaking me out. I do feel better since I took the relaxer and it stopped the tightning feeling so far for the past hour. I'll try to explain the feeling. If anyone has ever breast fed, you know that let down feeling before feeding? That's the feeling I was having. Is this normal? And also my breasts have not softened up yet. It's day 7. Shouldn't they be getting softer now or is it still too early? Also although I love my beautiful big breasts I now look fat. I haven't even eaten a lot this past week but I look like a fatso. I'm still bloated from sugery. I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow and I am still not feeling 100% yet.

4 weeks post op.

Hi ladies! Ok it's been 4 weeks. It's been a tough recovery for me. I just started feeling better a few days ago. I've been very emotional too. I am also an exotic dancer and I've not been able to go back to work yet. My breasts are not ready and I have to wear this stupid sports bra 24/7 for 2 more weeks. My breasts were asymetrical by 50cc so I had 650cc in right and 600cc in left. The lefty has healed and dropped a bit faster than the righty so they now look a bit asymetrical again but the righty is still a bit swollen and tight so she needs to drop a bit. I think once she does I will look perfect. They are still tender and still firm. I'm hoping they get squishy and bouncy soon and I'm stressing out because I can't dance with a sports bra on and I can jiggle and bounce with firm breasts. I'm trying to he patient. I also have an unattractive crease forming under my righty and I don't know why. I am massaging once per day as instructed and have only taken off my sports bra only when showering. I have not even drank alcohol because I don't want to mess up my healing. I want to love my breasts. I like them right now but I don't love them yet. I know it's only been 4 weeks but it feels like an eternity. I can't even go to the gym yet and that's killing me. My butt is getting saggy . The only good thing is that I've been in such a funk that I have no appetite so I lost 5 pounds. Now I'm skinny with a flat butt. Ughhh.

almost 7 weeks post op

Well it's taken 6 weeks for my breast swelling to subside and they are finally dropping and softning up a bit. The first 5 weeks I had boobie blues and was having surgery regrets. I am doing much better now however I keep getting snide remarks from my female Co workers about my breasts and it makes me feel insecure. They say things to me like Omg they are Huge and open their eyes wide like I am a freak or something. My male customers tell me that the girls are just jealous of me now because of my beautiful breasts. Anyways I am starting to love my breasts now and I just wish they were softer and squishier. I am very glad that I went with this size and profile. They are very full perky and round. My scars have healed nicely. I am looking forward to being cleared this coming week for bras because I am getting sick of the sports bras.

7 weeks post op! no more sports bras!!!

Woohoo! Finally after wearing these damn sports bras 24/7 I was cleared by my dr today to go bra less or wear bras! It's been a long 7 weeks. This was not an easy surgery or recovery. I finally feel normal and am getting used to Mt new additions. Here are some 7 week photos. I'll post again at 8 weeks and note the changes.
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